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  1. They are 100% Mk II Anthem, PB2000 and Rotel sold, thank you A/V, nice to meet you.
  2. Item: Various as per below, full HT breakdown. Location: Tingalpa, QLD. Will post at buyers expense through pack & send. Price: 1. 7.0 Dali Ikon MK2 speakers - $2000 2x Ikon 7 1x Vokal 2 4x Ikon 1 Will come with the home made speakers stands as pictured if wanted (spiked bottoms). Click for info 2. SVS PB2000 - $900 Sold Click for info 3. Niles SI-1230 - $500 The SI-1230 is a 12-channel amplifier with 30 watts per channel RMS (80W when bridged) into 8 ohms and 40 watts per channel RMS into 4 ohms. Perfect for Atmos or surrounds or multi room audio. Click for info 4. Anthem PVA5 - $900 Sold Click for Info 5. Rotel RMB 1075 - $600 Sold Click for info 6. Integra DHC 80.3 - $500 This is a 2nd one I own, this one was dedicated to the HT. On my other post people were concerned this did not support 4k, this is no problem to get around with a decent HDMI splitter (one to the screen/projector and one to the Integra) 7. Blue Jeans 7.0 LC1 RCA cables - $150 1m cables 8. Belkin Pure AV PF60 - $250 Great power conditioner, never let me down. Has delay startup for power amps and both audio and video filters. Click for more info 9. Audio rack - $free with purchase Home made audio rack, painted matt black with wooden shelves with anti vibration rubber mats. 10. 120" Oz Theatre Screens Majestic CinemaScope fixed screen - $700 Can break down for transport. Click for info Item Condition: 8/10, some minor scratches on the amps/preamp from moving in and out of the rack. Reason for selling: Moving home and no room for dedicated HT in the new house. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Auditions welcome, any questions please ask. I will do a deal if someone wants to take the lot or multiple items. Photos:
  3. Item: Logitech Squeezebox Duet Location: Tingalpa, QLD Price: $50 + postage Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Moved my server to Plex, no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Not sure if anyone is interested in these anymore? I've moved my media to a Plex server to cater for the whole family, found this while packing for a house move. Photos:
  4. Item: Integra DHC 80.3 Location: Tingalpa, Qld Price: $500 ono, with $20 donation Item Condition: 9/10, perfect working order, only 9/10 as it's not brand new Reason for selling: Moving house and no longer have a dedicated HT, have to downsize unfortunately. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I have the original box and remote. I am able to post If required. Not exactly sure how old this one is (I'd say 4 - 5 years old) the HDMI board has been replaced. Photos:
  5. Item: Location: Tingalpa QLD Price: $3500 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Don’t use anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2006 Kawasaki vn900 Vulcan for sale.Great cruiser, no mechanical problems. Comes with saddle bags and sissy bar. Selling as it's just sitting in the garage not being used.At this price does not come with rego or RWC, they can be negotiated for a bit extra, rego is till April 2018, so can be test ridden.I am interested in trades, no cars or other road bikes, let me know what you got! Pictures: As attached.
  6. Item: Logitech Squeezebox Duet Location: Brisbane CBD BH, 4173 AH, or $15 postage express Aus wide Price: $100 Item Condition: Controller is good, receiver is exceptional Reason for selling: I am finding the wife rather use plex and I am not fussed either way Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Pictures: http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/logitech-squeezebox-duet-network-music-system
  7. Item: Longhorn 4000-Pro Universal LCD Remote Location: Brisbane Price: $1 + $15 express post auswide Item Condition: Brand new never used Reason for selling: I don't need it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD Only Extra Info: I bought it for $1 as part of a promo with a new projector, I don't need it and bought it with the intention to let someone else enjoy it. Pictures: http://longhorn.com.au/ http://www.ausmedia.com.au/images/remotes/Longhorn 4000 Pro Manual.pdf
  8. Haha she is quite amazing, I wasn't allowed to have it in the house so we compromised and built a room outside of the main house. For some super bizarre reason 3D just doesn't work for me, I only see blurry images as opposed to actually seeing what people have described to me what it should look like, so 3D is not needed at all! The colours on the HD50 there you calibrated were really nice and natural and the blacks were good too. I found the motion on this one very nice also. I noticed it did have some issues with
  9. Thanks for the above great tip, the walls and ceiling are painted flat black
  10. Unfortunately the Sony hw40es I purchased from a member here is cactus (thanks again Mark for coming around to help). As such I need a projector... The wife has given me a $3,000 budget (shame I wasted $2,000 on the Sony, I would have been in 4k territory...). Mark directed me to Todds hifi and they have offered an Optima HD50 for $2800, which is a good price and quite a nice projector. However I see Rio is selling the BenQ W3000 for $2000 which is also a good price, I can't demo the w3000 locally unfortunately. Ill throw it to you guys, any other suggestions? Or opinions on the above? Projector will be in a completely light controlled and dedicated room approx 3.6m thrown onto a 120" scope screen. I will need some lens shift and also provision to run anamorphic lens (need vertical zoom).
  11. I just used Selby speaker cable in my theatre and its great. I used their 10awg stuff, it is thicker than I needed but allows for any future upgrades.
  12. Just an update here... After running some tests on a white bed sheet I pulled the trigger and went with a 120" scope screen - an absolute huge thanks to Rich @oztheatre for being so accomodating and organising a frame for me. I couldn't get the sharpness 100% perfect but I think it is definently watchable. Mark sorry for the delay, I have just sent you a PM with my number, hopefully you might be able to help me squeeze out the extra sharpness, I was waiting for the carpet to get installed (coming this Thursday) before I was going to ask you around.
  13. My very first avr was a Sony STR-DE597 (way newer than yours!) I can't remember the 5.1 speakers but they were entry level stuff, wasn't a bad setup for my bedroom with a DVD player! Can't remember specific model upgrades after that there have been so many!
  14. Mark that would be amazing! I will shoot you a PM with my number and we can organise a time that suits you.
  15. Wow... that would have been amazing. For reference, how big is that screen??
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