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  1. Clearly you are bringing in some fantastic gear to compliment your already high end components dCS, Luxman and Wilson as examples. Space permitting I would love to hear a system(s) in a dedicated sound room with appropriate acoustic treatment. I think this would take FP to another level and allow you to properly show off some of this outstanding equipment and also allow demonstration of different synergies of components. Regards, Rob
  2. Good point. I have only really done comparative listening tests on Dark Side and in the end it just ruined my listening session. For the most part I’m happy with what I listen to but your comparative tests are valuable. Thanks again Rob
  3. Jon, thank you, great comparison of an album I know well. Whilst it was hard for me to pick a clear winner it was easier to pick a clear loser which for me was the Rainbow pressing, very muddy and dull at least in my listening environment. Rob
  4. I enjoyed the comparison video, concise and to the point. I would like to see some comparisons with Japanese pressings. Rob
  5. Looks great Mark. I see the new light arrived.
  6. Fantastic service from Mark. I think the quality of the cleaning machines has made a big difference. Mark has rescued a number of records for me which were just endless pops and crackles and are now virtually quiet. When you consider the added bonus of the new outer and inner sleeves its fantastic value for money. Shout out too for the flattening service, also another high end machine. Rob
  7. I completely agree Bill, fantastic service and patience from Mark and the team at FP. Rob
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