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  1. +1 for trying a valve preamp. A really good one can make a huge difference on a SS (Class D?) front end. I think that's my next move some day.. One advantage also is doing away with all those large bottles! Let us know how you go with delving into the mysterious world of tubes
  2. Some good advice, cheers. Thankfully a lot of my gear is far too heavy for the usual suspects to get very far with
  3. I liked the Q Acoustics Concept 20 which are in your budget. They do like to be a bit out n the room though so not sure how they'd go back against the wall.
  4. Sold on AliExpress I'd be curious, however, to see how the Curious cables work in your application.
  5. It doesn't take an inordinate amount of time to get approved. Think a few hours or so depending. The template is pretty easy to follow and contains what will be required for approval so post away
  6. Not exactly bookshelves, but I'm sure someone could bring around a pair of Duntech Sovereigns in a jiffy.
  7. Precautionary measure for the Toccata and Fugue, or forward planning for the End of Days when TB's back up generator kicks in? Who knows and I suspect we'll have to wait til the end of this thread to find out. One thing is sure. It had to be an Eames
  8. Not sure about the toilet seat in the listening room
  9. Look very tidy for humble "PA Amps" . Let's see how they shape up after the tweak and room changes
  10. It sounds like your requirements are firming up There are / will be a multitude of options available to you. I'd look at Osborn speakers and still an Opera Consonance integrated which would have great synergy. I have them and it works very well in a smallish room which sounds like what you have settled on. (not to say it doesn't also go loud! ) . Talk to Greg who can advise. Still, many options for you within your budget
  11. The Sugden TT is a sleeper. Probably sounds great as is but certainly very tweakable to bring it up to or better than some pricey decks GLWTS mate
  12. The MEs won't be the only thing leaving the Church Good luck with the change
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