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  1. Found one- https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649641212-rotel-rb-1070-power-amplifier-and-preamp/images/2809323/ https://www.manualslib.com/manual/853127/Rotel-Rc-1070.html?page=9#manual Of course you might be able to do the same in Roon / DIRAC using a very low Q parametric peak. This article talks about "Q" https://www.presonus.com/learn/technical-articles/What-Is-a-Parametric-Eq
  2. I remember that the VAF's were based on a design philosophy of minimal crossover components. The DCX speakers had (from memory) a single capacitor to the tweeter and a smallish inductor to the woofers. As a result the frequency response of the speakers definitely tipped up from the lower to the higher frequency range. As the DCX series evolved, I remember that the designer added a resistor to the tweeter to "pad" the high frequencies a bit. Can't find any freq response graphs on google but I remember reading the tests over the years in Australian HIFI which I read regularly. Anyway, that
  3. Further information: Up for sale, an Atlas Mavros Ultra Grun USB cable with A/B connections. 1 meter length. This cable is in excellent condition and is about 7 months old. I'm the 2nd owner. I bought this to try it against the Wireworld Platinum USB cable, because I have this itch to try things out. It was very close. As with a lot of high end cable comparisons, we start getting into matters of taste rather than absolute performance. This cable has all the detail, bass clarity and dynamics of the WW. It is not etched or glary or over smooth and buttery (a lot of USB cables
  4. Further information: Up for sale, 1X Synergistic Research Orange Fuse rated at 3.15A Slow Blow large size 6.3 X 32 mm. New in box. Unused as it was not needed in my system. Wil suit most Pass Labs stuff and some Prima Luna, as well as other gear around the 3.15A rating. Photos:
  5. The SVS units are operating at the 2.4GHz frequency band so the same range as WIFI. Yes, the Entreq made a difference. Sort of the opposite of the Telos. Added smoothness and more musical coherence. Still lowered the grunge though. A good counter balance to the Telos
  6. It's a DIY sub with a SEAS 10" woofer and matching SEAS 10" Passive Radiator. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-10-subwoofers/seas-l26ro4y-10-subwoofer-4-layer-vc-d1004-04/ The amplifier is a Class-D unit from Dayton with inbuilt DSP (very useful) - https://www.wagneronline.com.au/audio-speakers-pa/hifi-equipment/sub-woofer-plate-amplifier-250w-dsp-dayton/991222/mfl/ I just don't want any ultra-high crud spilling into any part of the main system. I even use one of these to break any physical connection - https://www.svsound.com/products/soundpath-wireless-audio-adapter
  7. I have what I consider to be a very well balanced system. I can listen to anything from Baroque to EDM and it is very enjoyable. That whole Led Zeppelin album is just about unlistenable on my system though. There are other (mainly) older recordings that sound quite bad on my system for a variety of reasons and I simply accept that my system is revealing enough to expose those shortcomings and just listen through them.
  8. "A long-awaited feature request by many members is nearing completion. As you know advertisements automatically expire after 14 days if not marked as Sold."
  9. SchadenFreude Akustik" I like that. Reminds me of a car rego on a Porsche that I was a few years ago that read "Schnell".
  10. I've got a few classifieds that have rolled over the 14 days (posted on the 31st Dec) and haven't expired. They should have triggered on the 14th or perhaps the 15th. Might be a glitch that was brought on by recent changes to the website coding.
  11. Got the Telos GNR Mini in my system and this - https://www.russandrews.com/plug-in-rf-router-uk/ I use the Telos on my Analogue and Digital gear. I use the Russ Andrews on my Class-D powered subwoofer. I keep the Class-D on a totally different power circuit and grounding scheme so as to not pollute the main system. I do notice an increase in clarity and imaging precision with the Telos in play. It makes things sound a bit bright when you first use it on a device but you realise that this is just a drop in the grunge that you didn't know was there. Made my own grounding cables u
  12. Are you trying to make the speaker narrower to fit in a space? I'd hate to see that nice speaker chopped up for no good reason Is this a DIY or a commercial design?
  13. Overloading isn't really the core of the issue. Most well specced crossovers should be able to handle high levels of power anyway. The really issue is that adding drivers will upset the crossover point. Paralleling 2 woofers, or tweeters or whatever will halve the impedance. And of course adding another driver is series will double the impedance. The crossover point defined by the crossover is a function of the values of the components which is set by the impedance of the drivers. So in the example of paralleling 2 woofers, the part of the crossover that cuts off high frequencies ge
  14. Further information: This is the illustrious RAL HDMI (I2S) cable as raved over in multiple mags and by people on such forums as the PS Audio. I bought it because I just had to try it out and compare it against my Wireworld Silver Starlight HDMI. Results are, that neither is better, they are just different. Which is probably no surprise. The RAL offers a more relaxed and rich take on things. It certainly has a good flow and low noise floor so no lack of detail. The Wireworld is more in your face and I suppose detail oriented. Which you consider better is a matter of
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