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  1. The unloved Cave album! This was the one that proved he is actually a mere mortal. Chris Bailey vocals though....gotta love those.
  2. So... to close this out - I caved in and gave it to a turntable tech who replaced the wiring for me. Problem solved. And the answer was that I must have damaged the earth wiring in changing the cartridge.
  3. Right so the saga continues. Turntable buzz/hum currently occupies 97% of my headspace with work, family, beer, sport etc relegated to the remaining 3% of my consciousness. (that's an estimate not an empirical measurement) As far as solutions go swapping green and blue earth's always felt a long shot but I gave it a go anyway. Unfortunately no improvement. Playing with an additional earth cable was however illuminating. Amazingly I discovered the spare earth cable in the box of 'cables that might be useful one day'. That never happens. So after connecting th
  4. The straight jacket isn’t too far away! I had the turntable, phono stage and a different preamp set up on the kitchen table last night just to get it away from everything in the study. No improvement. I’ll play some more with earthing cables. After that I’ll try wearing a hat made from tinfoil.
  5. It's got me defeated for this weekend - I'll have to try again when I get time next weekend. I might also try out the cartridge on another turntable just to rule out something weird going on with that. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. This is an interesting theory - after having pulled apart the base of the tone arm I can see that the green and blue wires connect up to their respective red and white RCA cables. There is a 5th wire (dark blue) which alone connects to the earth cable. That disappears into the tone arm and I don't know what that connects to. I'll have to summon some more bravery to pull things apart further to check that connection - possibly reaching the limits of my comfort zone here!
  7. I know the hum is killing me - listening to digital is keeping me going for now but I'll need to get back to analogue soon!
  8. Apologies for my ignorance - when you say collar housing what do you mean? I have the standard 4 wires connecting to the cartridge then running down the length of the tonearm to connect up to the rca cable and earth wire that go to the phono stage.
  9. hey thanks - but removing the earth connection seems to make it waaaaay worse! I'll keep trying.
  10. OK - so I was completely wrong about terminal connections in the base of the tonearm - seems to feature some of the flimsiest wire connections that I've ever seen. I can't actually see an issue but they make me nervous....
  11. Hey thanks - I didn't notice the tab around the green terminal. Good spot. Ill try the connections again. The trick is the hum is still there even when I disconnect the cartridge from the tone arm. Also I think its the same cable all the way from cartridge to phono stage without any connections - but maybe the next think I'm doing is pulling apart my tonearm to see if there is a terminal somewhere... Oh well its 40 degrees and windy outside - I'm not going out anyway!
  12. Hi There - wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like this?? Since installing the new cartridge on my turntable I have had a ground loop type humming/buzzing noise. I have tried everything to isolate the problem and it appears to be a problem with the cartridge itself. In summary: - There were previously no noise issues with the HiFi system using the old cartridge (ortofon quintet) - This not my first time installing a cartridge. - The cartridge has been installed on the tonearm and correctly aligned. - The tonearm cable, inclu
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