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  1. lemarquis


    Yes on carpet. I've never tried it without the blocks tbh. It's not state of the art of course but in a smallish listening room the bass sounds full and pretty controlled. I use the bamboo blocks for all my components so made sense to pop one under the sub
  2. lemarquis


    I have mine on an Ikea bamboo chopping block. No spikes.
  3. lemarquis

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated Amplifier

    Nice one Dan
  4. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks mate. I will take the noise factor into play more seriously now. This would probably be more of a potential issue when listening to the Dac as opposed to 'working' but it's a good idea to get that sorted before I push the button.
  5. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks @Tweaky One use for the PC could be Cubase which requires a certain level of graphics support (Graphics card with DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support ). Not sure if the i7 handles that but it certainly handles up to 4K playback. Noise definitely seems to be the enemy here, so thanks for the additional insights
  6. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks for the advice. Although I'll need the PC for running other hungry applications I may be able to dial down the specs a tad. I will have to look into the server situation as this seems a better path to go down, my only caveat is that I don't have a wifi set up and may have to do a bit of learning around networks / servers etc. I currently have over 4TB of hires files on an external HDD running on JRiver through the PC. There has been a lot of talk about a PSU for the Klein so I may look into that as it seems to be the best bang for buck improvement from all reports. I have some interfaces between the dac and the usb out so that part of the equation is fairly sorted for now. Cheers
  7. Nice thread here rates the amp well (80W) GLWTS but looks like it won't last long.
  8. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks for the heads up. Noise is a concern for me as well so it's good to get that sorted from the start. I had configured 250GB for SSD and the rest for HDD but may go all SSD as they are reasonably priced as you point out. I still might go for at least 16GB of Ram, doesn't alter the budget too much at that level.
  9. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks for the very clear precis Given my experience with laptops and PCs I'd be inclined to build in some 'head room' so the CPU is never close to being taxed. But it's good to know that an i5 and 4G ram is the starting point for DSD. I'm clearly far from that with what I have... Of course, in the end this whole DSD caper could be a sideshow. I'm very happy with up to 24/192 so it's true that the money could be spent elsewhere, although any suggestion that the Klein II Dac could be bettered by spending less than 2 or 3K is, IMHO, rather facetious
  10. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    I have the Klein II which does DSD. The issue is the current PC which doesn't have enough processing power for DSD when converting or up sampling. As I said, not looking at networks or streaming at this stage. So are you saying that with your i5 you can do DSD64 ok but anything higher starts to skip or buffer? That would indicate that higher processing power is needed for a seamless DSD experience. Such as i7 plus more ram and maybe only 16 instead of the 32 which may well be overkill. Whether it's worth the expense is another question.
  11. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    Thanks @Snoopy8 I had come to a similar conclusion. JRiver is no slouch and has excellent SQ and features, such as the afore alluded to ability to decode SACD iso on the fly as well as up sampling. This is where CPU power is required. Not really into servers and streaming at this point so I want to keep it from PC to Dac. I hasten to add that the new PC would be performing other duties so it's not just music. However, if I could get away with a cheaper option I would. Seems like high performance CPUs are what's required and that's where the $$ kick in. Hence this post to see if there's a better or cheaper way.
  12. lemarquis

    Building your own PC for music

    The CPU is AMD E1-6010 APU foobar is better in that respect but JRiver tends to buffer quite a bit on DSD which is a problem others have commented on with lower processor power. Are HQPlayer or Roon supposed to be significantly better than JRiver in terms of SQ?