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  1. FNM - The Real Thing 1989 (30 years ago!)
  2. Just posted this in the regular "Now Spinning" but probably more appropriate here: Danzig - Danzig The original classic Holland Pressing on London Records - 1988
  3. It's a bit crackly, but the music is loud and noisey enough that I don't notice too much 😎
  4. Danzig - I 1988 Holland Pressing (London Records)
  5. AC⚡DC - Back In Black - 1980 1st press, Albert/EMI Australia APLP.046
  6. Nice One! Mob Rules is a great album. I would say I enjoy both Heaven & Hell and Mob Rules both equally. One usually doesn't get played without the other right after. For me my top 3 'go to' vinyl spinners: 1. LZ - Houses Of The Holy: I nearly always start with D'yer M'aker. Hearing those drums come in.. then settle on the main beat, accomapnied by the the slinky guitar that continues throughout the song... just brings a big smile to my face. Then following right after is No Quarter.. what a track, the keyboards, the dirty guitar the haunting and sullen vocals, so cool. 2. Hunters & Collectors - Human Frailty: I just love playing this album front to back. I do particularly enjoy the first track: Say Goodbye The bass guitar is so strong and prominant throughout the album, such a great tone, gets the blood boling, and I enjoy the stories being told in the lyrics. For me it was the last good Hunters album, they were still a bit Arty and had a bit of youthful pashion and aggression in them. 3. Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies: Again, the bass! The first track... Rotten Apple... the bass and the drums, the constant guitar/vocoder solo and of course Layne's signature haunting vocals These 3 records are fav's of mine to play on my TT set-up, just 'cause they sound so good and give me a lot of enjoyment right away.
  7. I saw Glenn with The Misfits the other night in New York City at Madison Square Garden. They actually put on a great show. Glenn's vocals were on-point, and he (and all of 'em) was super energetic. Dave Lombardo on drums was awesome, perfect for the upbeat old songs. PS: I love Danzig 2. Gets lots of play on my Turntable
  8. Not most folks fav TL album, but I reckon it's a cracker, with numerous memorable tracks. I have the 2xLP with the bonus live disc
  9. I agree with this. I'm only running EL34s and thought it was way too hot under there (touching the underside of the shelf above was alarming). I switched-up my SolidSteel rack to two smaller racks, rather than 1 single tall one, just so I could put the Primaluna on the top shelf. Like you I have a TT, which needs also needs to be on-top, hence now the two racks
  10. anyone still looking for the Super Deluxe CD version: https://www.merchbar.com/hard-rock-metal/tool/tool-fear-inoculum-cd A$79.16 and they ship to Australia (from West Coast USA)
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