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  1. The Purple Ear

    Wow this is a blast from the past. I bought my first records from the Purple Ear ( what a great name ). It was probably early to mid 70's. Dianella Plaza was our local shopping centre and we would be there every Thursday through the 70's. I have vague memories of it still being open in the 80's but had no idea it had lasted until 2014. I still have a cheap Hendrix comp which was a early purchase from there. Not going to tell what the other records where :^/
  2. Report Bugs Here

    Using Macbook and Firefox The dropdown menus for Activity - Classifieds are looking faint and I can't choose the dropdown links. I'm also having login problems. The opening page won't load sometimes and also getting this message My browser does accept cookies
  3. Poor sounding LPs

    There are definitely a lot of dodgy pressings out there. I don't buy new records if I can't listen to them, same with secondhand, I will always try to listen first. Not always possible but I only buy trusted labels and pressings online. If if this is a new problem Nick1982 there maybe something wrong with your setup.
  4. I know that feeling. Sold 7 last month and still a few to go :^/ These Eastmans are great. I recommend them to people all the time. Good luck
  5. You also need to be careful with Mac though. The elCapistan release saw many problems with audio drivers. I haven't done an upgrade since. The used to better with their releases but it's always better to check no matter the platform. As for automatic updates, get rid of that.
  6. The tone deaf tight a**se are more of a concern to me. Spending 1000's on there streaming averageness and not passing any money onto artists. WaroftheWorldz Trollolz lol
  7. The guy that played bass with the Breadmakers used to press records in Moorabin. I went there about 15 years ago to hear Wayne Hancock record direct to vinyl with his trio when he was touring Australia. I'm not sure if he is still pressing vinyl there but it was a small but fancy setup, more or a hobby I think as he had plenty $$$ after marrying the daughter of Allan's music fame. The plant linked in the article sounds like it could be a larger operation. @Tubularbells if your serious get onto them,,,,it would be the right time.
  8. The Night Of

    Great show. I hope there is another season. Won't say anything else in fear of spoiling.
  9. I'll buy it for $300. I have a mojo but would prefer this. Will PM
  10. Shed HiFi

    Apologies Bluesman my post wasn't very well written. I was trying to say my apartment looks like a shed as I am a single male who likes stuff. No shed for me but I'm thinking of buying a small caravan and leasing a small factory / shed and parking it in there. I have just been given a 60 day to vacate notice and getting sick of the rent move when they decide to renovate game. Everyone needs a shed
  11. Yes those 5 x 5 Ikea units sag. The 4 X 4 have always been good though.
  12. Shed HiFi

    Because I don't have a shed my apartments ends up looking like a shed. I like it like that.
  13. Ok. Different way of doing it. I never got to using mine as a media server but have planned to get it going again for this purpose when time allows. Your method sounds like like the way to go. So so I assume you control playback with your phone/pad after setup is completed ?
  14. Really ? I haven't played with these for maybe a year now but when setting up a RPi2B a screen, keyboard and mouse came in handy.
  15. I did a similar trip. We drove from Darwin across and up to Arnham land ending in Nhulunbuy. The indigenous are the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Refugees