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  1. You don't have the acute dac do you?
  2. Yeh I know he is a top bloke
  3. been looking for an aries femto for ages.. maybe I should settle for LE

    wow. incredible system!
  5. Show us your tubes

    SE. http://www.eddiecurrent.com/Studio.html
  6. Show us your tubes

    I get 6 watts per channel out of my Eddie current studio which runs two X pairs of 2a3. I tend to not use mesh for speaker loads keep them for headphone use.
  7. Show us your tubes

    These are NOS NIB from avvt. No longer in production. Read here: http://www.jacmusic.com/html/diversen/history-of-AVVT/history-of-2A3.html None for sale at this point. I have two quads two pairs and one single. I have a fairly vast collection of rare 2a3 from fivre, arctarus, RCA Cunningham monoplate and these avvt are right up there.
  8. Item: eltax libert 5 speaker Location: Sunshine coast Price: $70 Item Condition: veneer is peeling, one tweeter indented but working fine. Rough condition. Good for a man cave or garage. Surprisingly good sound. Audition welcome Reason for selling: freeing up space Payment Method: cash Pictures:
  9. Show us your tubes

    had a nice find on some avvt 2a3 mesh plate, blue glass and a pair of cobalt!
  10. FS: Melody SHW2AII 2A3 Valve Monoblocks

    you don't happen to have the melody 2a3 tube protectors do you? I've sent a few emails to the melody mob but never get a response.
  11. Item: Auralic aries femto clock network player Price Range: $1500aud posted Item Condition: mint condition Not looking for a mini or LE
  12. SOLD: Norstone Equipment Rack

    hi there, I was already committed to buy, however I am fairly certain it won't be the right size but was going to proceed anyway. I won't be upset if the buyer decides to go for the quick sale tomorrow. Best, Al
  13. FS: Soundstyle audio gear rack

    I got one of these from a Queensland seller. Probably the best thing I bought all year. Solid as hell, sturdy. Can handle heaps of weight and looks pretty damn sharp. If I could get this shipped for $100 I would take it!
  14. WTB: Bremen no. 1 DAC

    Item: Bremen no. 1 dac Price Range: $1.5k ++ Item Condition: must be at least 8/10
  15. Dang, if you are keen on local pick up. Like I said march 3rd with audition.