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  1. Thank you, I was told this by the previous owner. Apparently they were very pricey on release. Rob confirmed he was on this project.
  2. Item: pair of woodland audio monitors Location: Sunshine Coast - price includes delivery to Brisbane or Gold Coast Price: $700 OBO Item Condition: 8/10 very, very good considering age - few minor wood chips (it's not a veneer so still looks very good), grill slightly discolored with age. Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Woodland audio were made by Rob from Curious cables in Australia about 35 years ago, the terminals have been replaced with something a little more user friendly. Rob has meticulously tuned these like he does his cables for the best possible sound. They have fantastic imaging, great stage and are tuned a tad brighter than neutral. treble crisp and defined, bass is decent but rolls off around 70hz. These are incredibly detailed but not fatiguing which surprised me the most. Apparently the BOM was very high with these speakers and low sales was why Woodland audio went out of business. A few SNA guys heard these and expressed interest to buy them I've sent them PMs, I bought them myself after a short audition. I have driven them directly on a 6 watt tube amp and up to 100watt SS amp, surprisingly efficient. No specs available sorry. Interesting collectors item, very good sound for the $$. Speakers in great original condition, no re-foam required, gorgeous real wood cabinets. Auditions welcome. Pictures:
  3. Item: holy grail NOS NIB 2a3 pairs and quads. NOS means new old stock - these tubes are UNUSED. They have only been used in testing equipment to ensure they are still in perfect order NIB means new in box. this includes the ORIGINAL box from the year of production. Location: Sunshine coast Item Condition: NOS NIB - never used - only run to check health Reason for selling: house repairs and listening room upgrades Extra Info: I have been collecting rare 2a3 tubes for a number of years with a focus on mono plates and avvt 2a3 I have for your consideration a pair of NOS NIB FIVRE 2a3 monoplates. this is the pinnacle of Italian tube making and far out performs any of the american NOS 2a3 mono valves. I have for your consideration multiple pairs and a quad of 2a3 avvt: I have three blue avvt. A loose pair can be made depending on the type of tube amp I have two quads of normal avvt and several normal pairs Some of the pairs have a loose base and these i will let go cheaper. These tubes have all been tested and are measuring close to there original specification. These tubes have been stored in top of the line pelican cases to ensure no moisture is able to get to them. for the history of avvt please see here: http://www.jacmusic.com/html/diversen/history-of-AVVT/history-of-2A3.html jacmusic manufactures EML tubes and have begun servicing and refurbishing avvt tubes. So if you burn through the 10,000 hours of life, jac can rebuild the tube if it dies. These are the best of the best and finding them in Australia, in this condition, never used is unlikely to happen again. price estimates: fivre mono plate 2a3 pairs: $2500 fivre 2a3 box plate pair and spare: $1250 avvt 2a3 regular pair loose base: $2000 avvt 2a3 regular pair perfect: $2200 avvt 2a3 blue pair: $3000 avvt 2a3 quads: $4000 each + this price includes packaging but does not include express shipping and insurance which is non-negotiable. Due to the risk of shipping tubes I would obviously prefer pick up or delivery (which I will make every effort to make possible). However all shipping risk is on the buyer. I have some other used 2a3, typical American RCA or Canadian Westinghouse stuff that I may be willing to sell as well. Price: Please PM me with offers/trades/interest. Thanks for your consideration. Pictures:
  4. SOLD TO @HanQuach. User has been vouched for/verified by user @tchye nguyen
  5. @timelord good call, jaycar sell a speaker black fabric you can buy in bulk for cheap that will make these look new again!
  6. open to trades for cables, ls50, or room treatment panels.
  7. Item: DAC: Forsell air reference Location: QLD: Sunshine coast - can deliver to SEQ as I have meetings in Brisbane and gold coast coming up. Price: $2100 ono PLUS FREIGHT Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling: TOO MUCH STUFF Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank trasfer etc THIS IS THE LEGENDARY FORSELL AIR REFERENCE DAC, $7500usd on release WHICH WAS DOUBLE THE PRICE OF EVEN THE MARK LEVINSON DAC,AT THE TIME A STUNNING PIECE OF GEAR, AN ANALOGUE SOUNDING DAC ,AT ITS BEST, HAS RCA AND BALANCED OUTPUT COMES WITH ORIGINAL BOOK AND TRANSPORT CRATE! Very, very nice DAC. I preferred this to the ps audio DS dac, yggy, sfd-1, pavane, dave and many others double or triple the price. UNIT IS MASSIVE, wider than most rack width, amazing condition, only problem is the feet on it are a bit sticky? I have mine sitting on isolation pods. Peter Forsell (the mad dentist) created the forsell air transport which is regarded by many as the best transport ever made - albeit it required a hydraulic air pump and was prone to expensive repair bills due to its sensitive and sophisticated mechanism. It was designed to be paired with this DAC for a top of the line digital system to compete with 30k analogue systems. The transport and DA are highly sort after in asia due to their wonderful tonality (slight warmth and bloom bust still maintaining bite and detail). The story goes that he wanted to create a dac and transport because he was not happy with the high end available at the time. He used his vast wealth and resources as the owner of a near billion dollar medical tech company to build this gear, then promptly stopped manufacturing for the public. This dac is very similar in design and sound the the Bremen no1. Which is Donald Norths favourite DA: http://www.dnaudio.com/Bremen big pic.htm Bonus: I fell in love with this dac when I heard it with this incredible system in Singapore in the Adelphi. sft-1>forsell>kagura pre and power amp > pro ac d100 Feel free to ask any questions! Bonus:
  8. Item: unfaced ultratel rigid glass wool boards 2.5 boards of 2400x1200x50mm - 48kg/m3 Location: Sunshine coast - will deliver to SEQ Price: $180 - includes delivery to Brisbane of gold coast - may have to wait two weeks for GC Item Condition: -opened but still in bag and in mint condition. one board half used. Reason for selling: finished my project - spare Payment Method: cash, paypal or bank transfer Extra Info: data sheet: https://www.bradfordinsulation.com.au/-/media/bradford/files/ultratel-datasheet.pdf MSDS: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwiZh9j6pp7gAhVZSX0KHX9LDYMQFjAAegQIAxAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bradfordinsulation.com.au%2F-%2Fmedia%2Fbradford%2Ffiles%2Fglasswool-suis.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1_4Cgx-DFu2h0eAE_k7VuZ I did a tonne of research to select this product over everything else. If you are making bass traps this is the product to use due to its 100hz and below absorptive properties. My traps I made: BIG 80-120hz null Null improved significantly, don't have all my other smaller absorbing panels up which smooth some of the upper freq stuff. Still working on the ceiling What you are buying is one of these yellow packs with 2.5x large boards, I will throw in the useful sized off cuts as well. I also put this stuff in my rear wall. Which was a dramatic improvement in bass decay speed.
  9. Sneaky keys. Get in line for shipping mate. Someone local will surely grab them though!
  10. Would you consider shipping these to QLD?
  11. Any interest in a trade for my forsell air reference DA?