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  1. I've got a set of diy ZRT (Scanspeak Revelator) 2 way floorstanders that I am currently powering from a Topping 50W tripath amp. 


    I want something with a bit more go and are considering this or the Harman Kardon HK3700.  Any thoughts about what may be best? 

    I'm not really phased about the bluetooth as I'd have a streamer plugged into it anyway. 

    Is there any other value integrateds I should consider? 

  2. Funny story a mate told me: His parents' house got burgeled when he was a young fellow. Amp got ripped out the cabinet, but for some reason the speakers were left behind. Probably too big for a quick getaway.

    Insurance sorted a new amp, but when he connected everything, there still was no sound. He got in behind and saw a cable broken off on the floor. Thinking it was a speaker cable, he decided to strip it with his teeth. Turns out its the old amp's power cable that was still plugged in at the mains....After waking on the floor a bit later, couple of fingers and toes burst open from the shock, he got up to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately he stepped, barefoot, on the now stripped power cord and got another good shock. [emoji23]


    Never assume.







  3. Is there any particular reason you suspect a 'dirty' power supply of causing perceived brightness in your sound?

    Is it with the same recordings you experience the difference? Sorry, may be an obvious question.
    Is there a certain time of day the system sounds better/worse? Could be the environmental noise floor hiding HF at times.

    Lastly, it could also just be you. Its fairly well documented that humans experience sound differently due to many physical and psychological reasons.

    Perhaps someone has input on whether one would be able to hear dirty power coming through on high efficiency speakers when the source component isn't playing but the amp is switched on?

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    my little fiat has been so far more reliable than our japanese made mazda... so not sure who is rubbing their hands [emoji3] 

    Out of interest, how old are the cars?

    I'm driving one of those Corollas at the moment as a hire car. I like how it drives - its got a certain effortlessness about it that I appreciate. The boot is ridiculous though. The sedan has a pretty decent boot on it, not that it makes a difference.

    Rear visibility is not great, but seriously, what do you want to see behind you through the rear window? Its got a reverse camera for reversing....

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  5. I've been on the UHD plan for 5 months. At times it does down scale to blurriness on the 4K material.

    At other times, on my very mid level Hisense 55" 7000 series screen it seems genuinely 3D. Not freaky 3D as per the old 3D screens, but real. I think the $3/month is made worth it just because of that. Oh, and the $100/month for the 100Mb NBN line.

    I should add though that we have at times 4 different people streaming video at the same time....


    Btw, I have tested the internet connection a few times at 80Mbs down and 30Mbs up.

    At other times it just drops out, although that is probably less than 5% of the time. It's no less irritating though.


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  6. Porsche's got very good volumes with the success of their SUV range.
    One of the things one easily forgets is that all cars have the basics in common: 4 wheels, drive train, cabin, etc.
    From a design and manufacture standpoint they are not that different in terms of base cost to get manufactured. The end result is that no-one makes money off small cars. More expensive cars are they reason many stay in the game. In fact, in Europe, VW(Audi, Porsche), BMW and Mercedes was the only ones
    making money from car sales a few years back. I'm not sure if that has changed. The rest had to rely on part sales to be profitable.
    My point being that its no wonder Porsche is profitable - high prices and high volumes across the range. Base cost to tool-up being similar to any other car company.

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  7. Cars are lasting longer these days. Rust in 3 years was once common.

    Some of them last longer. ;)
    I work for a compay that has a really good view of that in the Australian market and I can make that statement with a high degree of certainty. The body lasts long because of great paint techniques. Mechanically many of them become uneconomical to repair surprisingly quickly.

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