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  1. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your experience. I was a long time Volumio user and indeed, I updated my Volumio without using a new install and experienced a worsening of sound quality. I used MoOde a while ago when I still had to compile it due to GPL reasons and was more impressed by the Volumio sound back then. For me Volumio ended up having a annoying sharpness in the strings when listening to classical music. Also female voices were just hurting my ears. Also the bass was lacking, eg cello tunes, the stage became flat, the body of eg cellos disappeared, resulting in a very sterile sound with the different instrument personalities in the orchestra almost gone. With MoOde I was immediately blown away how my system came back to perform even better than I had remembered. I agree, the MoOde interface is cumbersome but has a lot of options to tweak all aspects of the system. Cheers
  2. Hi everybody, I came across this over the last couple of updates and I am wondering whether the Volumio project has lost a bit of their sound quality focus over other things like online streaming etc. Have a read there https://forum.volumio.org/volumio-sound-quality-deterioated-over-time-using-updates-t14100.html I personally have moved to MoODE player now and am impressed how much better it sounds like Volumio. This was not the case in the past when I compared both... Cheers
  3. God thanks, I am not crazy 😂 as some here think 😃. I have seen many times sound differences in digital hardware where I also came from the sceptical side of things that 1 and 0 should sound all the same, but they don't. I suspect jitter to be the culprit and why a different brand of SD Cards can make it better or worse, I don't know. There is the possibility to boot the OS on a RPI from a hard disk ignoring the SD Card. I will check out this and hope to see a difference in the sound quality.
  4. Hi All, I have the impression that the brand of the SD Card used makes the Raspberry Pi sound different. Now I came across that topic on the Volumio Website. https://forum.volumio.org/brand-card-used-makes-difference-music-quality-t13351.html What is your thought about this?
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