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  1. And that's what I did, waiting for delivery. mixo
  2. missed on eastwoods 3070's is there any other hifi sellers doing it for the same price? mixo
  3. when will the run out happen? will prices fall to 2K? mixo
  4. Does anyone know how to get info(website) on the new model out?I am assuming 3080. Either runout 3070 or the new one depending on what Yamaha does. mixo
  5. never used dropbox as all my normal files(i.e not media) are at NSA sorry google drive.. mixo
  6. not sure which plex you installed, but from memory when I installed plex on my media server all I did was point to where my movie folder was and my tv folder and away it went. Installed plex on my phone and everything came up nice and pretty with covers and from there I just connected to my chrome cast .the only time it's not pretty is when I connect to my recorded tv folder... I use plex for all my secondary tv's use media center on my main tv(but there is nothing stopping me using plex if i wanted to). I even got plex to serve movies o/s when traveling a few moons ago.. mixo
  7. plex makes it look nice...took me 15 minutes to set it up and other 5 to get the settings right. of course, then you have to setup your device(mobile/tablet)..
  8. so where is everyone going, stereonet, whirlpool? other out there? mixo
  9. Still enjoying this projector. only got 25 hours on it. The only issue so far is the Cheap and turning out to be a nasty TCC screen which is curling on the left side. Can't wait to get the speakers in so we can have the full cinema feel(well no sticky carpet here!) Mixo
  10. Hi Guys, Just installed my new screen and projector(well they been sitting in my storage for the past 6 months) and OMG how good does it look. Got all the family sitting on the floor (new house not completely finished yet) and watched Moana. The picture was clear and sharp and even the tinny mono speaker of the projector did the job. Everyone was impressed even the skeptical missus. She was sold on it at the end of the movie!. We were sitting right under the projector could not hear it. Didn't notice any light bleed but then again didn't look at the projector much. So if you are in the market for a projector, just do it, won't regret it.If an amatuer like myself can do so can you. So the price of a projector, projector screen(120"), 2hdmi cables and mount( around the 1700 mark), cheaper than any larger lcd tv. You don't need to buy some super dooper projector worth 5K+ to enjoy the big screen! mixo p.s will get some pictures soon
  11. Not that I saw.. It only has that thin bar on the bottom that's built into the screen. Mixo
  12. Projector wasn't middle of screen. Now I have moved it as far as I can and is much better, not perfect but better. MIxo
  13. What are the velcro straps on the bottom of the screen for? thanks Mixo
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