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  1. Is there anything at: Settings > Advanced > Logging Then open the server log or the scanner log?
  2. minidsp.com, shipped from HK and just shy of $2k landed. Most mentions of miniDSP are regarding something like the 2x4 for multiple sub integration especially in HT. The SHD is relatively new and is an all-in-one streaming preamp for a system up to 2.2. As I've said elsewhere some of the best $ I've spent on hifi. As a preamp its design suited me perfectly to fit between my sources and amplifier/subs. The fact that it sounds as good as it does is surprising. Several comments in other forums have given the same feedback. If you have questions about your system, what you want and where to go you could start a thread in the "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" section to get a good spead of advice
  3. A pair of SVS SB13U with the crucial element of a miniDSP SHD preamp for integration (DSP, xover, delay and Dirac). I can dial in the target curve I desire from 20Hz and up and switch between presets depending on the material being played. The preset with the most added bass is used for movies. My curves are only slight deviations from the Harman Target and the bassiest one might add 4dB below 200Hz. Adding the subs did not alter the character of the sound. As the Focals are high passed they do what they do well more effortlessly. I also had a corner loading issue with the bottom & front ported floorstanders which has vanished. I mostly listen to rock and metal. An in-law was visiting recently who is a cello player so I put on some classical. Her comment was "it's so lifelike".
  4. How much more I enjoy them with a good pair of subs 😮
  5. Yes you need a Premium Account for the plugin, which has recently been updated "Spotty now can play without any transcoding [by LMS]" https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?110455-Announce-Spotty-2-8-x-Spotify-Connect-for-your-Squeezebox Ben
  6. As above still a Squeezebox made from a RPi + piCorePlayer + Allo DigiOne HAT. I don't use any actual Squeezeboxes anymore. One other RPi downstairs and one out in the shed via WiFi. I use the Orange Squeeze and Squeeze Player apps on Android, the wife uses iPeng on her iPhone. Been using LMS since 2006 👍
  7. I just read this about the Audyssey MultEQ App: Do you have a compatible Denon/Marantz AV receiver?
  8. I few years ago I moved from London back to Oz. No tax in this direction if owned > 12 months. Once I'd arranged international shipping (uplift, shared container, delivery etc) for the essentials each additional cubic foot was only an extra 4 GBP or so. Wish I'd brought more back with me
  9. miniDSP SHD It's my DAC, preamp, crossover, DSP and room correction in a single box. Best $ I've ever spent!
  10. Mine are like that due to WAF Also my only alternative wall is the rear. Either side is out of the question due to house layout. My room is horrible. Left wall entirely glass and right is completely open. That's why room correction worked so well for me
  11. I also have floorstanders and dual subs in the same position but they are all in line horizontally across the front wall. I found by measuring with REW that I needed 1.19ms delay on the floorstanders to align with the subs which is equivalent to about 40cm. That was with all DSP in the subs bypassed as the xover is performed elsewhere. Regarding 'integration', that was a much harder nut to crack. I got there in the end with miniDSP and Dirac. It made a night and day difference, they are seamlessly integrated and you cannot tell them apart. Don't guess. Measure Cheers Ben
  12. I also have the 826W fronts, speaker cable is Mogami W3103 which is often recommended on SNA First reply in that thread has a purchase link, $82.35 for 6 metres delivered 👍
  13. Hello Contact Pat O'Brien at WAR Audio in Osbourne Park, they used to import/distribute Cabasse drivers and used them in their designs. Cheers Ben
  14. Hello The manual says it's possible. Do you have the remote or the DIN communication cable which connects master to slave? What about a digital source?
  15. I've been running what is currently known as Logitech Media Server since 2005, it's also free. It runs on a Win10 media PC which is always on but there are many ways to run LMS. I no longer have any Squeezeboxes. Main endpoint is a RPi running piCorePlayer with an Allo DigiOne HAT. Have other piCorePlayers downstairs and in the shed. Controlled by the Orange Squeeze app from my Android phone. Wife uses iPeng on iOS. My phone can also be an endpoint via the SqueezePlayer app. It works well all of the time The online community is still very active and helpful.
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