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  1. Excellent player, and has features not found in newer versions (which are all now discontinued BTW). You could get the full Monty ultimate DAC mod through Joe / JLTI as well.
  2. Hi, Nice KT120s, reviews are great. For your benefit for clarification, are you selling 2 tubes or 4 tubes (ad states pair, pic shows quad)? GLWS!
  3. This seems like such a great pre and I would have probably jumped if I hadn't put in for my JLTI Oppo upgrade last week. Curious as to your thinking behind going to seperates given this is such a mighty pre. Best of luck!
  4. I haven't heard the Sonys, but I like my QC35s for their versatility. I'm sure the Sonys will be great.
  5. I have a little bit of play money and the madness has set in. My Headamp GSX2 is inbound from A2A and the hunt is on for some (ludicrous) Susvaras or 1266s and perhaps some LCD3s for the sculptured listening . I listened to some 820s through a Bursen Conductor but found them to be a little flat and unconvincing, but quite detailed.
  6. Phew, I would have had to make an offer for when I'm in Perth next week
  7. Lovely. Tempted if a bit closer to home, Good Luck!
  8. Wow, really like your plinths. I got my SP-10 from TAS as well, ex Radio Hobart. Love it. Rock solid unit. Would love to get a slate plinth to go with it though. Good luck, will make someone happy. BTW, people have dismounted these SP-10s from their housings to mount them "nude" in a plinth; a lot of work, but apparently improves resonance characteristics.
  9. Kudos to you, I'd like to think I could do the same on a trip between cities. 👏
  10. What a drool-worthy beast. I'd love to audition it to see what I have been missing all my life Someone will be happy...
  11. This sounds like a good deal for someone. Pics will help Good luck!
  12. This is a nice price. 100 hours is just getting worked in. Good luck!
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