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  1. Sounds like an interesting evening. I will plan to attend. The only evening I cannot make at the moment is Thursday 18 July. Regards, Rob
  2. If still available, I would like the following please; Spyro Gyra - Carnaval, VIM-6236, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $18 Spyro Gyra - City Kids, VIM-6310, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $18 Spyro Gyra - Freetime, VIM-6263, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $18 The Trio - Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen - Live from Chicago, MV 2088, JAP Press, NM/NM $35 Dave Mason - Split Coconut, PC33698, JAP Press, NM/NM $12 Lee Ritenour - Rit, P-10973E, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $17 Grover Washington, Jr - Winelight, P-10974E, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $18 Regards, Rob
  3. I will take this please; Item: Oh By The Way – Pink Floyd 14 CD Set – Genuine 2007 copy not a counterfeit Price: $120 Item Condition: V Good (outside case normal wear for age see photo) I will send a PM Rob
  4. If still available could I get; Asia Christine McVie Carlos Santana Heart Both Nancy Sinatra Jefferson Starship Robert Palmer Steve Winwood Many thanks, Rob
  5. I would like the 4 Who albums please. Regards Rob
  6. Ed Could I get; Hendrix - Band Of Gypsys Style Council - Our Favourite shop ELP _ Tarkus Regards Rob
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