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  1. Some audio tech really hasn't advanced in decades. I've got 3 dacs running right now, one is nearly 30 years old r2r, one is 20 years old cirrus and one is modern sabre. Bother the older dacs spank the newer dac in timbre and tonality. Sure they can't do DSD and 192khz but you only need a few minutes to hear that this modern dac, and most modern dacs (including many up to 10k) are voiced woefully and don't do instruments their due service missing so much information in terms of dynamics and tonal density..
  2. yes, this is well established. more interestingly they have fixed the output stage of the DAC, and upgraded it to basically a new dac.
  3. Last night schiit announced they have silently upgraded Yggdrassil orders from October 2017 with a new analogue board. Discussions here: http://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/the-mike-moffat-2-at-schiit-blog.3507/page-38 Impressions here: http://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/yggdrasil-refined-new-analog-2-sound-impressions.5665/#post-186283 Noisy complaints here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-yggdrasil-impressions-thread.766347/page-429 The new board has fixed a problem with folks who have pro audio gear or equipment with high input impedence that the ygg BA cannot handle. Several other changes must have been made for this to be possible. Schiit has branded this as the ygg 2 Analog, a new and improved model. To upgrade a non Analog 2 ygg will cost $550 usd. Cost of the Ygg has increased by $100 usd on schiit website and includes the upgrade board.
  4. I'm interested in the aries. I was hoping to pick up a femto clock version in mint condition thought.
  5. Dave, Did you sell this? I'm still chasing the aries. Al
  6. Hmm For those considering buying this: http://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/sonic-frontiers-sfd-1mk2-vintage-dac-for-750-that-stomps-most-modern-dacs.508/ I have the entry level version of this Dac and have been trying to 'upgrade' from it for about a year with a budget up to 10k. Nothing yet has made me feel like it is a worthy enough upgrade yet. This sfd-2mkii at this price, is a steal.
  7. Has this Dac been serviced or upgraded my PCX yet? When was it last serviced? I have the sfd-1 mkii fully upgraded. Interested in the big brother...
  8. Interested in the aries if you can't sell the package.
  9. Show us your tubes

    Comparing the new Abyss phi to the OG Abyss on my all tube rig.
  10. Yeh selling bulk lots is really hard, I picked up 2000 records and I can't find them a good home.
  11. A system to thump me in the chest

    I was just wondering if anyone here knew of someone in QLD with JBL 4367. I would love to bring my amp around and a bottle of very good whisky to sample. I'm considering taking the plunge but would love a chance to hear it with my amp before outlaying. Al

    May I have the 2 elgar cds and the mahler. Thank you Al