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  1. Sounds good. That guy has some nice stuff on his ebay store. DACs, FM Acoustics copy amps etc. If the other gear is as good as your experience then it's definitely worth considering. p.s. Good to hear you sold the Chen.. one less temptation
  2. Very very interesting @MattyW I followed your Abass story with interest. Seems this one is even more affordable. What was the landed cost out of interest? How is it developing after a few weeks now? Are you down sampling from the other inputs? This could be fed nicely from my Halcro
  3. DIY bug.. same same but different Seriously though, congrats on the TT build and DIY speakers are a whole new rabbit hole but a very worthwhile way of passing the time. Re live those teenage years
  4. In terms of tweaks, I suspect there could be tube rolling in your future (I.e. replacing stock tubes with some nice NOS or new issue variants). The 12ax7 and 12au7 are quite common and many options for tube rolling there to make a noticeable difference in SQ. Plenty of info here and on the web as to which ones to try. First thing to do is enjoy the unit for a while and consider all options later down the track. Nothing like a new toy to play with. Enjoy mate
  5. Hi Andrew. Short answer - no. You will still benefit by having some tubes in the mix, even if only in a source component. That said, you may like it enough to want more. Tubes can be addictive and a slippery slope
  6. Don't ditch the CDs just yet John. It's good to have options.
  7. Geez my coffee consumption has doubled since wfh...
  8. Certainly a great price. Listed as 8 months old, 2nd owner though...
  9. Coincidentally, I bought my SS (that's stainless steel ) coffee plunger from Aldi!
  10. For such light coffee use I'm surprised you'd bother with a machine. I have used those pods in various office situations and whilst convenient, they don't match a real brew. A coffee plunger is cheap and (this is the critical part) provided you dose the amount of coffee correctly it makes a great brew. Buy a bag of beans (much cheaper than pods and much better quality coffee) and a grinder and grind freshly for each use. Stove top ones are great too but arguably a little fiddlier. Of course if you want to stick with the machine, your choice
  11. It was only a matter of time before the Sansuiis made an appearance
  12. All things being equal, nothing wrong with using the High Level speaker inputs on the sub from the integrated. In fact, this seems to be the preferred method (unless there is some bass eq function on the amp - which doesn't appear to be your case? in which case pre out would be the way). The sub would be connected separately and your main speakers directly to the amp, not via the sub.
  13. Nice read. I remember when I had the same (decent mid-fi) system for 25 years and it was all about the music. I upgraded that after a change in rooms sent me on the path of ever seeking improvements. Had a lot of fun with the music in that time too but I do sometimes pine for the simpler times
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