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  1. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    Just wondering if this sold?
  2. SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD800 Head Phones

    Damn, I keep missing these!
  3. Need room acoustics and speaker advice

    This deck is rarely used - mainly used for hanging washing... We have another 50m2 deck above this with a better view and much better for entertaining. I'll make sure there are large windows on either end of the room so we can see the gardens but will cover them up while the room is used as a listening room. I have been interested in Red spade but have not had a chance to audition and they didn't have a presence at the audio show. Or internationally where i do most of my auditions.
  4. Hi guys, My names Al, I'm a 27 year old audio nut from Australia I need some advice from people with experience. I was a headphone guy because we lived in a small apartment and it was just easier. We bought a house and now am looking to create a dedicated space for listening. I have good source equipment: Lynx AES16e Source/SFT-1>Sfd-1 mkii DAC/Forsell Air Reference DAC and Eddie Current Studio SET 6w 2a3 amplifier My Budget is around 40k AUD without speakers Budget for speakers is around 20k AUD So here is the space. 6 metres by 4 metres by 2.25 metres For potential resale we would want this to be functional as a 4th bedroom so we would need windows on both ends, these we can cover up while it is used as a listening room/ home theatre I've talked to a few builders and will talk to a few more, but what we are thinking so far: disconnect wall frames and pack with sound bats to minimise vibration Double gyp-rock all walls and roof going for a vinyl floor over ply with bats underneath and a second floating floor - rest of house is hard wood floors, builder was not so keen on using hard wood here for some reason - will put carpet down in front of the speakers triple pane glass windows cover by a thick rubber mat and diffuser solid wood door with rubber seals I will then use room treatment to try compensate for early reflections. Keep symmetry in room as much as possible air conditioning Dreaming of something like this: Issue: upstairs deck can allow rain into the area where the chairs are, would need to put some sort of under deck water proofing in.. slight slope in ceiling for drainage, this may be beneficial for acoustics from what I read? So I'm looking for tips, as in what NOT to do type stuff and what to try and accomplish with basic room design.. Keeping in mind this is just my first home, I just want a better than average room, this is not a budget no concern room, I'll do that one when I'm a little older and richer. Speaker wise. I have been on a bit of a quest this year traveling to Japan, Singapore and interstate to find a speaker I can run on my 6w amp that satisfies my desire for super detailed, full, non-fatiguing sound. The SET amp is very special to me, I have many other far more powerful amps but would like my main system to be high efficiency. Two systems have stood out to me after hearing hundreds of systems in homes, stores and at shows. The voxativ ampeggio signature with wooden cones is the best back loaded horn I've ever heard in the mids and highs, it's probably the best speaker I've every heard regardless of efficiency (seems to be very sensitive to room acoustics). However the bass rolls off fairly early and some sort of sub woofer solution would be required The other was the JBL 4367, I have heard the everest, k2, and numerous other JBL speakers and DIY re works.. The 4367 resonated well with me. It's not as laser precise as the voxativ but definitely resolving enough to live with. At 94dbl, I do not know if my 6w SET is capable of properly driving these.. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. FS: EOI. Zu Audio Essence Speakers

    I have the Eddie Current Studio http://www.eddiecurrent.com/Studio.html Just 6w SET with custom tribute transformers.
  6. FS: EOI. Zu Audio Essence Speakers

    I wouldn't mind bringing my amp down and having a listen if you don't sell. If I like it I'll probably buy them. I'm saving for the JBL 4367 otherwise. I also have around 1700 classical records in mint condition I'm looking to trade?
  7. My favourite was the JBL 4367. I nearly bought them right there and then. Just sounded amazing, even from tidal/cary dac/cary amp set up. Smoked the k2 and frankly everything else at the show IMO.
  8. Melody Audio

    Yeh I know, that's where i saw/heard their stuff! I want to contact them. And the contact details they provided do not work.
  9. Taking the advert down, had a few interesting trade offers and low balls I nearly accepted. However, nothing to make me part with it. Please PM me if interested, however the advert will be down publicly while I reconsider this situation. Al
  10. Melody Audio

    Do you guys still supply Melody gear? I tried to email them and it bounced...

    Yeh, I've pmd offering to pay asking price.
  12. Price drop to $4000 Will move to storage soon if I can't get the whole lot gone. Deal with it when I have some more time. I refuse to sell individual records or composers so the collection is as it was when i got it. Al
  13. Hi team, just an update I think the collection is closer to 2000 records than 3000. +- 10% This last few boxes I've dug up are mostly large box sets with some having 16LPs in a box... Skewed my estimates totally. My apologies. Al
  14. Dalby Queensland. Just a kind note.. This is a recent deceased estate. Please respect the family's privacy at this time.
  15. I do have his name. Seemed he was active in Sydney for years, then ended up retiring out near Dalby. I don't think he has been very 'active' in the last decade. I'll check to make sure it is OK to share his name.