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  1. For orders over $500 according to their website. Otherwise a $20 flat fee.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. How are they for travel?
  3. Hi Bell, Happy if you are able to offload the lot to an appreciative fellow user Cheers, Lui
  4. Hi Bell, Interested in the cover. Would you have the dimensions of it? Thanks. Lui
  5. Welcome Chi! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of likeminded individuals here with the same tastes.
  6. Hi Rhys, Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.
  7. Thanks @Bossdingo. Appreciate the suggestions and will try them out. Looking for a cheap alternative that’s not going to cost as much as I bought the unit for. I have asked decibelhifi for a quote, I came across their name while researching. They are an online mob based in Brisbane. They sell covers and do custom jobs too. Most likely add a middleman fee as I don’t think they do covers in-house. (Keep forgetting to turn on notifications). Cheers Lui
  8. Reviving an old thread as I’m thinking about getting a lid made to fit on an old Hitachi PS48 unit I have. The unit has the hinges attached minus the cover @Bossdingo would you mind sharing who you used? Thanks. Happy for anyone else to chime in for suggestions. Need someone local in Brisbane.
  9. Hi MrRogers, I think I have a few Pentax and Takumar prime and zoom lenses collecting dust somewhere. I’m located in Brissy though. Are you after any particular focal lengths?
  10. Thanks Pegasus. There’s a fair few here on SNA which is great. I’m on Brissy Northside.
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