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  1. Agree. Wifi speaker such as Sonos Play 1 would be a better option. I’m upgrading from Cambridge Audio G2 for the same reasons you mentioned above.
  2. Well said. In addition, I’d downgrade from M6cd to the M3cd and save another $2k for the speaker budget. With that extra cash, I’d be heading straight to a my local Harbeth retailer and picking up a pair of SHL5+ and stands. A great match for the MF M6si. And add a BlueSound Node 2i for streaming duties.
  3. I’m keen to hear how it works out for you . . . I’ll be heading down the same path sometime soon.
  4. A good buy, however would ‘upgrade’ to the Monitor Audio Bronze 2’s that CAV sell.
  5. Welcome Mike - plenty of great threads around here to build up knowledge on all things audio [emoji106]
  6. Welcome Steve [emoji106] Looks like you’ve got yourself a great system!
  7. If it was hexagon, it was likely an Audemars Piguet or Hublot.
  8. G’day Tonny, Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the classifieds, as we all do. Better yet, some great threads to participate in, and learn from [emoji106] Enjoy your stay.
  9. Hey F, welcome to the forum [emoji106]
  10. Welcome to the forum Jim Being amongst it is even better than just lurking [emoji106]
  11. When buying speakers, I would recommend placing them side by side to ensure colour match. I once visited a seller who had left speaker in direct sunlight - 3 shades lighter than the right speaker. I knew my OCD would not allow the purchase, I walked away.
  12. You’re a gentleman for offering that to potential buyers. But then again, you are a Sir.
  13. Oh, and CD players with draws that open . . . Always check that the draw opens, closes, opens, closes, opens . . . Such a common fault.
  14. If buying an amp, suggest you bring your own source component and cables - that way you get to hear the chain (sans speakers).
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