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  1. Yep. That should have been my first reply 😉
  2. It should. On speed tests it does but real world conditions are different. DL speeds are fine.
  3. Maybe a good option for those who need it. On FTTP here 100/40. They have upgraded my speed to Double - 200Mbs for 6 months. After which presumably there will be a new higher speed option above the 100/40. Confirmed it works as I am getting around double the download speed now. So 200Mbs is already here. 300 will no doubt follow as competitors enter the market. re Uploads - the ISP's don't like people running their connections as servers so this is always below quoted. e.g. I think my Uploads max out at 2MBs... Business plans already have access to faster s
  4. Great amp. Had mine for 18 months. One thing to note, the first 10 watts are in Class A. I find I rarely go louder in a small / medium size room. Very smooth full bodied sound with oodles of detail and soundstage. The solid metal remote is a bonus. GLWTS
  5. Do you feed the Halcro with a Preamp or would DAC direct work just as well?
  6. Funny you should mention... Picked up a few Kiwi knives myself after reading this thread. Bought a large chef's knife and 2 smaller ones for less than $30 incl shipping on ebay.. They certainly are very sharp and did a great job of dicing up a pork shoulder. The smaller ones are also handy for cutting open large packages Certainly worth a try.
  7. Not a wife story, but a good mate of mine has a decent set up (Rega and Sonus faber) and has been over several times for a listen. Last time he brought over a few CDs. After a session he commented that I should come over to his place to give him some advice on how to improve his system
  8. Some AM valve mono blocks at way less than half price among others. https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/specials
  9. Nice review and very topical for many of us. Interested in your comment re the Hypex possibly 'favouring' sensitive speakers. I would have thought they had plenty of power on tap? Anyway, another +1 for Holton amps it seems
  10. Can't go wrong with this series of Marantz amps. Lovely house sound. GLWTS
  11. Just run it (both sides) under very hot water at some pressure during and after use. You will see when it's clear of any leftover debris. I only shave twice a week these days but a Bic 3 blade lasts 12 months or longer. Better than the Gilette contours I used to use. I use a Baccarat chef's knife with a Scanpan tungsten / ceramic sharpener / honer. I only need the one knife.
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