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  1. That would work, but as an addition, love to hear the raw audio from the Steinberg as an audio file separately. A task for tomorrow
  2. Do you want to post just the audio file in 24/192? If you can post that to FB you can link here or if not you will need to provide the audio file separately so it can be hosted somewhere I think, then a link to that can be posted here.
  3. I love how people pull apart photos. Hey! Pick up those socks off the floor
  4. How big is the audio file? It's possible it can be hosted on a server then link copied here. Google Drive etc. If small enough to email I can do it if you don't have somewhere to host it?
  5. Great looking room! What bass traps are you using, out of interest?
  6. Many of the ads on that site are posted from other EU countries. Not unusual. The 'warning' is simply to state that if the seller resides outside France the buyer will have no recourse to French consumer law. (Under French law they are required to do this to cover themselves in the event of any claim).
  7. Interesting. Of course there is the additional issue that a lot of SACD (DSD) content is upsampled / converted from PCM anyway, as has been noted, so I look forward to seeing what your investigations uncover in terms of the SQ benefits (or otherwise).
  8. Great speakers. No need for a sub with these in an average sized room. Dispersion is as quoted so the 'sweet spot' syndrome no longer applies. GLWTS
  9. Nice build thread. Eagerly waiting to see how it fires up
  10. Good question. The site rules are unclear. It is not a fixed (firm) price. I presume seller will accept offers around that price.
  11. Moi. Looks like a pretty versatile phono stage if you feel like spending around 3K
  12. That's what I thought too. They were recommended a few times around here so I contacted them and received some sensible advice after explaining my situation. I will probably try 4 of these in corners and see how it goes and let you know.
  13. Cheers. The bass boom I have is really in the upper bass region somewhere. I don't seem to have issues with the very low notes including pipe organ. Good to know there is some diffusion going on there too. The ones I'm looking at are these https://soundacoustics.com.au/product/bass-traps/lf70-corner-bass-trap-bear-series/
  14. +1 for these guys. Prices are reasonable, Australian made and specs that make sense. I emailed James who was happy to advise on a small job after I sent some photos. He could have gone OTT but instead gave some simple advice for best bang for buck in my room. Looks like I will try some of their bass traps.
  15. Very interesting. I am looking into this as we speak. I have a room that is about 5m long X 4m deep with a twist (study area off to the right adds 2m). Room is well furnished, carpeted etc. I wouldn't say I have major issues but always looking to improve. A slight bass boom sometimes, with some music. I sent some photos to a consultant who recommended 4 bass traps (due to brick and concrete walls) as the best bang for buck in my situation. How does that sound? Seems you have made a significant improvement with the bass traps alone.
  16. Science aside, seems like the Audio GD was a consistent winner. Thanks for sharing
  17. Used to have a Tidal sub. Didn't use it enough and cancelled after 6 months. Later got an email offer for a 30 day trial sub at "the highest possible definition". So I paid only to find it wasn't the Hi-Fi service. When I emailed them to complain and ask how is that the "highest possible.." when it's clearly not? Received some nonsense reply. Your experience, unfortunately, doesn't surprise but I'm glad it worked out in the end.
  18. Thanks for the link. These guys have some very affordable options, much much cheaper than some DIY type materials I have seen elsewhere.
  19. This whole passive Pre SC business sounds interesting. Unfortunately I don't have a Pre In on my integrated so will keep it in mind for future reference. Those Burson products are similarly intriguing, not to mention very elusive!
  20. Quite right. Back on topic please lads...
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