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  1. Synodontis

    Cinema Seats - options in Australia?

    We have been very happy with out Transformer from Peger. Their whole ramge can be constructed in modular as well. They are over in Cheltenham so not to far a drive. http://pegarbyemotion.com.au/our-collections/entertainment-theatre-range/
  2. Synodontis

    Increased NBN speed

    Good point Dave, I should have been more specific as it is a ISP problem. I think because we don't have access to the NBN directly, ISP's have become generic for the NBN for complaints. I'm one that believes there is a lot of potential for the NBN here, once ISP's stop throttling back available speeds. I have heard in parts of the world 1G download speeds over NBN. To get that here you would need a bonded connection which I did look at through one ISP. The costs involved just weren't justifiable in the end. That was through a dedicated gaming ISP. So very true, ISP's are the problem & changing wont fix anything. Just keep annoying them polity but firmly. This was going to be the last resort option & worked well with AGL. Always keep this option open when dealing with any large multi national company. Their #1 priority is bottom line, customer service & problem solving is not really a concern, it's a department they have to have so the ACCC is happy The longer you keep them on the phone in a single call the better it works for you. They get questioned from above because not getting through enough calls lol.
  3. Synodontis

    Increased NBN speed

    Hi all, A few NBN threads in this section so figured this would be the right spot. Not sure if how we fixed our situation could help anyone but worth a shot if your 100% sure the problem is not in your home wiring. A little back ground. We have FTTP so when first connected I think the plan we had something like "speeds up to 50/20" in reality what we had in real world was 20/10. The modem is hooked to the box inside with a 2M cable, & sits on the same stand with all game consuls / PC, so very close. I have Xbox OneS, Xbox 360, PC, Fetch TV, Yamaha CX-A5100, Yamaha BD-A1060, Sony UBPX800 & A Samsung TV. There are also- 4 iPad's, 2 phones, Playstation3 & a PC monitoring the fish tank. Not so scared of using bandwidth in our place I called to complain about the speeds we were getting, I got the usual run around from Optus, restart your modem, check all connections & the biggest one to get up my left nostril was the "speeds up to 50/20" depending on traffic & high usage times. Decided to up the plan to unlimited & 100/40, real wold speeds went to 40/20. Back on the phone & was given a repeat performance about restart your modem, check all connections & "speeds up to 100/40" depending on traffic & high usage times. I was starting to get grumpy. Had a think & decided to attack from the rear. As soon as they brought up the "speeds up to 100/40" I explained that I understood the "up to" part, then asked what the minimum speeds were for the 100/40 plan? They couldn't answer that one! They had no idea what the minimum was or should be. I then explained that with the 40/20 or below we were getting it was less then the much cheaper 50/20 plan they had at the time. "So in reality your advertising / selling a product you can never supply at an inflated price?" This kinda threw a spanner in the works for any reply & was then passed on to a supervisor. They still couldn't find an answer so we were given a discount back to the cheaper 50/20 plan. For 3 months I speed checked & kept a record of what speeds we were getting at least once a day. Each month I would call Optus giving them the same "So in reality your advertising / selling a product you can never supply at an inflated price?" & each month we would get the discount. Guess what happened in the 4th month All of a sudden we started getting 80/35 without any warning. Continued checking that month & at times we were getting 98/38. I couldn't call for the discount anymore Since then we have never been under 75/30 & average 90/35 give or take. Hope it might help someone
  4. I could be tempted to pay someone for in home room correction, component placement & general improvement advice that could be made with existing gear. I wouldn't pay someone for advice on physical component selection. I prefer to research myself & find what sounds best to me. Wouldn't it just be easier to host a Stereonet GTG?
  5. @Luc you might want to remove the link to print your ticket out
  6. Bargain of the weekend & condition looks great. gone already
  7. I've used Volka Lighting for SMD 5050 LED's & never had a problem with them inside cabinets. They have everything on hand, different aluminum profiles, joiners, power supplies, motion control on/off switches. The 5050 LED's are available in either 30 LEDs/m or 60 LEDs /m. Being in Hoppers Crossing you may have the chance to call in & they could supply the complete gear instead of piecing it together from all over the place. May not be the cheapest but at least you know your getting a decent product. I know your not interested in remotes and that sort of thing, but I'd have a think about RBG LEDs, once you put up a single color your stuck with it. At least with RGB you have the option to change at a later date, even if it is back to white lol. I'm in now way involved with them either, just like the product they have www.volkalighting.com.au
  8. With holier then tho attitudes like that you wouldn't make it out here. Please enlighten me with your expert knowledge of the place, you guy's obviously have strong views & some sort of first hand experience of the area? Or are your comment's based on media reports & social misconceptions? Comments to make yourselves feel bigger? After walking around the Hi-Fi show & speaking with some really nice people, reading the comments above was not something I expected to find on this site. Perhaps I should re-evaluate my thoughts about the Hi-Fi crowd being a bunch of egotistical, attention seeking, elitist wannabe's? Oh wait, that would be general assumption on a group I have no real information about.
  9. Pandora service will be shut down in Australia & New Zealand at the end of the month also.
  10. I'm no expert but this looks like a bargain for someone in Vic. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/elwood/speakers/monitor-audio-bronze-series-bx-5-floor-stand-hifi-speakers-must-go-/1150809084
  11. Synodontis

    isopropyl alcohol and motor oil

    Sent you a message @dave1 Just so it's here if anyone is interested.... Isopropyl SDS.pdf
  12. Synodontis

    Looking for speakers in Melb

    Thank you gent's, helpful information Looks like it might be after Xmas before I get time to wander around the stores.
  13. Synodontis

    isopropyl alcohol and motor oil

    Hi David, I have a large amount of Isopropyl alcohol, depending on how much you need It shouldn't be a problem. I'm not going to miss a liter lol. SDS generic list's it as 100% but the actual product spec sheet has it at 99.8%. This is a dangerous good so posting is out of the question & DG courier fee's are huge. If you let me know how much you need & can get to Melton in the evenings or weekend your welcome. Motor oil- What about the always handy 3in1 light oil? Been around since about 1894 saving many sewing machines lol.
  14. I'm really not sure about showcasing my system, but a handy spot to leave some dribble about plans, thoughts, ideas & post a few pics. I've always had Yamaha AVR's so now I'm old I'll stick with them as I know what 38% of the buttons on the remote do. If I go changing now it will just result in GOMFU (grumpy ole man flare up) which the good cook wont put up with & results in myself being banished to the garage. Not that I really mind, gives me a chance to think of something else to make or pull apart. So this journey started because after 14 months of playing with a fish tank it was finally finding it's rhythm & I found myself with time to do other things. I've always wanted to something with the HT but time & finances had been directed into other activities. Now was my time to play with HT for a bit. So Uncle Google stepped up to plate & helped me out with so reviews on AVR's, speakers, cables & found Stereonet. I did find another AU forum but it didn't do anything for me so kept lurking around here After deciding I was going to use a preamp / amp setup the next bit was to find a spot to stick it all. Like the next bloke I like a bargain so started searching around for the decent sized TV stand. They dont make em to big do they? With all the toys one can buy you'd think someone would come up with a stand that holds everything plus a bit more. Perhaps they do & I just never looked in the right place. Any way, I decided to build one that suited the bits I wanted to use, couldn't be that hard could it? Yeah right lol. Took a gander at some YouTube vid's laminating timber & figured that was above my skill set. Bench-tops! they are long, wide & solid. Found a local place that supplied raw Victorian Ash 26mm thick, 2100mm long, 600mm deep & figured that's gotta be as good as anything to build a stand from. We have a lot of timber around the shack so a coat of stain should blend it in nicely. A few pics of the stand I built Started with this bit first lol Then progressed up to the top bit Spent more then a couple of hours sanding & throwing around a paint brush to end up with a suitable stand So then the cook pipes up with "your not putting that inside smelling like that! So it had to sit outside for a few days till the smell of the stain had drifted off to the neighbors. One weekend I started pulling the old pretend Harvey Norman stand out so I could maneuver the new stand in. I was half through doing that when I thought of taking a pic lol. You can tell it was a Saturday morning as Ben10 was still on Still have to finish the wall repair, we had to run cables to a second switch board for the tank & that was the easiest way to get into the back of the main switch board. My wiring skills need a bit of work so hopefully this time around I will make a better job of running wires. I do have some power boards I'll use to switch off stuff that isn't used everyday. We use lots of power so switching gear off instead of standby makes a difference each month. I haven't worked out where I'm going to mount them yet. At the end of the day I ended up with 3 speakers hooked back up, the TV going & the Xbox's in their new home. The original NES has been taken upstairs & plugged in up there. Not the greatest pic I know I picked up the preamp last week along with the Bluray (CX-A5100 / BD-A1060) so they are installed into a hole & waiting on the other bits to get them running. Stumbled across a Thor PS10 on Gumtree at the right price, after lurking around here & studying the threads, I decided to grab it. No idea if I need it or not but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Went & picked it up from a gentleman who turned out to be a member here by the name of David. Nice guy & very sweet sounding setup he was nice enough to show me, after hearing it from his doorstep lol. I had to text him that I was there, his doorbell is nowhere near as good as his stereo. Remember that "good idea" well after slinking back into the house with my new toy, the cook wants to know what "thing" I've brought now. I'm sure she has me under surveillance when I leave the shack! Probably doesn't help I'm an anti-social GOM so if I do go out other then work she knows I'm up to something. After a detailed explanation on the pro's of having one it seemed to get me a reprieve for the time being. A couple of buy's from the classifieds here, a set of Zu RCA's & some Bi-wire Osborne speaker cables. After reading one of the threads & being a new bloke around here I might stay away from the classifieds. So after all the dribble, this is what I have so far that will be staying.... LG TV Yamaha CX-A5100 preamp Yamaha BD-A1060 Bluray Thor PS10 & board Xbox 360 & Xbox OneS Sony CDP-CX260 linked to a Sony CDP-CX200 Bits due next week... 13x Balanced XLR - XLR Canare L-2E5 / Neutrik cables 1.5m 2x RCA Canare L-2E5 / Canare F-series 1.5m Wish list / research / toys Electra amps- Really need these Speakers- Kinda need these, but if speaking with the cook, "Really need these" Room treatment- Seems the thing to do Anti-vibration thingy's- Perhaps That's about where I'm up to now. Thinking about doing a run around some stores tomorrow but I have to wake up & evaluate the day first. I did have a message asking about our tanks. So I'll drop a couple of pics here. There are other tanks around here? I don't take to many Full tank shots as you cant see much being so far away lol, more close up coral pics. Marine tank is 12ft long 4ft wide & 2.5ft deep, 4000Ltrs total volume. There's also a 8x3x2.5 tropical tank in the same room. 6000Ltr's in our lounge with this HT stuff lol. I'll leave you with these, sorry for dribbling on so much lol
  15. Evening all, Hopefully someone can help me & I have this in the right spot. Would anyone around Melb have seen any of the speakers below setup in store where I can drop in & listen to them? Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Focal Aria 948 Martian Logan Motion 60XT Thanks in advance