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  1. Item: Luxman 505u Integrated Amp Location: Adelaide, SA Price: 2500 Item Condition: Excellent, mint condition Reason for selling: Purchased a Devialet 220 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: Two things to note: - The remote is dodgy with its Volume control; over the years I have either changed volume manually or use an external DAC as preamp. - I imported the 505u direct from Japan so it was assembled for the Japanese market and set to 100volt mains electricity. Therefore it comes with a Kashimura TI-20 step-up transformer (photos attached). There has never been any issue playing it here in Adelaide. The Luxman has been in daily use since July 2010. It has always worked well and given me great listening pleasure. A User Manual and the original Brochure are attached. The 505u has a phono input with both MM & MC selections. It can be used as a pre-amp only or power amp only. The 505u weighs 21kg with dimensions: 467(W)x179(H)x437(D) mm. The transformer weighs 4.5kg and its dimensions are 170x135x100mm. I will post both items if there is no buyer in Adelaide for pickup - postage costs would have to be checked and agreed to. I still have the original box available for transportation. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. Luxman L-505u manual.pdf Luxman L-505u Brochure.pdf
  2. The current model Denons are on incredibly good specials right now. For example, the AVR2809 is $1699 and AVR3808 $2599. I've been auditioning VAF DC-X speakers ($2800 assembled) at VAF Research here in Adelaide. VAF use Denon DVD1800BD & AVR3808 in their HT demo room with the DC-Xs as their front pair. Playing Blu-ray discs as well as music CDs through their Denon DVD1800BD / AVR3808 combo delivered an incredibly rich, detailed, accurate and powerful experience right down to low and very powerful bass. Even when only the DC-Xs were used, and subwoofers turned off, for the music CDs. I have put an order in for the AVR2809 plus the DC-Xs (I don't intend to get a subwoofer with the bass they put out). Lyall
  3. Hi to all. I bought a Samsung P42Q91HDX from HN Adelaide CBD last week, May28, before they hit the store ($2500 incl 5yr warranty). It was supposed to be delivered by June 1. On Thursday when the store salesman checked, he found their whole batch of units had been recalled for the HD tuner fix. Their information from Samsung was that the Plasmas would not be available until the 3rd week in June. That sounds like the week beginning June 18. The HN salesman offered to sell me the Panasonic 42in for another $100. It's a great looking screen with beautiful flesh tones and contrast, but to me the Samsung just looks better (Panasonic stand is a bit chunky), has a listed contrast ratio of 15,000:1, better than Panasonic 10,000:1 (will this be noticeable?) and more variety of input/outputs (like 3 HDMI). Plus I just didn't want to spend another $100. I am much more happy getting the units fixed centrally - this should provide better quality control. Am a bit concerned though about the other troubles that some people are having with the new Q91s. Any idea how widespread these issues are? As you can see, my 2nd post. Just new but have been checking posts, esp on PVRs, for some time. regards, fat.time
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