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  1. This unit is the bee’s knees of vinyl cleaners. Having had a few records put through, I was seriously impressed with the result.
  2. Same here. Playing ‘Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue (remaster 2012)’ on Tidal Vs Spotify is chalk and cheese.
  3. Wishing you the quickest of recoveries Bill. Hard to find a more generous, positive, and helpful member on this forum. This is yet another example of what a top bloke you are.
  4. Nice one Andy, you just confirmed my hunch [emoji106]
  5. Comes in late, tells people that they don’t know any better. And who are you?
  6. https://www.selby.com.au/isix-pro-hq-serial-digital-subwoofer-cable-6m-iqc8806.html
  7. I upgraded to this rack from a Norstone Esse. Only wish I had room for another.
  8. Agree. Wifi speaker such as Sonos Play 1 would be a better option. I’m upgrading from Cambridge Audio G2 for the same reasons you mentioned above.
  9. Well said. In addition, I’d downgrade from M6cd to the M3cd and save another $2k for the speaker budget. With that extra cash, I’d be heading straight to a my local Harbeth retailer and picking up a pair of SHL5+ and stands. A great match for the MF M6si. And add a BlueSound Node 2i for streaming duties.
  10. I’m keen to hear how it works out for you . . . I’ll be heading down the same path sometime soon.
  11. A good buy, however would ‘upgrade’ to the Monitor Audio Bronze 2’s that CAV sell.
  12. Doesn’t seem to be much out there. Will likely buy a Sonos Play 1 this weekend if nothing turns up here.
  13. Hey all - as indicated in the heading, I’m looking for either a: Sonos Play 1 or Heos 3 or Bluesound Pulse Location: Melbourne Price: Negotiable Need to keep it physically small, so not looking for options any bigger than these at this stage. If nothing comes up, will consider other options. Thank for reading - let me know what you have [emoji106]
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