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  1. You got the rockna!! We need to find time to meet!!
  2. What was the reason for the refurbish? Are they still under warranty?
  3. Thanks Jon, I'll pm you if it falls through.
  4. Yeh the are the same driver/age colour, just the window is on the right side of the photo. These are 100% originals, one owner, comes with original reciept. However they are basically sold, pending logistic arrangements.
  5. Hi there, Only the surrounds have been replaced. Everything else is original according to the owner.
  6. Item: JBL 112 RE-LIST with price drop Location: Sunshine Coast - Happy to deliver to Bris/GC Price: $1000 this includes the DIY stands Item Condition: Very good - indented dust cover only major flaw (does not affect sound quality at all), minor scratches on cabinet but considering age these are very very tidy. Reason for selling: selling for a friend who is the original owner, copy of receipt included Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: Excellent cond JBL 112, this is the upgraded version of the l100 with beryllium tweeter and a proper cross over. Sounds better than l100 and l100 classic IMO. One owner. Cream grills can be switched. Re-foamed in 1998 with original jbl surround roll. Auditions welcome. fantastic sound and running only on 10watts SET! Thank you for looking Pictures:        Review from an SNA audition @kamielcat: Auditioned this morning. They're awesome speakers in very good condition for their age!
  7. will re-list this at 1k next week for visibility
  8. $1100. Will list else where tomorrow. Amazing deal at this price. It's l100 but better..
  9. I was unsure on pricing this item and.got valuations from two SNA JBL experts. Happy to consider all reasonable offers.
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