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  1. barn door

    Osborn Eos Reference Elite

    Every year I go to the hifi show, every year I am blown away at how good the Osborn speakers sound. If only they were designed with a little more WAF in mind.
  2. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Brilliant! [emoji106] Looks to be what I’m looking for.
  3. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Good suggestion, however shortest length seems to be 1.8m
  4. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    This what I’m trying to avoid. I was hoping that medical grade might offer higher levels of quality control. Does anyone know where I can buy a quality Australian compliance power cable 1m in length? Edit: without spending $000’s
  5. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Great price that is [emoji106]
  6. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    That’s what I was hoping the consensus would be (if a consensus on power cables was ever possible) . . . Being AU/NZ standard, makes me confident on quality when buying online, and it comes in the 1m length I need
  7. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Reckon I may have started a joke thread by accident [emoji23]
  8. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Considering I don’t have medical equipment, might not need these then.
  9. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Haha, that bad hey. OK, might need to give them a miss.
  10. barn door

    Medical Grade Power Cables

    Oh, and these are the cables I stumbled onto first, just to help give context.
  11. Ok, so as a preemptive point, don’t want this to turn into the usual power cable debate. I was searching online for some 1m long power cables, nothing fancy, just want 1m in length to cure my OCD need of eliminating meters of unnecessary cables behind my respective hifi rack and tv cabinet. I happen to stumble on medical grade power cables (eBay) of which I know nothing about. Does anyone use these? Any issues with replacing my hifi or video cables with these? Any perceived benefits? (Pls, no debate, just opinion). Or should I just search for standard mass production cables (1m or shorter is what I’m really trying to find). Thanks all.
  12. Edit: I read “input” it says “output”
  13. barn door

    HIFI scenes in australia

    WA would have to be up there with having some of the best gear up for sale. Having said that, can’t complain about the gear that comes up for sale in Melbourne.