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  1. That’s great to know! Thanks.
  2. Item: Pioneer LX series Or Yamaha Aventage series AVR Price Range: $400~ Item Condition: Used - excellent to very good condition. Extra Info: Hi, Currently looking for a replacement AVR for the rumpus room. I’m specifically after 2010/2011/2012 LX series models from Pioneer or the Yamaha Aventage range. Require units that have at least network connectivity (LAN/Wifi), two hdmi out connections with the ability to output two different sources, powered Zone 2, and remote. Set-up mic would be great but I should be able to get away with the Yamaha one that I have. Would prefer lo
  3. They do look fantastic in white! If I had room I would snap them up. Buy with confidence from @Raiden. Nice bloke and so easy to deal with.
  4. Thanks gents. Here are two photos I have just taken of the front area. We have the menu boards (back wall) and our logo (left-hand wall) to go onto the wall still. It is an Pacific Island / Argentine themed cafe with blues, white and orange as our colours. Seating and tables are black. The wall paper my wife picked out and is selective of what goes on it. OneMusic licence all sorted. ??
  5. Hi @SteveAndBelle, Sorry, have been meaning to reply to your post but it has been hectic the last two weeks with our opening date looming and a flurry of work happening before then. Who knew opening up a new store would take so long and be so expensive?! *shrugs* ? To answer your question, I bought a pair of Dali Zensor 3 book shelf speakers from a fellow SNA member whilst in Sydney a few weeks back that will be paired with a Marantz PM6005 I have and a Bluesound Node 2i that I have on order from a local dealer (not the one mentioned in an earlier post). Until the Node 2i is re-sto
  6. UPDATE Have booked in a moving truck for Tuesday 8am. It is a 22 cubic metre truck w/lift but is is filling up fast both there and back. Rough schedule: Depart Brisbane Northside ~9am for Sydney making stops for pick up and drop offs along the way. Arrive in Sydney late Tuesday evening. Depart Sydney early Thursday for arrival in Brisbane late Thursday evening PM for further information. I will try my best to accomodate your requests.
  7. I picked up a pair late last year from a fellow SNA member. Fantastic sounding speakers with great imaging, and at a great price from the seller. Mine came with DIY timber speaker stands but these ones look schmick! Love the retro look. GLWTS.
  8. Update: It is now likely I will be travelling down to Sydney and back leaving next week. Will lock in a time by the end of the week. I have had a few enquires from members but still have plenty of room if others want to take advantage of transport Brisbane to Sydney and back. It does not necessarily have to be Hi-Fi gear.
  9. I have organised a travel permit for travel down to Sydney and back so that’s not an issue. Payment can be organised between you and the seller and I am happy to facilitate the transport to Sydney. If I hire a moving truck I will be charged for kms travelled so would prefer to meet with the buyer along my route. Can discuss via PM. I have already been asked by another member to transport a pair of speakers for them back to Brissy. Date looks like some time next week.
  10. Hi Mick, How did you go with building your own cartons/boxes? Offer still stands with using mine if it helps (speakers only). I have also posted the below if it helps any potential sale if you are happy to drop off to me. Absolutely love mine. GLWTS!
  11. Hey there @sandrews888, Does this do 3D and do you have all the original accessories and packaging? Thanks.
  12. That’s just teasing ? There’s more than a likely chance I’m heading to Sydney in a few weeks. If these bad boys are still up for grabs then, I might snap them up.
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