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  1. Oh wow, cheers for all the replies people!
  2. Or pay for them Online as long as they are 16 bit lossless, not apple lossless or mp3
  3. Hi guys. I need your help! I have recently spent a lot of my time converting my dads and my CD collection to FLAC's to be able to use on my high res media player FiiO X1. Now my music tastes are extremely diverse and I don't just listen to one band or genre, so buying CD's can be quite costly as im sure we all know as well as 90% of the time I only like a handful of songs on a 12-15 song album. Is there sites online where I would be able to download high quality FLAC's free (excluding pirate bay because its just painful) or pay for them in AUD?
  4. Hi! I was just enquiring if the headphones are still for sale. I'm very interested in buying. Cheers. Connor
  5. Hi All! Names Connor and i'm from South Australia. Love good quality music followed by high end music devices!
  6. I'm new to this website so please be gentle with me! I enjoy good quality music followed by high end gear! Show me / tell me what you've got!
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