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  1. Trying out Mono plate 2a3 for the dac and looking for matching 5v variant rectifier. Currently using 5v4g. 😁
  2. Let me know the results. I also ordered 0.1uf kpcu to replace relcap tin+foil. For the price paid, i think it worth for a try. I do have duelund cast PIO in my dac which sounds fantastic. Thanks for the info.
  3. I do pulled the trigger to ordered both 0.47uf kpcu and kfpm for the output caps for my amp from TME. Also 0.33uf for coupling. Should be here sometime next week. Wondering how long will it takes for the caps to burn in? Currently using mundorf mcap SIO. Replacing the retired multicap PPFXS. Mundorf do sounds more "HIFI" to my ears.
  4. I'll take: The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (Stereo) Dave Brubeck Quartet - 25th Anniversary Reunion (Stereo) Terumasa Hino - Trans-blue (Stereo) Chaka Khan / Freddie Hubbard / Joe Henderson / Chick Corea / Stanley Clarke / Lenny White - Echoes of an Era (Stereo) postage to 5038 please.
  5. I would do the same thing as you if i can't hear any difference. 😊
  6. Im swapped to gec/brimar U52 brown base in my dac from russian version 5u4g and full music 274b. Major improvements! The only downside is U52s are so expensive.😭
  7. It's in the power stage of my preamp. Rectifier to 2x6v6gt then 6sl7. Follow by 4x6sn7 in seperate box. I did change the rectifier in my dac too. From 5u4g/274b(interchangeable according to the manufacturer) to u52 brown base. Do notice big improvement to the sound. Better control and dynamic.
  8. Drop in the 5v4g to replace the genelex reissue gz34 today. No issue at all so far. It does sound a lot better than the reissue gz34! Improved soundstage, more air, details and more "3D" sounding. Suprised by changing a rectifier improved the sound.
  9. Thanks IItaku. Ive tried to search on the net and seems that works fine with 6v6gt tubes but not with 6L6gt tubes as they draw more current than 6v6gt.
  10. I had been given a 5v4g tube from my friend and told me from the hand book it can be directly interchangeable with gz34 tube. So i would the 5v4g able to use in the place of gz34? It follows by 2 6v6gt in the power stage of my preamp. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Zing
  11. Item: Audio Research SP17 preamp (Silver) with phono Location: Adelaide Postage: Free shipping to eastern states Price: $2000 shipped to eastern states! Item Condition: 9/10 because it is used Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: COD, bank transfer or Paypal with any paypal fees Extra Info: For sale on behalf of my friend who has is downsizing to integrated system due to his age. The unit is roughly 1.5 yrs old and bought new from authorised dealer. ~100hrs use as mention by the owner. I do reckon that it might be less than that because he has been travelling a lot since after his retirement 2 years ago. I think the tubes are not even break in yet. The unit is present as new. There is no visible scratches or dings while i took the photos. All manual and remote are included. I can organise the shipping as it comes with all the original packaging for interstate buyer. Please note that this unit has the PHONO input! I can remove the two 6H30 vacuum tubes and pack them in the original box if required. His speakers will also be available for sale when i have more time to help him for the photo shoot. Pictures:
  12. Final price drop as advised from the owner. $1950 shipped to eastern state.
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