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  1. So without having to start a new thread but not wanting to send this one off topic. I bought a 75ohm BNC to BNC cable last week and fitted it between my SU6 and my Etheregen. Turned off the Etheregen and then switched it to external clock" then restarted it. Nuffin. No data activity. I tried a second cable, just in case but still no activity. I power cycled and went back to the internal clock Spec's for the 2 devices are: SU6 - WCLK output uses BNC interface, the level is TTL (no load), the output impedance is 75 ohms; Input on EtherREGEN = requires 10MHz clock. The BNC jack
  2. Yes it is. Prompt postage and reasonable pricing from my experience.
  3. Item: Hifi Tuning Fuse Silverstar 4A slow blow 5X20mm Price Range: talk to me! Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm specifically after this fuse in 4A. Possibly look at 3.15A or 5A if someone has one. I'm using a Silverstar in my DAC at the moment but it's a lot smaller than the required 4A so I want to get one that is the specified value.
  4. Further information: This is a great little unit that I bought after reading some measurements on. It has 2 functions, one to act as a buffer that uses Jfets to provide a high input impedance and low output impedance and to provide a very accurate attenuation of source. The other function is where you switch off the Jfet section and use the relay volume pot to provide attenuation. In that function it is as benign a passive buffer / attenuator as you could hope to get. And it has remote control, multiple inputs and dual outputs so it's covered in terms of convenience. I r
  5. Found the answer I think: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/61753-singxer-sda-6/page/2/
  6. I have bought a few things from Afterdark. I would recommend them.
  7. Here's a potentially dumb question and I don't want to derail the discussion, but... Would and of you know in I can get my Singxer SU6 to send a masterclock signal to my SU6? Out on SU6 = (WCLK) output uses BNC interface, the level is TTL (no load), the output impedance is 75 ohms; Input on Etherregen = requires 10MHz clock. The BNC jack and termination resistor of the EtherREGEN are for a 75ohm clock line. I can't find any data on the clock speed that the SU6 outputs. To test this, is there a cheap cable that anyone can recommend that I can rig up betwe
  8. I've been making up some ethernet cables with the shielding attached at one end and not the other. I assume this is a similar principle? Also, does the PULSHUT shielding act in a similar way to the semi-conductive nylon screen on the Supra Lorad cables?
  9. Further information: This is newest model of the Lehmann Linear headphone amp / preamp. It is a very expensive little unit (RRP is about $1400). They use very high quality parts and are bulletproof. In stock form they are really great amps. Most reviews centre on their use as a headphone amp' in which case they are very competitive with units in their price range. I've used this for about 10 hours in total, and that was as a preamp / buffer. I'm not going to use it my setup now. I managed to convince Nigel (older members will remember him as Greenwagon) to
  10. Yes, very botchy. Harkening back to another thread, they should rename themselves Van Der Whyte technologies.
  11. I got another update, hot on the heels of one the other day. So that's the 3rd update in about a week if my memory serves me right. I guess there was quite a bit of "feedback" from users on the 1.8 update. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-8-build-764-is-live/147048
  12. Maybe I'm a Dope but I really don't feel like having Crack at a Cocaine joke, especially not about speakers from that joint.
  13. Further information: Up for sale, an Atlas Mavros Ultra Grun USB cable with A/B connections. 1 meter length. This cable is in excellent condition and is about 7 months old. I'm the 2nd owner. I bought this to try it against the Wireworld Platinum USB cable, because I have this itch to try things out. It was very close. As with a lot of high end cable comparisons, we start getting into matters of taste rather than absolute performance. This cable has all the detail, bass clarity and dynamics of the WW. It is not etched or glary or over smooth and buttery (a lot of USB cables make yo
  14. Further information: Up for sale a LessLoss Audio Firewall 64x Current Conditioner Inline filter. An excellent entry point into the world of Lessloss power cables and their filtering effect (for a fraction of the cost of a power cable). I have some really good filtering in my system courtesy of a Gigawatt unit. If I were running a non-filtering or lower-end filter, I'd keep this. It has an amazing effect of cleaning up the sound, removing grunge and sibilance but accentuating dynamics. It has no conventional filtering components so there is no constriction of current fl
  15. Further information: Bought this for a friend who was looking for one. He had bit the bullet and bought one off Mike the same day. This is new and is about $80 below retail. These are great USB cables. A very musical sound with a lovely amount of ambient detail and nice timbre. https://www.monoandstereo.com/2019/10/curious-cables-evolved-usb-cable-review.html https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/cables-reviews/reviews-digital-cable/curious-evolved-usb-cable/ Photos: From the previous classified:
  16. Further information: This is the illustrious RAL HDMI (I2S) cable as raved over in multiple mags and by people on such forums as the PS Audio. I bought it because I just had to try it out and compare it against my Wireworld Silver Starlight HDMI. Results are, that neither is better, they are just different. Which is probably no surprise. The RAL offers a more relaxed and rich take on things. It certainly has a good flow and low noise floor so no lack of detail. The Wireworld is more in your face and I suppose detail oriented. Which you consider better is a matter of
  17. Further information: Audience OHNO RCA cable 1m in excellent condition. I bought 3 sets of these but don't need all of them now. IMHO these cables are crazy value for money (in the scheme of high end cables) even at full price and especially at this price. They offer a lovely sound. Bass extension and control is at odds with their appearance and rich timbre with a hint of warmth. All the necessary information is there to suck you into the music These cables are not out of place in a high end system (used them successfully in a system with Preamp / DAC and power am
  18. Further information: Just to explain what this is. PS Audio had their LAN Rover USB "extender" which essentially packetised the USB input and sent it via ethernet to an output at the other end. The benefit (apart from being able to send USB over really distances) what there there was galvanic isolation between the source and your DAC. It was widely known at the time that the LAN Rover was out that PS Audio in fact used rebranded version of the Icron USB / Ethernet extender. This unit has some improvements over the LAN Rover and the older Icron unit because it uses Fibr
  19. Hi, Thanks for the input. I did a fresh burn of 5.1 and it seems to have worked, after a bit of fluffing around. Odd that the firmware was reporting 5.1 as the current version, but rebooting with a new SD Card has done the trick! Mark
  20. Further information: I tested this unit to see whether it would work in my system. It turns out I'm going to need a bit more gain in my setup, this unit is zero gain, so 1v in = 1v out. Which is not a negative, that's just the way a true buffer should work. This is a class-A device that acts as a buffer, it presents a really high input impedance to the source (CD player, DAC etc) and presents a very low output impedance to the target (a preamp or integrated). The idea is that some devices like DACs may not have a terribly low output impedance and that some preamps or am
  21. Hi, I have a SOTM-200 that I am trying to test in my setup. I am running a Roon Rock on a NUC. I have the SOTM-200 connected to the network with a fixed IP address. It is connected via ethernet to an Etheregen and the Roon Rock is also connected via ethernet to the Etheregen. I have started Roon in Eunhasu (so the SOTM-200 is obviously connecting OK to the network). I can see the SOTM-200 in Roon remote and when I pick it, I get an error that it is "uncertified" and it won't play. I've tried reboots etc. I am running Roon 1.8 - latest build.SOTM-200 is running on fi
  22. Here you go - https://community.roonlabs.com/t/how-to-change-the-date-added/16108
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