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  1. Item: Rare Vintage Luxman M-4000 Power Amplifier (100volt) Location:Sydney Price: $1200 Item Condition: Good for age Reason for selling: Have Two Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(as a friend or +3%), COD Only Extra Info: Please note:This is a Japanese 100 volt version so a stepdown transformer is needed.These are available for purchase on the net at a very reasonable cost. Designed by Tim de Paravicini while working for Luxman in the 70's and early 80's this amp has been fully recapped apart from the 4 big power supply caps and has been adjusted to its original facory specifications.The amp is in excellent working condition with nice clean detailed sound and producing around 180WRMS per channel will drive just about any vintage or modern speaker. Cosmetically the amp does have some wear and tear marks with one scratch on top(please see pictures) and some marks on the heatsinks at the back.The wooden casing has been restained at some stage and is reasonable.Overall the amp is very presentable and looks good. Can demo for a local buyer.preference will be given to local buyers due to the weight of the amplifier(30kg).If no local interest,can take to my local pack and send courier and the buyer can arrange with them the packaging and delivery of the amp. Pictures:Apologies for poor quality pictures:
  2. Item: Audioquest coffee usb cable 75cm(3/4m) new Location:sydney nsw Price: $195 + postage Item Condition: new Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or as a friend), COD Only Extra Info: Apologies for poor picture quality. Purchased this cable to use with computer audio.However purchased a dac streamer which uses ethernet so this cable has been sitting in the draw.The recommended retail price for this cable is around $450 asking less than 1/2 price. Pictures:
  3. I believe it can be fixed.It may be a good project for somebody who is willing to investigate the possibility.I'm happy with my new dac so I will leave it to others to fix.As far as reclocker goes I prefer the DSD and a lot of them don't support DSD.
  4. Item: Luxman DA-06 DAC Location: Sydney Price: $1200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Faulty USB input,No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3% fees, COD Only Extra Info: Luxman DA-06 DAC in excellent cosmetic condition.Current model RRP $5000(5k).Unfortunately the USB input has stopped working and as I use a computer as my music source and do not have an SPDIF converter I purchased another dac.All other inputs apart from the usb input work perfectly and this dac could be a bargain for someone who uses a transport or a SPDIF converter or a streamer.There is plenty of info and reviews on the net regarding this fine dac.I have the original instruction manual and the double box packaging for postage if needed. Pictures:
  5. you may well be right.they may be 650 va in the original kismet chassis.however the ones I had were put in the khartago chassis(cheaper) and the 650va transformer would have been too tall(couldn't fit the lid) so they used the 400va transformer for the khartago chassis.
  6. Just to clarify a couple of things regarding kismet mono amps.They are definitely bridged stereo amps,have a single Canadian made Plitron transformer around the 400va rating and 120000uf power supply capacitors(total of 8 15000uf rated).Output transistors are made by Sunken and there are 8 of them per monoblock.The amps that Muznuts purchased from Ed Kramer were originally mine and were purchased brand new by me.They definitely are very good amps and well worth considering.-cheers Des
  7. Thank you.Looking forward to it.
  8. Hello from Des in Sydney.I have been an audiophile for almost 40 years and have heard and owned a lot of hi fi.Currently I am listening to computer audio and also modify and upgrade laptop computers purely for audio.I own a vinyl set up as well and do occasionally listen to vinyl as I still like the vinyl sound.As a new member,i am looking forward to forum participation and hearing from other members.-with regards Des
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