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  1. Perhaps. I'd ask 3 things. And I'd say the convention is tweeter at ear level (and measuring position) rather than above. When sitting in your normal movie position on the sofa (ie reclined) is there a direct path from the tweeter in the surrounds to your ear? When measuring for Dirac, is there the same direct path from surround tweeter to the mic? Do you have a good mic stand that lets you place the mic exactly where you sit? In any case it would cost you nothing to raise the rear stands on blocks, redo Dirac and watch a movie
  2. Hello, from your post I'm not 100% you have the complete picture. If you run a separate phono preamp its outputs should be routed to a normal CD, line or tape level input. The article you quoted suggests a separate phono preamp offers better performance than one built into an integrated amplifer. It's not about "double" in any way. They are trying to upsell you. You have to preamp a phono signal, to bring the level and EQ back to a standard baseline: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RIAA_equalization
  3. I just read through the manual for the C658. SHD still better for my requirements but a mix of both units would be the bee's knees. My stereo is on my TV so the one area the C658 wins outright is the optional MDC adding HDMI in and out with ARC. But more $$$ I run a HT processor at fixed volume to the SHD's RCA input.
  4. I have a terrible room where treatment is not an option. Dirac in my SHD made the same huge improvement 👍
  5. They outsourced the design of that section to an enternal consultant. I seem to remember they're a regular on diyAudio. There's only one main thread for the SHD over there but if I find the references I'll link them. Well that was easy:
  6. 4) Other: I have a miniDSP SHD as my pre which has all that and more in one box, under $2k landed. The integrated Volumio will connect to LMS or Roon. I bought it for Dirac but the whole unit is impressive and sounds great.
  7. Rick has posted DC #2 and I like it much more than the first
  8. Hello and welcome You could make your way over to the Focal appreciation thread for feedback from owners. What about the rest of your system? Why is the amp letting you down?
  9. I love Rick's channel and have listened to most WMTSG episodes
  10. I didn't suggest they didn't I only posted better value options
  11. No Before buying from Jaycar at least do these two searches on eBay and consider your options "canare 2m rca" and "mogami 2m rca"
  12. Warning: do not play Machine Head - Burn My Eyes That always gets turned up to 11
  13. The day Lateralus came out I was quite drunk when purchasing it at 12:01 am from a now defunct record store in Brisbane. Went home, played it and was very "meh". Of course that was terribly short sighted Tool albums should not sound catchy on their first listen. That is why they have longevity and return the investment you put into them
  14. Dance is a physical manifestation of movement involving music. In the right moment, dance can transcend music. I'm no dancer but have been in that zone when clubbing or moshing. That does not diminish the role of music, it is an essential catalyst. Sir, clearly I don't know your wife, or you, however the physical aspect would seem to be the key difference. That said, your intrigue is something I've also considered. I met my wife at 31, we had /have extremely similar listening backgrounds when it comes to genres and bands but to this day she would be happy listening to $5 ear buds plugged into her phone at the gym. She will never sit down and listen through an album with me. Perhaps the hifi element we're interested in allows us to satify the technocrat inside. I know I am one. To quote someone I respect from a different audio forum: You don't need hifi to get that from music. IMO music feels like a base instinct. (so good) Great question
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