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  1. I have a set of Zaph Audio ZRT 2 way towers using the 8ohm version and are havibg serious daydreams about building an absolutely awesome center for one day when I move the ZRTs to a HT set up... If only I had the time to build anything.
  2. I've got a set of diy ZRT (Scanspeak Revelator) 2 way floorstanders that I am currently powering from a Topping 50W tripath amp. I want something with a bit more go and are considering this or the Harman Kardon HK3700. Any thoughts about what may be best? I'm not really phased about the bluetooth as I'd have a streamer plugged into it anyway. Is there any other value integrateds I should consider?
  3. No worries, thanks. The info I found was for something that looks similar on Troels' website but with a different model number. That model seemed a dedicated mid/tweeter combo. I'm after something that will do well in a small enclosure, may have to go with 2 drivers it seems.
  4. I can't find any details on these. Do you have T/S parameters for them?
  5. A mate has a set and these are seriously my dream speakers. Pretty much the most versatile speaker I've come across, able to slam and to whisper....all beautifully balanced.
  6. When a mate had his in a big treated room, I can honestly say I would never need anything more for music. Amazing stuff.
  7. Based on previous experience with sonosubs, I would seriously have taken a day out to pick these up. Sadly, for me, it would require 3 days' driving.
  8. It's clear that there was some serious attention to detail in this system. I'm sure it will sound fantastic as well. Nicely done. 👌
  9. Funny story a mate told me: His parents' house got burgeled when he was a young fellow. Amp got ripped out the cabinet, but for some reason the speakers were left behind. Probably too big for a quick getaway. Insurance sorted a new amp, but when he connected everything, there still was no sound. He got in behind and saw a cable broken off on the floor. Thinking it was a speaker cable, he decided to strip it with his teeth. Turns out its the old amp's power cable that was still plugged in at the mains....After waking on the floor a bit later, couple of fingers and toes burst open from the shock, he got up to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately he stepped, barefoot, on the now stripped power cord and got another good shock. [emoji23] Never assume.
  10. I have a set of diy ZRTs using the 7" slit cones. Whenever I see a pair come up cheap like this, my first reaction is to want to buy them....I hope some puts these to good use.
  11. Is the replacement parts exactly the same as the originals? If so, in all probability you simply got used to good sound over the years. Back in the day the 600s might have been in a league of their own for you, were as currently there's plenty of good sounding bits around. Could be.
  12. Mama Mia! There's a statement piece! They probably come with a mininum room size spec.
  13. Ha, thought you would know Francois!
  14. I've only heard the 18s (at another gent in South Africa's house), but if these are anything like it, they will be absolutely epic.
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