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  1. Item: Small floor standing speakers - Like the KEF iq5's etc. Price Range: $300-400 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After some smallish floor standers for my narrow lounge, something like KEF iq5's etc Colour: walnut or close too, black is low for preferred and no white. These are just pairing with an older Marantz 5.1 amp and a martin logan sub so nothing crazy.
  2. Item: Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver Price Range: $100-200 Item Condition: Used, NOS, ex display Extra Info: Just after one for second system and seeing who's got one, or if anyone is thinking of selling. Cheers.
  3. Ever find one or two for that matter? I am after one as well
  4. Off topic - But you have a bunch of serious Yammy kit, was wondering if you have a thread on Stereonet with pics of setup? - Just so i can look and drool
  5. Hey Guys, I picked up a Yamaha CD-3 for next to nothing with remote. Had a feeling something would be up with it but the price was "why not" scenario. Guy said it worked, was just fussy with CD's, well it's fussy, but fussy with all CD's. I gave it a spin and it's doing (what seems to be common for them) to pick track 2 and play for 40 odd seconds then skip back to about 10 seconds in. I opened it up, cleaned it up, cleaned the laser etc etc. hoped for the best but same result. I can't find replacement lasers for them on the net, however i am wondering (as it does sound really good) if it's able to be repaired? @vintagejapan If not, i'll just hang onto it and wait in case i find another one for parts or something. It's in good nick and i feel remotes are few and far between so yeah. https://audio-heritage.jp/YAMAHA/player/cd-3.html Cheers. Josh
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