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  1. +1 for Gold Lions on the output. For the 12ax7s I have had good results with the Psavane replacing the stock tube in my hybrid.integrated.
  2. If you do go for a new set (and not sure of your budget) the LG UHD 4k TVs are awesome. 50+ inch going in the $700s now at JB. Bought a 43 inch this weekend for $570 and it upscales everything to 4K with great results even on old tv series watched on the usb stick. This was a concern of mine as I too had been unimpressed with a lot of the TVs going round. Glad I got this one. Good luck whichever way you go
  3. Item: Sony 21 inch CRT TV and Teac HDB850 set top box Price Range: FREE Item Condition: Used but functioning perfectly Location: Melbourne inner North. Extra Info: Sony TV is circa 2000 has remote, 2 aux inputs by RCA. Old school TV that hasn't missed a beat in 20 years, picture is still superb. The Teac set top box has remote, manual, hdmi out and audio / video out by RCA. Accepts thumb drives for PVR as well as watching videos. Just seeing if there is any interest before the TV goes to recycle and the Teac to the Op shop. Must take both if interested. PICK UP only.
  4. For those watching the Sansui AU-X501 FS here from Perth.. one in Melbourne. No bids at $200 but make an offer available. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/sansui-amplifier-AU-501-Just-Serviced/283786929682?hash=item421304e612:g:46EAAOSwePReS4Em
  5. No brainer to pick this up at the price. Looks great! GLWTS
  6. Sounds nasty. Is this a climate issue? i.e. humidity? As I've never ever seen this i all the years.
  7. Understand you're not dissing the Vincents but I'd hardly put them in the "better than AVR" category. I've been living with mine for a few months now and on the verge of writing a review (post my thread re going back to SS from valves where a hi brid was suggested). Compared to some highly regarded valve and SS integrateds I've owned and heard the Vincent is better in many respects. Re the price point, I think I'd have to spend a fair bit north of 5K to go better or even sideways. ARC gear and the like is, of course, in another realm but subject to the LODR.
  8. Never had any issues with scratching. CDs are pretty sturdy if handled adequately. Will also depend on the quality of the player.
  9. I think this is perhaps what the OP was driving at. Beautiful amp but replacement cost of matched sets of KT77s ?
  10. OK. The results are in after a weekend of testing the little black magic squares.. I put them under the amp, cdp dac and speakers. All had bamboo butcher's block in place already. I placed these under the feet of the gear sitting on the blocks. It was going to be a challenge to say which thing led to any improvement as I did it all at once but here goes.. First thing I noticed was that the dac didn't like it. Lost a bit of focus. This may be because the dac is quite small and light or a different implementation may be required. So I removed them. Next on to some CD sessions. (As background the Halcro was NOS and came without feet so I had it on some big sturdy round plastic bottle tops. This was, in retrospect, a prime candidate for some improvement. ) Wow! Where is that WEIGHT coming from? The orchestra is massive. Is it boom or bloom? Is it going to mess with the lower midrange? Answer was No. After extensive listening to several familiar classical works (piano concertos) I lost nothing but gained enormous weight and authority. Now for some Year of the Cat. Great album with plenty of nice analog instruments and very very familiar territory to these ears. Again, WOW! The bass notes (bass guitar or drums) are so tight you feel them. Yes not just hear but actually feel (I'm not talking massive drum solos just nice tuneful playing). Detail? You hear people say they heard things they never heard before? Well I've played this album hundreds and hundreds of times and yes, I heard new things. Like under a guitar solo there's another little thing going on. Notes I'd heard before but now I know what they're saying (micro dynamics, lower noise floor?). Instruments like acoustic guitar had more body and resonance. Background orchestral pieces had more cohesion and clarity in the mix. Just great. I recently tweaked the Halcro with an audio mat that took it to another level (well worth it even at $300). Now with the $4 black magic I got an almost equivalent improvement. Back to the Dac for some DSD sessions. Again just awesome weight, scale, clarity and authority. Hard to say but I think the amplifier has a lot to do with this. Maybe the speakers too. But the cdp has definitely moved up another level with the blocks under it. As the man used to say... "Do yourself a favour.."
  11. The original ad seems to have been replaced by the PA speakers in the link. Totally different speakers now.
  12. Hi and thanks for the tip. The photo may look deceptive as the speakers are rock solid on the stands (they weigh 15kg ) but your suggestion makes sense so will give that approach a try
  13. Ironically, these 'extraction' methods will probably continue to improve long after CDs are yesterday's news.
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