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  1. The inevitable dilemma... i picked up up all nine on 4K this week and had a chance to watch a quick five mins of Episode IV last night. Woah, much better than I expected. Looking forward to watching one or two over the weekend.
  2. I used to run a pair of these in the back of my car. Massive SPL potential and surprisingly musical.
  3. Found this beast in DC a couple months back.
  4. Upgraded to a better AV unit and 9.2 channel Yamaha (NS 555) speakers now, but the projector and screen haven't changed. Amazing setup for very little.
  5. Upgraded to a better AV unit and 9.2 channel Yamaha (NS 555) speakers now, but the projector and screen haven't changed.
  6. Hi Cam, I use my hifi to mix/master my bands new album. So much easier as I know the system. Is it ideal? Probably not, but it sounds a lot better than a lot of productions suites I've been in. And funnily enough, I'm in Copa.
  7. Thats Aldi tax right there., ask the about changing the oil in a DSG box 😳 From memory, R35 GTR was only about $7.5k for rotors and pads, once they were cracked past 5mm (from memory) and you could get aftermarket cheaper.
  8. Item: Sherwood 7.2 Speakers Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: $150 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cheaps and cheerful, give movie nights a cheap upgrade. I can obtain exact model numbers for anyone interested. Did a great job in our movie room, but opportunity to upgrade arose, so surplus to requirements. 2x subs, 2x Floorstanding, 4x surrounds 1x centre. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. That's a LOT of car, for a small amount of money.
  10. + 1 for the 1000XM3. I have the Bose also (my wife uses them) and haven't used them since getting the Sonys. I've flown over 100,000 km since purchasing last year and for me, they are better everywhere, bar maybe comfort, which is a very close second to the Bose and a matter of preference. I sleep in the sonys on long haul haul flights and even wear them everyday, for 10-12 hrs a day in my office, as they're so comfortable, it's easier just to leave on and tap to receive calls. And that's with my glasses on too. I also workout with them, I rarely take them off. The useablilty is fantastic too, the tapping/sliding/cupping the earpiece becoming second nature very quickly. Eat when a stewardess asks a question or there's an announcement on a flight. They also have AMAZING Bluetooth range, I can leave my phone plugged in to change and wanted my office/house/hotel, without drama. I always thought the Bose was the best, but the 1000XM3 is the current benchmark for me.
  11. I control mine with the universal remote from my Anthem I225, no dramas. Was quick and painless to program.
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