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  1. These are nice cables, had a few in the past. GLWTS
  2. Quite a horde he has there.. If someone called me 'bro' that'd be a bad sign from the start. Sounds like a distasteful experience all round. No doubt he will tell the potential buyer that those 1000's sound awesome!
  3. Hard to say but maybe he realised he wasn't getting the price he was after, OR someone made him a "private" offer
  4. Love mine and would never let it go.. unless I upgrade to another of Clay's DACs but the GroB is so very good that I'm in no hurry. This has the original face plate too. GLWTS great buying here
  5. Already doubled in bid price since this morning. 8 days to go... Anyone care to guess the successful bid?
  6. Even with the stock wall wart, this has made a significant improvement to my USB side and will even benefit higher end DACs. GLWTS
  7. Just released: James Taylor The Complete Warner Bros. Albums: 1970–1976 Includes Newly Remastered Versions Of The Six Legendary Studio Albums That Taylor Recorded Between 1970 And 1976 In 24/96
  8. Agree. I've moved on from vinyl. Loved it, especially for Classical, but you can get very close and better with DACs these days, all things being equal, without the hassle. Lots of great gear on SNA and most of mine was bought here
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