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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear about the happy outcome 😁
  2. Was wondering what had happened over the last week or so. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I haven't heard the Twenty5.23's myself but have heard the 22's and I find the midrange is very similar in character. The 24's are also a bit easier to drive as they are 89db vs the 86.5db on the 23's. If you have the budget I'd suggest going for the 24's.
  4. The DS450 seems like more than enough power for the PMCs. Something else I just realised is that the Twenty5.23's utilise a 5.5" mid/woofer versus the 6.5" found on the Twenty5.24's as well as the Focus 160's. Strangely enough, the standmount Twenty5.22's also use a 6.5" driver. So I'd definitely say the Twenty5.23 is a little on the smaller side for a floordstanding speaker. This could also account for the reduced bass that you are experiencing in your room.
  5. I find it quite surprising that the Focus 160's had more bottom end than the Twenty5.23's. From what I have read (and heard) the newer Twenty5 series has much improved low end output compared to the older Twenty series due to the advancements with the transmission line technology PMC use, specifically Laminair. I am currently running a pair of Twenty5.24's and never really find them wanting for bass. In conjunction with my Devialet amplification and SAM, they get down very low. What sort of amplification did you use with the Twenty5.23's when you auditioned them?
  6. Item: Lenehan ML2 Plus R speakers Location: Inner West, Sydney Price: $4000 (open to reasonable offers) Item Condition: Very Good (see further info below) Reason for selling: Moved to floor standers and not enough space for two systems in my apartment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Not much else I can say about these speakers that hasn't already been covered in-depth on these forums. Probably the best stand mount speaker I've ever heard. They are incredibly revealing and can punch quite low for a stand mount speaker. I've never found them to be fatiguing but keep in mind that they are not kind to poor quality recordings. Fit and finish is impeccable as per Mike's usual standards. The gloss black finish is superb. They come with the matching 25kg Lenehan stands. I prefer not to separate as Mike recommends that you use his stands. I have paired these with two different amplifiers while I've had them. A Plinius SA-103 backed by an Elektra tube preamp and over the last 18 months a Devialet Expert 200. Whilst both setups are great, I personally prefer how they match with the Devialet. Incredibly clean sound with lots of punch. If I had the space for two systems these would not be going anywhere. But alas apartment living has its limitations. Some additional details: Speakers - Specs Colour: Gloss Black Weight: 32kg each Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 86.5dB @ 2.83V/m Freq Response: 35 - 25Khz +/- 1.5db (in room) This pair comes with the Duelund copperfoil bypass capacitors, Dale Vishay Resistors and Ribbontek wiring. Stands Colour: Matte Black Weight: 25kg each Stands are filled with dolomite. Please note: Herbie's Gliders shown in the photos are not included in the sale. Item Condition As you can see from the photos these have been well looked after (pet, child-free and smoke free home). Whilst a gloss black finish can be a dust magnet, the speakers are very easy to clean with a microfibre cloth. I usually do this on a weekly basis. I always cleaned the speakers with a microfibre cloth but despite my carefulness there is a minor swirl mark on one speaker's upper front baffle that is visible under close inspection under certain light. I have tried to capture this in a photo below. Apart from this one of stands has a small paint chip. This can be easily covered up. I'm not even sure how this happened given that no one goes anywhere near the speakers/stands. (photo also below). It didn't bother me because I had the minor blemish facing the wall so I never saw it during day to day use. Shipping I have the original boxes for speakers (but not the stands, although shipping could probably be arranged). However given the weight of the entire package I would suggest pick-up is probably recommended. === Happy to answer any questions
  7. Hi all just chiming in here as the seller of the ML2 Plus Rs. My eBay price is what it is due to Ebay and PayPal transaction fees. They really slog you. Always prefer dealing with cash if possible hence why my SNA price is also a fair bit lower.
  8. Mods, please close/delete this thread. Item is no longer for sale.
  9. Item: Dali Opticon 5 Location: Inner West, Sydney Price: $1600 Item Condition: Mint (Brand New) Reason for selling: Change of Mind/Direction (upgrade opportunity) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Dali Opticon 5 brand new in box. Removed only to take photos for the sale. My brother is selling as he has an upgrade opportunity further up the Dali range. Photos:
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