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  1. I have a pair of JBL active xpr815w which I used for karaoke. Crank it up and you can hear it 2 blocks away.
  2. ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    Fantastic, looking forward to meeting our fellow ACT SNAers!
  3. FS: Tannoy Canterbury SE

    Bejezzus, beautiful. I wish my wife could allow me.
  4. ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    Hi guys, is there enough room for one more?
  5. FS: McIntosh MC452 - BRAND NEW IN BOX

    Best amp for sure, loved mine GLWTS!!!
  6. SOLD: FS: HiFi Racks

    Any chance it can be post to eastern state?
  7. FS: PHONO Cables

    I’ll grab the 1877 please
  8. Hello from California USA

    Wow, old is gold, love it and welcome.
  9. I’ll take the 2 interconnects please.
  10. McIntosh....yes yes, I’ll be there!
  11. SOLD: B & W 804 D3 SPEAKERS $6200

    She’s coming! At least an invoice shown they where bought new. But I wouldn’t pay $7000 for an invoice though....Photo of the actual item please!
  12. New member in Canberra

    Hi and welcome, good to see another fellow Canberran. Go and see the boys at Miranda Hifi for all your home theatre needs. They really know their stuff and can suggest you a good system for your new house. Good luck.