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  1. @aasza very clear, it is not just 2c but 1$ thanks and appreciated aasza.
  2. @aasza Thanks. Well noted. what parallel/grey import products mean? is the HD800s they selling genuine one ? So if they dont sell fake one, it is the cost to take risk on the warranty matter. BTW for my knowledge only, Doesnt Sennheiser have worldwide warranty policy, like Apple or else ? I buy Iphone in US, can bring to Apple Aus for warranty.
  3. Thanks Kaynin, just read that topic. it seems a true site. I also notice you posted there you wanted to buy the same. Did you buy 1 already and from Becextech as well ? Cheers mate.
  4. Hi friends, I want to buy this HD 800s and find the price at Becextech is best atm. https://www.becextech.com.au/catalog/hd-800-prt-p-7814.html?language=en#.WgvxsLaB1zo Anyone buys from this site already? is it good and trustworthy site ? or any recommendation on where else ? Thanks, Kim
  5. Imugly

    EOI: Leben CS600

    Hi Dave, this amp still avail ?