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  1. Still love the super budget appj pa0901a - hoping to get some better tubes for it soon. Mark Houston's phono is awesome too. Would love to upgrade speakers and turntable...
  2. I have the 30th anniversary edition of DSOTM and it sounds incredible. I got the 2016 issue of Ummagumma and it sounds good enough for me. I also got More 2016 issue but yet to listen.
  3. Bought a mimic se - amazing how good my little budget setup sounds now.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations - These speakers have the option to bi-wire, would this be worth doing?
  5. Hi SNA Sorry for the noob question but can someone recommend what speaker cable connectors I should use for a pair of klipsch 160s? Cheers!
  6. Bought The Hellacopters "High Visibility" original issue record. Great rock'n'roll record!
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