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  1. Nice price for what is a very cost effective little cleaner. GLWTS
  2. Interesting as the ad said they'd been lovingly taken care of. Jacked his price up too.. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you do with them
  3. Great player either through its analog output, or as a transport. GLWTS
  4. There is an Elite crossover upgrade for the Eos Reference (an additional $700 odd) which apparently takes it to yet another level.. I'd consider that further down the track.
  5. Nice DAC, used to have one. Great price GLWTS
  6. This is very tempting. Considering how these reportedly out classed a valve set up circa $40K, wonder what is out there to take it further? GLWTS if it was closer to Tax Time I'd whip out the calculator tout de suite
  7. Seen today at an Op shop. Teac speakers (no model #) heavy-ish for $150 and a Yammie RX-V550 90wpc Receiver for $80
  8. I have had some enquiries and will consider selling separately if they don't go as a combo. So far the PW3 has an offer...
  9. Item: Opera Consonance Ella Baby power cable (US Plug) 1.8m and PW-3A Power Board Location: Melb Inner North Price: $300 for both Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased these from Greg in April for a 2nd system that, sadly, will not eventuate in the immediate future so moving these on rather than putting into storage. The Ella baby retails for $230, I purchased it for $180 as Greg didn't have any brand new in stock and this one had had light use (probably save you some break in time). PW3-A is RRP $190 and only used once to check the sockets. It is a universal board with AU plastic inserts provided (see photo). Pick up only in Carlton Nth. Have all original boxes. Ella Baby 11AWG COPPER POWER CORD 99.99% Pure OFC Copper, WATTaGATE IEC plug The Ellabay Power Cord is electrically connected to the ground/shield wire and equipped with a heavy 4-layers-fabric tinned copper shield. This heavy gauge handcrafted power cord could keep EMI & RFI away from the power lines or other digital components. - 2 x 11AWG Power wire -11 AWG Ground - Pure copper-plated heavy IEC plug - Heavy tinned copper shield (4 layers) The most inside layer is made of aluminum foil and then the 75% tinned copper shield, while the 93% tinned copper shield is located at the most outside. Between the 2 layers of tinned copper shield, there is a PVC insulation located. PW3-A This is an audio grade power board made by Opera Audio. A true feed-through design at the 6 output sockets. All metal construction and built on a very solid metal chassis. It has 6 output sockets in total, these being the usual universal sockets (white), which take any mains plug (UK/Euro/Australian/USA). 110 to 240V Operation 2200W at 240V 6/5 x Universal sockets (UK/Euro/USA Australia plugs) The PW-3 is a shielded and high quality power board which also allows the use of quality power leads which are fitted with power plugs from anywhere in the world. Very high quality components are used and the solid metal chassis allows for magnetic and RFI shielding not available in plastic power boards. Despite the fact that they do not contain filtering or conditioning circuitry, like the PW-1, a surprising sound quality improvement can result from using this board. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. The Seller is a gentleman who takes great care of his gear. Another bargain! GLWTS
  11. Beautiful speakers at a great price! GLWTS Keith
  12. From the listing: Parasound A 2.1 Stereo Amplifier. . Local pickup or I can deliver anywhere between Dubbo and Sydney for a fee. The Amplifier is used and around 12 years old but in good condition and working well. If it needs to be sent anywhere it will need to be crated and so an extra $130 to make a crate will need to be added to the price plus the cost of a Courier.
  13. Good work and simply beautiful to look at. Can only imagine what sound they deliver. GLWTS
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