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  1. JamesMay

    New NS-1000m build

    Looks almost ML Black Cherrywood, in colour. Look amazing, worth the wait.
  2. Yup, sorry guys, I'm normally only on my PC, not used to navigating site on iPad. I'll take both, will PM now.
  3. @Ittaku Interested if not yet sold, please let me know. Can pay PayPal now if that's cool, I'm in Belgium until tomorrow, back in Sydney Fri night. Thanks.
  4. JamesMay

    What’s in your bedroom

    This, absolutely life changing for me.
  5. Item: New iPhone 7 Plus 128gb Red Limited Edition Location: Gosford, NSW Price: $700 + post Item Condition: Still in plastic, opened, setup, reset without using. Reason for selling: I couldn't bring myself to get around with something so flashy Payment Method: Pickup or Post at Cost - Transfer or COD Only Extra Info: Not much else to say, I thought the red was amazing, but after getting it in my hands, it's a bit much for me. Still has plastic front and back, still in box and everything as expected. Pictures:
  6. JamesMay

    SOLD: 15" Martycube subwoofer

    If this was anywhere near me, my wife would be pissed off.
  7. Have you considered buying an external amp (Behringer Nuke or similar) to drive it, instead of replacing amp?
  8. JamesMay

    SOLD: FS: Subsonic XS1 Subwoofer

    Is this the original or MKII please mate?
  9. JamesMay

    Seeking home theatre speaker/sub advice

    @bugster70 You can't tell us that and not show us some pics, it sounds awesome!
  10. JamesMay

    Show your motorcycle ride

    I have a Berik 1-piece suit and A* 2-piece. Berik is noticeably better quality.
  11. JamesMay

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    I was the 4th car turning right at a set of traffic lights recently, when a new(ish) WRX blew the red light, down a left hand turn only lane, coming from my RHS. He narrowly squeezed between me and the car behind, I'm guessing more through luck than skill. He didn't even lift off the throttle, I'd hate to think how fast he was going. Having owned the same car and watching him rocket off into the distance, he was up around the top of 3rd gear, so 120/130 kph+. I still don't know if he was in a chase, off his head on ice, or just suicidal, but no one in their right mind would ever do anything like that. I've never been one for self preservation, a life of fast cars and bikes will do that, but this one really bothered me. I guess it's knowing that it wasn't caused by my own stupidity, or the fact that there wasn't much I could have done. As I turned right, I looked and all the cars were stopped at the lights, he was going so fast, I didn't even see him coming. Half a second later through the lights, that idiot would have been in my drivers door and there is no way on earth you'd survive that kind of impact, not a chance at all. Called the cops, they didn't seem to interested. I went home and gave the missus and my son a very, very long hug.
  12. JamesMay

    My Wife Will Kill Me

    That's cool, I like it 👍
  13. So, after a week off thanks to the flu, we are almost done. Yes, I've said this before. Anyway, after constantly mucking around with the projector, I came to realise that it's kind of important to mount it in the middle of the room. May seem obvious, but it wasn't. I did manage to eye it within about 20mm, but also failed to take into account the fact the lens isn't in the centre of the projector. Rookie error. Few new holes and a bunch of Sellys and the thing is now in the middle. Dumb ass. Also tightened it up, fixing the droop that was somewhat embarrassing. Wired up the new speakers and receiver and the difference is night and day. Few hiccups like the delay between audio and video outputs, but after reading the manual and having a play around got it all sorted. Only issue remaining is that the sub really needs some volume to come on automatically, but can live with it for the time being. Undoubtedly, all of this gear will end up replaced sooner or later, so for now, it'll do. Also grabbed some more curtains and rods and tried my hand at curtains. Yes, the missus was going to do it, but I'll be waiting until 2027, so I just did it myself. I still need to iron the creases out of them, but I'll wait a week and let them get most out just by hanging there. So, with the extra $100 spent on curtains and associated crap, we are now up to a grand total of $350, give or take. Is it the most amazing setup in the world? No. However, chuck a Blu Ray on and I tell you what, there isn't much to complain about. The screen is big and bright and the sound isn't bad at all. As awesome as turning it into a dedicated room (against the rules) with paint, etc, would be, I'm more than happy with the outcome and have well exceeded what I thought could be achieved on such a tight budget. For not much more than the cost of a night out with dinner and a movie for the family, we now have our own little place to escape to. Also, the popcorn is way cheaper, they have beer and you can pause it to use the bathroom! Now, if I can just get one of those driving simulator setups, with the steering wheel and pedals...
  14. JamesMay

    SOLD: FS:Velodyne Spl10 Subwoofer

    How is this still available? If I was local, it would already be in my house.