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  1. Hi, is price up for nego? Whereabouts are you located?
  2. Thanks for all the help! I believe the connector on the amp is a IEC C9 is that correct? Found some on ebay, one with US plug and another with UK plug, both are usable (with adapter to AU plug)?
  3. Thanks for the info Snapper, does the one for the PM 300 fit the PM200 or are there several different versions? Guess I'll have to return it to the seller if it's impossible to find one as replacing the socket will probably cost more than the cost of the amp.
  4. Hi, I just picked up a vintage Marantz PM-200 integrated amp but unfortunately, it does not come with a power cable. The AC power socket is 2 pronged and is rectangular shaped with dimension of 21mmx13mm. The standard AU power cable (like the ones for PC's) do not fit. Can anyone help as to where I can get one? I tried ebay with no luck.
  5. Hi, just getting into the wonderful world of audio, hope to learn lots !
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