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  1. Extra Info: Rarely used Schiit USB to SPDIF converter in excellent condition. No box or manual but will bubble wrap it nicely for complimentary express shipping nation wide. Includes original AU power supply. Works with Virtually Any Audio USB Source and DAC Just connect your USB source to Eitr’s USB input, and connect Eitr’s coaxial SPDIF output to any DAC that accepts coaxial input. Now, you have complete isolation from source to DAC, together with a superb, low-jitter coaxial SPDIF interface for bit depths and sample rates up to 24/192. USB, Solved: Gen 5 Technology The Eitr features the same unique Gen 5 USB input technology as in our upgradable DACs. It’s simply the highest-performance USB input available today, with complete electrostatic and electromagnetic isolation (via transformers), self-power of all critical low-noise and reclocking sections, and separate, precision clock sources for both 44.1 and 48kHz multiples. (And if you don’t understand the technobabble, here’s the point: it works great and sounds great, too.) Linear, Low-Noise Power Supply—Built In You won't need any "linear supplies" or other "add-ons" to improve Eitr—like all of our stackable products, we've built in a linear supply with multiple stages of ultra-low-noise voltage regulators. From the included 1.5A, 6VAC wall-wart to the output, there are no switching supplies in Eitr. Thanks for looking
  2. A good friend from SNA sent me these 404LE to compare to my hd800sdr. I also got my rockna Wave dream Signature balanced DAC in this week so many pleasurable hours enjoying the upgrade and testing the loaned stax. Happy Sunday guys.
  3. one of my very favorites! GLWS!
  4. GPU blew up, no income at the moment, need a GPU ASAP Item: 1080ti Price Range: help Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  5. Did you replace the pads since owning them?
  6. if it's a curious cable i'll take it
  7. yeh that 10db null will be fairly audible though, should build some big DIY traps. I built some last year and cost me about $400 but sorted a similar null I had in a 4.5x4 metre room with high ceiling.
  8. lot's of bass nulls, room is largely untreated?
  9. Man I thought the bass rolled off hard on the small ATC. Like 80hz roll off for the SCM 20, the 50 was better and the scm100 almost has passable bass but I would definitely be integrating a sub with smaller atc
  10. Merry Xmas gents. I'm still chasing an atc scm100aslt. Was wondering if any dealers might be doing boxing day sales? Most of the atc dealers don't have newsletters or deals as far as I can see.
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