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  1. Don't need the attitude mate, could have politely pointed him to the guidelines, it's pretty standard in a forum environment to respond in the thread that you've PM'd the person, there's a good chance mailboxes could be full, not to mention plenty of other totally off topic posts that go on, i'm guilty of that. meant to be a nice friendly community your comment wasn't really in the spirit, that's why i neg'd.
  2. Spotted the ML1's in your garage in last pic! now that's a quality garage system
  3. Yeah fair enough, give them time i think, let the amp and speakers settle in. IMO i doubt you've given them enough of a listen and a chance to show you there worth. It might take a while however let them burn in then play your 4 fav tracks between the speakers see what you can hear or not hear, listen if the imaging is better, the soundstage, the separation etc. If you're not happy still then perhaps they're not for you. Sell out and try something new. I started with a little system, sounded good, just was too bright for my liking (KEF Q300/ Yam AS501) - i moved stuff around, adjusted the room it improved but not amazingly, luckily the 501 has loudness control so i could i work around it. Anyway, half the fun is trying new combos, i just wouldn't buy the items new. PS: I've settled on my 70-80's Yam stack - B2 Power amp, C2a Pre, CD3, NS200ms -- it's the best, but i still have the 501 and KEF's! Goodluck
  4. Off topic, just checked out your power amp (MXD1) - never even knew it was a thing! very cool. GLWS
  5. Have you tried to move them around your room? are your old speakers rear ported vs the front ports of the Elac's? what are you lacking from what you heard in the store? A good burn in would help, however maybe there are other factors, what are the other components in the system? BTW - I've been through something similar, however i worked on it and improved it.
  6. Yes correct, it's in audio-heritage - "The 3 head system is adopted as an optical head part. In this method, three beams are obliquely irradiated, and the error between the preceding beam and the following beam is detected to perform precise high-speed servo. Furthermore, the New ALPC circuit is carried and the stable reading is enabled by controlling the reflected light quantity from the disk automatically." Yep LSI too. It's really not a bad player!
  7. Wooo! playing like a champion with new belts. Thanks for the input all. Happy days! - I am really happy with the sound and can't complain for $23.00 haha
  8. Your ad stats a "1015" - you should update that.
  9. I have one of these, I reckon they're great. Nice punchy bass in a compact box. Goodluck with the sale.
  10. Dug a little further in, looks like the belt to shift the transport laser forward/backwards is gone! fingers crossed new belts and another good clean gets this old girl functioning again. Cheers.
  11. Hey Guys, I picked up a Yamaha CD-3 for next to nothing with remote. Had a feeling something would be up with it but the price was "why not" scenario. Guy said it worked, was just fussy with CD's, well it's fussy, but fussy with all CD's. I gave it a spin and it's doing (what seems to be common for them) to pick track 2 and play for 40 odd seconds then skip back to about 10 seconds in. I opened it up, cleaned it up, cleaned the laser etc etc. hoped for the best but same result. I can't find replacement lasers for them on the net, however i am wondering (as it does sound really good) if it's able to be repaired? @vintagejapan If not, i'll just hang onto it and wait in case i find another one for parts or something. It's in good nick and i feel remotes are few and far between so yeah. https://audio-heritage.jp/YAMAHA/player/cd-3.html Cheers. Josh
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