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  1. Looks clean @Benjet.
  2. Could you please post the serial number?
  3. If you want a local deal I can come pick them up, Also in Buderim
  4. How big is the room? was it just the size that caused the issues?
  5. Tangos are the ultimate transfos.. Seriously hard to beat this BOM
  6. Kenrick audio would probably charge you 20k to do these up!
  7. I figured he is moving so worth asking but might want them gone asap
  8. Hmm, I don't really want to sell my traps, since I spent around $1000 building 6 of them... I noticed that perforated foil faced ultratel was 400% more effective than non faced. Maybe I should just seal them with foil on the front. and put the fabric back over... The sides are sealed with thin underfloor foam which doesn't seem to breathe which is good.
  9. Are you using these for panels or traps? XHD at 50mm : 0.19 @ 125hz Ultratel at 50mm : 0.34 @ 125hz as the thickness increases this only becomes a bigger difference. Almost twice as efficient for low frequency The difference is much smaller at high frequency is why I ask..
  10. MSDS says ultratel is safe. I paid about $170 per bag of boards. Each bag had 3 boards measuring 2.4x1.2 at 50mm thick. My listening room is in my bedroom, so I sleep in here each night. I've just noticed my allergies and breathing have been a lot worse since installing the traps two months ago.
  11. I'll order a roll I guess. What are your thoughts on using a hepa filter fabric @Peter the Greek? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1m-1m-Thickness-15mm-Home-Fabric-Black-Air-Conditioner-Activated-Carbon-HEPA-Air-Purifiers-Accessories-Purifier/32820257420.html
  12. Hey Mike, I spent about $700 on ultratel and had my walls filled with it as well as put the large traps behind the speakers. https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/general-speaker-advice-and-recommendations.4062/page-49#post-241719 Some measurements there to confirm a bit of success with my null. Maybe ill sell these and just rebuild with poly.
  13. @mfc83 I was only really targetting 125 hz and below for the bass traps. I have about 20 vicousitic panels for my mid to high frequency.
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