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  1. Hey mate, wondering if you might consider a trade for a pair of Campfire Andromeda iems?
  2. Item: Campfire Andromeda IEM + ALO Reference 8 upgrade cable Location: Sydney Price: $1100 Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Simply not using them. I have a full-size headphone set-up at both home and work that I far prefer. Payment Method: Pickup + cash preferred from QVB/Town Hall in Sydney; can post + PayPal/bank transfer Extra Info: They're as incredible as they're hyped to be, I've enjoyed them for the short while I've had them but planning for a wedding and can't justify them sitting in my top drawer. They're currently $1500 retail; and the ALO Reference 8 cable is $449 retail. Pictures:
  3. Item: Emotiva BasX A-100 speaker + headphone amp Location: Sydney Price: $390 Item Condition: As-new Reason for selling: Superfluous to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Sydney (Bondi Beach / CBD) Extra Info: Incredible sounding and powerful little 50 watts-per-channel Class AB speaker amp from US audiophile manufacturer Emotiva Audio. Awesome power for such a small little unit, it makes my KEF LS50's sing. The real party-trick of this amp is the headphone amp section, which is driven directly from the speaker output. With jumpers engaged it can push the entire 50 watts through the headphone jack, making it perfect for Hifiman and insensitive planars. I've literally taken it out of the box to test and review, I just have far too many speaker and headphone amps for my apartment(!). It's in 10/10 brand new condition. Will come with original packaging, instructions, and receipt from Sydney Hifi Mona Vale. Pictures:
  4. Mightygrey


    Hi there, long-time head-fi.org contributor, reviewer/writer at everydaylistening.net, and curator of instagram.com/sips_n_sounds. Didn't realise the stereonet had forums + classifieds, down the wormhole I go...
  5. Hey there, stumbled across this thread almost by accident as I'm actually trying to build an actual system to a $2K budget. Here's what I'm considering buying - actual retail price at bricks and mortar hifi stores in Sydney. 1. Speakers: Elac Debut B6 - $649 at Sydney Hifi Mona Vale - Having auditioned in the real-world, these are the real-deal - All the sound + bass extension I need for a Sydney small-ish apartment 2. Amplification: NAD D3020v2 Hybrid Digital Amplifier - $699 at Apollo Hifi - On-board MM DAC with USB/coax/Optical - On-board phono-stage - AptX Bluetooth - Sub-out - Pre-out (for later addition of a power amp, if desired) - Headphone amp 3. Digital Source: Google Chromecast Audio - $59 at JBHifi - This one's a no-brainer - bit-perfect hand-off of 1's and 0's up to 24-bit/96kHz (which is more than most people SHOULD ever need) - Hooked-up to the NAD D3020 via Optical - Streams Tidal/Spotify/GPM/Whatever from Wifi 4. Turntable: Pro-ject Essential III w/ Ortofon OM10 cartridge - $550 at Sydney Hifi Mona Vale - Bullet-proof, reliable, proven TOTAL: $1957 (real-world, retail price). This leave $43 to duck into Jaycar Electronics on the way home, and grab: - 2 x 2m lengths of Extra Heavy Duty Speaker cable at $2.70/m = $10.80 - 4 x Black Gold banana plug @ $4.95 each = $19.80 - 1 x 1m Optical Toslink cable = $9.95 GRAND TOTAL = $1,997.55
  6. I love my home head-fi station. While it sounds awesome when I'm tethered to it, I can't exactly take it "Places"! I spend so much time on the road with work that it's impossible for me to get reference-grade sound on-the-go. If I were lucky enough to win a pair of these IE-80's, I'd simply have to play something not only well-produced and amazing sounding, but also something French. I bet "Random Access Memories" by Daft Punk would feel appropriate given it's a collaboration with a French DJ/Producer and a French Graffiti artist!
  7. @astr0b0y wondering if your Sierra's are still your front set-up? I was about to pull the trigger on some kef LS50's until these were recommended - this thread is the only conversation I've seen about them in Aus. Keen to hear them, but a big decision to do on spec/reputation...