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  1. JamesMay

    Metallica supp/by Slipknot.

    I just can’t justify the price. Ive seen Metallica and Stone Sour (more of a fan, than of Slipknot) a few times. Hard to justify at that price. Still, if “All Hope Is Gone”, “Snuff”, or “Vermilion Pt2” were guaranteed to be on the setlist, I wouldn’t miss is.
  2. If I wasn’t stuck in a bloody hospital, I’d be coming to collect.
  3. Definitely love a bit of balls behind them too! When I switched to my Anthem I225, they took on a whole new character. Stupid good buying at this price, if I didn't own a pair, they'd be mine.
  4. JamesMay

    No more riding for me

    https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/announcement/30-classifieds-policy-read-before-posting/. Joking, all the best for a speedy recovery!
  5. JamesMay

    Show your motorcycle ride

    6th Italian bike in a row, you'd think I'd learn.. Might turn this into a Supermoto too, still haven't made my mind up.
  6. JamesMay

    New NS-1000m build

    Looks almost ML Black Cherrywood, in colour. Look amazing, worth the wait.
  7. Yup, sorry guys, I'm normally only on my PC, not used to navigating site on iPad. I'll take both, will PM now.
  8. @Ittaku Interested if not yet sold, please let me know. Can pay PayPal now if that's cool, I'm in Belgium until tomorrow, back in Sydney Fri night. Thanks.
  9. JamesMay

    What’s in your bedroom

    This, absolutely life changing for me.
  10. Item: New iPhone 7 Plus 128gb Red Limited Edition Location: Gosford, NSW Price: $700 + post Item Condition: Still in plastic, opened, setup, reset without using. Reason for selling: I couldn't bring myself to get around with something so flashy Payment Method: Pickup or Post at Cost - Transfer or COD Only Extra Info: Not much else to say, I thought the red was amazing, but after getting it in my hands, it's a bit much for me. Still has plastic front and back, still in box and everything as expected. Pictures:
  11. JamesMay

    SOLD: 15" Martycube subwoofer

    If this was anywhere near me, my wife would be pissed off.
  12. Have you considered buying an external amp (Behringer Nuke or similar) to drive it, instead of replacing amp?
  13. JamesMay

    SOLD: FS: Subsonic XS1 Subwoofer

    Is this the original or MKII please mate?
  14. JamesMay

    Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    @bugster70 You can't tell us that and not show us some pics, it sounds awesome!