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  1. Recently I had my JVC X7500 calibrated by Andrew Poole from Home Theatre Engineering who did an excellent job and was very helpful in explaining the procedure and what was going on. I have a 1.9 gain screen and the HDR picture (which was my major concern) after the calibration was a great improvement over what I had before. The standard blu-ray performance was also noticeably better. Andrew is very experienced and qualified with THX, ISF and HAA. For anyone in Perth I can definitely recommend his services.
  2. I could do IMDave but I am old and my memory and interest in doing such things is not as great as it once was. I had an audio calibration done to my 7.3.4 system and I learnt some valuable things from watching and talking to the calibrator who just used his ears, no instruments. He did a good job and the sound was noticeably clearer and less muddled so I was happy. I'm sure I will pick up some useful tips from the projector calibration too.
  3. Hi, I have a JVC X7500 projector which I use with a HDFury Linker and an Oppo 203. What is a reasonable figure for a UHD/HDR calibration for such a setup. I have one quote for $650 for 4 hrs work. Is that reasonable? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, this review http://hometheaterreview.com/power-sound-audio-s3600i-subwoofer-reviewed/?page=2 shows that the PSA S3600i is the sort of thing that I am looking for but I think that a bigger box and a bigger driver may be / should be better still.
  5. Thanks Dave, I'm not concerned about smoothing out the response or loudness as the current setup is smooth enough for me and more than loud enough, I just want to go deeper in sound and / or sensation / immersion. I have been looking into minidsp and REW and will try them but that is another issue.
  6. Having given the matter some more consideration here are my current thoughts. My largest sub has a 15" driver, is 620mm x 440mm x 620mm = 169 litres, has a 500 wrms amp and is rated at Frequency Response: 19 Hertz -- crossover +/-3dB. from Adelaide Speakers 1550 DTL. If I was to get a sub with an 18" or larger driver with an approx. 350 litres box, a 1000 wrms amp and rated / tuned to 10Hz flat should that result in a deeper and qualitatively different sound / feelings / sensations / immersion than what I currently have? I realise it is impossible to be sure in such matters but I was wondering what those with experience in these types of subs have found. Thanks.
  7. Excellent, many thanks Eltech, that is what I need to know and it makes sense too. I will start looking into other options. I take it that whatever size driver and box I end up getting, having an amp with a DSP will help to get the sound/sensations I am looking for?
  8. Thanks Eltech, I will try to explain. First I got the 10" sub and then the 12" and the sound and feeling/impact was ok but after adding the 15" from Adelaide Speakers with its much bigger box and amp (500W) there was a huge improvement. By that I mean there was a much deeper level or floor (both sound and feeling) which had not been there before and this causes the higher frequencies, especially the sounds from the tweeters to sound more dynamic or differentiated to my ears. The whole sound field is richer and has greater contrast or depth and therefore is more immersive and interesting. Just like hearing sounds from the side and behind and above in a movie is more immersive and interesting and dynamic and more real, IMO. So I figure that adding an even bigger driver in a bigger box with a more powerful amp will even add a lower level to the sound and feelings/sensations coming from the whole system. When I did the sub crawl I downloaded some test tones from the net and found that I could easily hear 40Hz but just barely 30 Hz and nothing below that. Being almost 64 years old may have something to do with that. So wanting to go down to 20Hz or 10Hz is not to hear it but to feel it, just like the impact of the 15" sub was just as much about the feelings/sensations as it was the sound. The reports on AVS from people who had used this driver mentioned things/improvements that I am looking for so I thought I would look into giving it a go too. Now I want to know how is the best way to get to that goal and everyone's comments and suggestions have been very helpful in me understanding what I need to do.
  9. Ok, I think / hope I am beginning to get some idea of what I need to do. Have a big box with a relatively low power amp so that the sub can play down to say 20Hz but not at loud volumes as I am not looking for that. A DSP would be good also. I am not concerned about the subs musical performance as the current subs do a good job in that area. Does that make sense?
  10. Well, this is an area in which I have almost no experience. Looking at their web site I would think that the SP1-2400W would be plenty for me. All I want is for the sub to be rumbling along in the background providing those low frequency sensations, not loud sounds. However, Deep Sea Sounds do use a 4000W amp with this driver. My room is quite small (5580mm(18.3ft) x 4100(13.45ft) x 2760(9.0ft) high). I was also thinking of using a cabinet similar to the size on the Deep Sea Sound website. http://www.deepseasound.com/products/mariana-24sc-24-subwoofer All advice or suggestions are much appreciated.
  11. I spoke to Edward at Adelaide Speakers about him making this sub for me but for some reason he didn't sound too keen?? No, I don't find much difference between DTS and Dolby upmixing ufo. As long as sound is coming out of all the speakers I am happy. The biggest issue for me is that the sound tracks don't make enough use of the height and surround speakers but no doubt that will improve with time as the whole height/immersive thing is still in it's infancy.
  12. It's not loudness I am looking for but immersion. The first 2 subs (10" and 12 ") were second hand and adding the 15" (from Adelaide Speakers) added immensely to the sound / immersion. Reading about the 24" sub on the AVS forum shows that it is very immersive. I watch a lot of tv shows on blu-ray using Dolby's surround upmixer or DTS: Neural X and they work really well, IMO. It would probably be more sane to go with an 18" driver but since when has sanity ever had anything to do with home theatre.
  13. As far as I understand Stereo Integrity just make the driver. There is a company in the USA, Deep Sea Sound, who use this driver in a sub they make but I estimate that it would cost more than $6,000AU to get it into Australia. Retail price in the US is $4000US.
  14. Hi, I am looking for someone or a firm who would be interested in making a subwoofer with this 24" driver http://stereointegrity.com/product/hs24-24-subwoofer/ . Preferably they would live in Perth but anywhere in Australia would do. It would mainly be for HT use, I already have a 7.3.4 sound system with a 10", a 12" and 15" subs. Aranmar Acoustics in Melb. sound good but I would prefer someone in Perth. Thanks.
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