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  1. Will send PM with intent to buy all 5. Regards Rob
  2. Iron Maiden - Virtual XI (, 2017) Min/Min. sealed. 49 King Crimson - Beat (, 1982) NM/NM. With obi and curious Japanese small sticker on cover. 59 King Crimson - "Doctor D" Atlanta 6/23/73 (, 1983) NM/NM. . 67 Regards Rob
  3. PS Audio BHK300 Monoblocks, (after much experimentation Luxman, Holton, Primaluna and a few others). I use a Luxman C700u pre amp (soon to be a C900u) which I have found, again via experimentation, to be a match made in heaven.
  4. I have exactly the same set up as described. I started with one sub hoping this would help define the bass more accurately but I found it just unbalanced the sound. Adding the second sub after about one month of a single sub took my system to the next level producing clear, accurate and well defined bass. I recall about six months ago forgetting to power up one of the subs and I thought my system was kaput, obviously I quickly found the problem and was back to thoroughly enjoying the music. Essentially the two subs route is preferred. The subs integrate seamlessly with the Amati Futura and I don't believe you would regret the purchase. Regards, Rob H
  5. Indeed, I expressed my comment badly and was trying to state that the OP would not have to suffer the blue panels.
  6. I'm pretty sure the Sonus Faber Chamelon for sale in the commercial section have the blue as an option with the wood veneer as primary.
  7. Excellent DAC, great value for money. The Headphone Amp easily drives my HiFiMan HE1000 V2 headphones. GLWTS.
  8. Very enjoyable evening with well delivered presentations. I look forward to future events. Rob
  9. Jean Michel Jarre Supertramp - Famous Last Words Supertramp - Crises What Crisis Regards, Rob
  10. I would like the following please; Joe Satriani - Is there love in space EX/EX $35 Joe Satriani - What happens next Sealed Mint Condition $40 Joe Satriani - What happens next Signed Sleeve Only $40 Eurythmics - 1984 Sealed Mint Condition $30 Regards Rob
  11. I'm getting drop outs within songs and skipping of tracks (Tidal via Roon). As far as I can tell my network connection is fine and no reported issues from Telstra.
  12. I would like the 4 Carly Simon SACD please Regards Rob
  13. I would like the following please; Steve Winwood Arc of a Diver Aust Island Ex/Ex $8 Steve Winwood Talking Back to the Night Aust Island Ex-/Ex- $8 Steve Winwood Chronicles Aust Island Ex-/Ex- $8 Steve Winwood Roll With it Aust Virgin Ex/Ex $8 Billy Joel Songs in the Attic Aust CBS Ex-/Ex $7 Regards, Rob
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