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  1. Be sure to let us know how it sounds!
  2. I think the DCX63 is discontinued. I can't find any reviews online but there is a thread about them here If you are still looking to build a kit yourself Vaf stopped producing kits a few years back.
  3. Surely Neil Peart should figure in this somewhere?
  4. I agree with you. I thought it was strange advice Personally in my situation I didn't hear much difference going from 80Hz to 100Hz but I wouldn't go any higher. I also have dual subs right next to my main L + R speakers so perhaps this is why. For 2 channel I don't use the subs at all, just the mains full range,
  5. I'd set them all to small too. You can always experiment a little bit with the crossover I used to use 80Hz now its currently on 100hz. See what you reckon. My front speakers measured -2db at 20Hz in my room and I still set them as small for HT I saw a recent video on youtube from audioholics saying 120Hz is best because there is still some LFE up to that point. But in all honesty I've not seen anything else to verify this. DId you arrange a replacement mic?
  6. I'd hazard a guess the Sonos will be the limiting factor. I'm not familiar with your equipment but my Sonos equipment (and I have three rooms of Sonos for multiroom audio) pales by comparison to my hi-fi. I'd look to an integrated and speakers but of course this is all budget dependent. Then again if you are happy with how it sounds there is no need
  7. With the original question I was looking to separate movies and music into two locations. It seemed to make sense to keep the movie side of things in the bigger room as this is where we have friends over to entertain/watch etc, but moving the i66's into the smaller room looks like a definite no go So it looks like I'll be keeping both systems combined for now. On the upside now it's time to save to upgrade them to actives!!
  8. That sounds like an excellent sized room for them. For two channel I prefer them without subs but I do have dual subs which are used for movies. The room they are in now is larger than the one quoted in the original question, and similar to yours except for a much lower ceiling height than you have!
  9. Thanks Stump. Handy to know, but I don't think I'll push my luck with 5 in the room
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