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  1. Thanks All, I’ll definitely check out those sub forums. If you were to see my daily Spotify consumption, you would see that I have definitely kept an open mind, I go from jazz to classical to metal to country and everything in-between. Always keeping my ears open to suggestions from anyone! I’m an electrical engineer and since a young age I have always loved electronics, but this revolved mostly around logic and programming. I would love however to get into some DIY audio projects and looking at some of the sweet DIY tube amps out there has me wide eyed at the possibilities… any suggestions for information on this stuff? Cheers, Simon.
  2. Hi All, Music was never really part of my life growing up… But I am starting to appreciate putting on some music and drifting away. Current setups Work - O2 headphone amp with separate ODAC - AKG7XX headphones Home - Pro-ject Carbon DC Esprit SB (ortofon 2M red with acrylic platter and cork mat) - Marantz SR7300 - Set of Aaron Octets (25+ years old and still sounding great) Currently looking to expand my rather small record collection. Cheers, Simon.
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