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  1. I'll keep my stereo system separate from the HT. I'm just keen on understanding what I may lose in sound quality by going in-wall from my current floor-standers.
  2. The reason I'm thinking to do this is because I have separate music listening and home theatre speakers and electronics at the moment all cramped together in a small-to-medium sized room. If the five channels of home theatre go inside the walls, that would give me much more room for my stereo equipment and other furniture.
  3. Hi friends, I'm trying to understand what the positives and negatives are (if any) of moving from floor-standers to in-wall speakers in my home theatre. Has anyone done this? How has the experience been? What are some of the good in-wall speaker options available for a home theatre that can provide a good, if not great home theatre sound experience (which is not too expensive, and comparable to KEF Q series that I have currently). I still intend to use floor standing sub-woofers though. Thanks, Anish
  4. Interesting, as I’m on the lookout for a low power SET amplifier to drive my Zu Omens.
  5. Hi all, I have a Sony blu-ray player that doesn't detect any DVD's or blu-rays once I insert them. It as working fine for a few years when suddenly the problem appeared. Is this a known issue with blu-ray players, and is there a DIY fix for this?
  6. Item: Home Theatre equipment rack with glass door Location: Melbourne, Western Suburbs Price: $300 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Consolidating home theatre and hifi equipment to a new rack Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This rack is 100cm tall, 50 cm deep and 50 cm wide. The front door is glass, which can be fitted to open from the right (current state) and the left. The middle shelf is fixed, but the top and bottom ones can be height adjusted. with holes at the back for wires. The top of the rack has a piece of thick glass sitting on four rubber washers, which can be taken off if you don't like it. I think it's made from MDF, and it's heavy. LOCAL PICKUP only. And stating the obvious, none of the equipment seen in the pictures come with the rack. Pictures:
  7. Do you have individual prices for each tonearm, or are you looking to only sell together? I’d like to know for the 3009s2.
  8. Bloody missed bargain because I live in frigid Melbourne.
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