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  1. Kee just got back to me thanks Anthony.... so no need to do any more and for future reference here is her instructions to remove the back...... Will let you know how I go as also sent photos of what it looks like. take care and regards Paul This is how you can remove the cover from the external crossover box. Remove 4 screws from the xover using an allen key. The back of the xover is covered with a piece of black felt. There is a small screw covered with hot melt right In the middle of the box hidden underneath the Black felt. You should be able to fee
  2. Oh, sorry, meant to add no need to undo the cable gland or binding posts, just the screws as in the pic......
  3. So good good to hear from you Anthony and really appreciate your help. I am a bit of a Whatmough tragic...Colin made some really nice gear..Here’s a photo of mine apart, simple cabinet arrangement, no glue or clips just held in by screws and age.....Persuaded mine to open by firmly pulling on the black cable gland at top. If it doesn’t open please don’t pry open with a tool, mine will just have to stay the way they are. Bit unfortunate but is what it is I guess. Kee has been very helpful however seems any diagrams are lost in time. I’ve replaced the bottom drivers and they sound ok but sus
  4. Hi, I recently acquired a set of Whatmough 303's. Good condition, sound nice however there has been some modification of the crossover that the previous owner identified and I'd like to bring back to how Colin designed them. Kee is looking to see what she can find out for me. In the meantime, is there anyone out there who might be so kind to send me an image of their original 303 crossover and perhaps identify some missing parts on mine. The red circle in the attached image of mine looks like somethings are missing. There is a broken white zip tie and the blue circles indicate items that
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