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  1. Just talked to convoy and they aren't bringing the 4367. Damn, that was a big reason i was coming down
  2. Item: gold face plate sfd-1 mkii SE+ (2x6922) The DAC was serviced and upgraded by pcx in Canada, over $1k USD of upgrades on this DAC. Range of tubes Included for the dac. This DAC is an absolute Giant Slayer, those in the hobby will know this DACs legendary reputation. No DAC ive heard to date has a better transient response. Sounds emerge suddenly from the blackground and will have you turning your head. A really regrettable sale, but I need to condense my collection. And sfl-2 pre-amp (8x6922). Two unit pre-amp, arguable the best pre-amp SF made (many say the line-3 was not as good). I got this because I was going to get the SF power 3 and finish the stack, heading in another direction and know room for an extra system. i have probably used this pre for 10 hours in 3 years as my SET does not need a pre. At this point I will not sell them separately but if I can get interest in both units I will consider selling them separately. Location: qld (sunny coast) Price: $4000 aud Item Condition: excellent 8/10 - mainly age Blemishes in some photos are just finger marks can send photos to interested parties Reason for selling: Upgrades Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: i don't have the original boxes but can pack and ship this anywhere in Australia. At buyers expense. Pictures:
  3. Xecuter

    EOI: Genuine Eames Chair + Ottoman

    Tfrantic has gone silent. Chair still available. $3900 now
  4. Xecuter

    EOI: Genuine Eames Chair + Ottoman

    I can get it to Melbourne for about $250 with a backloading removalist. Lots of interest but no one has paid up so still available.
  5. Someone is looking to buy an Eames chair off me. I'm happy to take it anywhere in SEQ for him but he needs it in Melbourne. I think a courier will make the deal non-viable. If anyone happens to be driving that direction I would prefer to give them some cash to make the delivery. Let me know if is you are able to help us out. Al
  6. Xecuter

    EOI: Genuine Eames Chair + Ottoman

    Yeh no one has committed yet, got healthy interest though! Let me talk to a mate who organises freight and get an idea what we can organise for Melbourne Al
  7. Item: Genuine Herman Miller Eames Chair + Ottoman - This is the plush leather variant Location: Sunshine Coast Price: $4000 Item Condition: good - some light scratches from use on leather, wood in exceptional condition for age, please note the water damage on the base of the foot stool - not visible when in use. Reason for selling: Excess - Selling for a friend Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Shipping can be organized Australia wide, I may have friends willing to take it down to Melbourne or Sydney Pictures:
  8. also thinking of selling my sdf-1mk ii DAC with this. My unit has over $1k usd of upgrades on it: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/sonic-frontiers-sfd-1mk2-vintage-dac-for-750-that-stomps-most-modern-dacs.508/page-3#post-109198 PM me if anyone wants me to do a deal on the two.