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  1. Xecuter

    FS: ADAM Tensor Delta Active Monitors w/Stands

    If the buyer doesn't want the stands I would be interested.
  2. Xecuter

    FS: ADAM Tensor Delta Active Monitors w/Stands

    Omg! I have the a77x and there are insanely good for the $$. These are really gorgeous!
  3. temporarily. Then back to hd800sdr when you realise all the stat amps are mediocre. @MakeshiftAtlas Here is a perfect example of a hd800 at a great price, you know you want it. GLWS!
  4. SOLD else where. You guys missed out big time.
  5. Thanks @Marc, seems to be pretty well priced. Seems they are a hair under vicoustic. I'm going to go to a showroom and try buy some bass traps Saturday.
  6. Open to trades and any offers
  7. I emailed convoy last week and no response. I called Klapp audio and they are sending me the price list.
  8. $1500 aud - this is a steal. This DAC beat's 90% of the totl stuff out there. It's better than yggy, pavane, ps audio DS, better than my forsell. Fek, it's better than Dave with speakers.
  9. sonitus.kc@gmail.com They straight up told me to deal with convoy when I asked for a price list
  10. sales@convoy.com.au they replied when i emailed the sales a few months ago.
  11. No price list and convoy aren't responding to my emails. Emailed sonitus directly and they told me to talk to convoy 😕
  12. Xecuter

    FS: Sennheiser HD800 headphones

    I have Abyss too, but I keep the hd800 sdr around anyway because it just has so much more mid range detail
  13. Open to trades. Speaker wire, power conditioners, streamers. I'm selling this for what I paid for the upgrades!!
  14. It's already gone. Too soft