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  1. Hi Jason, best to contact directly via DM for these sorts of things, I'll shoot you an email mate. Matty
  2. Further information: The HE-5XX is a Drop.com-tweaked version of the Hifiman Deva, wearing different furniture along with dual-entry 3.5mm cables (making it very easy to add an upgraded or balanced cable down the track). They're light as a feather and are terrifically comfortable. They're pretty easy to drive on the whole, but do reward when fed from a good source/amp. The HE-5XX is a genuinely great-sounding open-back planar, it's simply not getting any head time in my stupidly over-sized collection. It will be sold in its display box and 3.5
  3. I have five disc changer Nakamichi MB-8 if that's of interest/if you're in Sydney?
  4. Further information: Up for sale is a 10/10 condition example of the Burson Bang Class A/B power amplifier. This model has the upgraded V6 Vivid op amps from Burson installed. I enjoyed this diminutive little amplifier for near-field listening with my KEK LS50's, but I'm going in a different direction. It hits way harder than it ought to for a 40WPC amplifier, and I used it in my lounge set-up to great effect - it didn't skip a beat and sounds terrific. It easily beat the pants off the Leak Stereo 130 with my LS50's. I purchased it from Addicted2Audio in April 20
  5. Further information: Up for grabs is a custom-built set of Grado-style headphones built around the 'Turbulent X' driver, made by Symphones. They have been lovingly hand-built by yours truly, and are incredibly detailed and articulate headphones. Sadly, I'm thinning the herd and these aren't getting the head-time they deserve. As well as the drivers the furniture is also all from Turbulent Labs, featuring: - Rosewood ear-cups - XL leather padded headband - OCC quad-braided balanced cable, terminated in 2.5mm (it really is absolutely lovely)
  6. Yes mate, it's an original. I'm actually considering making some and selling them.
  7. Further information: Up for sale is a brand-new example of the Kaldas RR-1 Conquest electrostatic headphone. This example is the premium edition with the wooden display case. The headphone is in perfect condition, although one of the supplied leather headbands has a small tear at the hole-punch on one side, which can be easily fixed. I don't have an energiser to power them, so I'd like to see them off to a home where they can be enjoyed. In my brief time testing them with a borrowed Stax amp they performed brilliantly. These will be sold along
  8. This might be slightly off-topic, but would any CD-player with optical/coax outputs provide a bit-perfect signal hand-off to a downstream DAC? I have my Nakamichi MB-8 feeding my Bifrost 2 via Optical, it performs flawlessly.
  9. I have this one on the way. Ought to be interesting.
  10. You're going to get far cheaper and better results using parametric EQ via Roon. The only reason to change the cable on the Stellia is that it's physically awful. I'd recommend grabbing an aftermarket Meze 99 cable and calling it a day - but don't expect it to sound any different.
  11. Hey @peppy, I'd recommend getting a Garage 1217 adapter which means you can use the 6SN7 family of tubes as your input tube (I also have a couple of those lying around spare in Sydney): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GARAGE1217-12SN7-6SN7-12AU7-6922-TUBE-SOCKET-ADAPTER-TOP-BUILD-QUALITY-/265036999160?hash=item3db56fa9f8 The 5998 is the way to go for the power tube, but you will need a pay a bit for them (around $150-$200 or so).
  12. All this talk of Jot 2/Bifrost is confirming where I will probably end up. I have the Bifrost 2, but a phono-equipped Jot 2 will give me 3 x analogue inputs as well as proper pre-amp switching capabilities for my near-field set-up. Plus, more headphone power than I'll ever need.
  13. Item: Vintage NAD 3020/7020e (or similar) Price Range: <$250 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Hi there, I'm after a great condition vintage NAD for a starter vintage vinyl set-up. Ideally I'm looking for a 3020 or 7020e, but will also be interested in something equivalent from Rotel etc. Sydney-based would be best. Thanks! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. https://mezeaudio.com/collections/accessories/products/99-series-silver-plated-upgrade-cables
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