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  1. Great DAC, no question. I upgraded to the Klein II but I'm still holding on to this version, as it's so good Good price for a taste of Clay's magic. GLWTS
  2. Your write up on this amp makes it very tempting, even though I'm sorted in that area. Not to mention the price! GLWTS
  3. The QAcoustics are great speakers. For this price it's a steal. Paired with a good sub these are even worthy of a main system. GLWTS
  4. Is that a Martin Logan wood burner? GLWTS
  5. lemarquis

    SOLD: Cawsey EarScience Powerbox

    This is one of the best upgrades you could make. Somebody grab a bargain
  6. Excellent speakers, really punch above their weight, even at RRP. Good buying here
  7. The Simaudio Moon dacs (e.g. 380D) seem to offer this function.
  8. lemarquis

    SOLD: FS: Simaudio Moon 380 D DAC

    I PM'd prior to that. Still waiting for a reply...
  9. The link takes us back to this ad
  10. lemarquis

    SOLD: Gieseler Klein Dac 2

    The windows driver only relates to the USB input. All others are 24/192
  11. lemarquis

    SOLD: Gieseler Klein Dac 2

    A very good DAC, love mine, and well worth the money. GLWTS
  12. lemarquis

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    I am using a Cawsey power box. Made an instant and very noticeable improvement, everything just seemed to come 'alive'. More weight, body, lower noise floor leading to more detail and layered sound stage. On both SS and Valve amps. Pick one up 2nd hand on SNA and give it a try.
  13. That's a really good price for an excellent DAC. I'm sure this will be gone by the weekend
  14. lemarquis

    Klein DAC II

    @MakeshiftAtlas Hi, I can't answer your specific queries but I can say that this is an awesome DAC and lives up to all the rave reviews. I upgraded it recently from a Klein I (already a great DAC in itself) and it was a very noticeable step up and I haven't even tried DSD yet. I won't be upgrading any time soon. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on