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  1. demoncleaner81

    SOLD: FS: Rega Elex-R

    I'll go next in line. Cheers!
  2. demoncleaner81


    Sorry, CD player and amp have sold.
  3. Item: CLEAROUT - REGA EAR, YAMAHA AMP, BNS SPEAKERS, HARMAN KARDON CD, DENON DVD Location: Mornington Peninsula, Vic. Price: As listed Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not being used, need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Clearing out the last of my gear. Will consider deals on multiple item..or make an offer for the lot! I'm in Pt Leo, Vic...may be able to deliver if local and/or possibly send at your expense. Cheers! 1. Rega Ear headphone amp. British made quality. Can also use it as a preamp/volume control with a power amp. Orig box/packaging/manual. $150. 2. Rare BNS E-34 3 way bookshelf speakers. Excellent Dutch built speakers. Have been told that the drivers are the same as those used in the legendary Proac 2 speakers. These spec really well and sound great...92db efficiency so good for low powered amps. One of the bass drivers has a very minor dent and a spot of glue, from an old repair. Grilles missing. Otherwise minor wear to cabinets. $120. 3. Denon 1720 DVD player. (No hdmi). Come with orig remote, papers and box (no packaging). Very good condition. $50. Pictures:
  4. Going to have to pull this listing for now...have just discovered it may need servicing...I will relist once its had a once over or feel free to message me for serious offers in the meantime. Cheers.
  5. Item: CUSTOM BUILT KT88 SINGLE END TRIODE/SET TUBE POWER AMPLIFIER Location: VIC Price: $600 or $650 with spare set of tubes Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: Surplus to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Please note my knowledge of valve amplifiers is moderate at best...but I will describe and answers questions as best as I can. For sale is a custom built single end triode (SET) power amplifier. Using KT88's as the main tubes....I believe it puts out about 15W max. Uses quality Siemen's caps and a big, quality output transformer. Not sure of the builder.....but the person I bought it off was using it to run a pair of Coral full range speakers. There is a slight kink in the top plate of the housing...presumably from the hefty transformer. It' was like that when I got it and isn't obvious when sitting on a rack. Has a few tiny corrosion spots from sitting in a cupboard for the last 18 months, but otherwise it's in very good cosmetic condition. Will clean up very nicely. Have recently hooked it up and it still sounds sweet.....I assume it's still in perfect working order however I have no means to test the valves. To get the most out of it...you really need speakers with impedance of 8 ohms or more....and low/mid 90's db sensitivity or higher...but it depends on the speakers and your room size. This was an impulse buy a few years ago...and it probably hasn't even done anymore than 30hrs use since I've owned it. I've since moved into a tiny place and it hasn't been used since I've been here, as I'm using an integrated amp due to space constraints. I've also spotted a guitar I really want to buy, which I will use, so it makes sense to pass this onto someone who will appreciate it more. Located in Pt Leo, Vic. I will post at buyers expense but buyer assumes all costs/risks. It's a heavy thing but I will pack very securely. Asking price is $600....or $650 with an extra pair of Electro Harmonix KT88EH's. It's part of a system which I will be listing in the near future....also have a: Plinius IIC preamp (with mm/mc phono) Fostex 207e 8" full range drivers in Brines design cabinets Rega Ear headphone amp Harman Kardon HK 7300 CD player I will consider deals on multiple items...or make an offer on the lot! Cheers! Pictures:
  6. Item: NOS/NEW OLD STOCK/UNUSED SHURE M55E PHONO CARTRIDGE/STYLUS Location: MORNINGTON PENINSULA, VIC Price: $100 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: SELLING ON BEHALF OF FRIEND Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Selling some gear for a friend who's partner sadly passed away this year. Also have a vintage Luxman receiver and Rotel direct drive turntable that I will be listing. Vintage, unused Shure M55e cartridge/stylus. Comes with orig packaging, paperwork and mounting hardware. Box has a few marks but otherwise everything else is as new. Prior to me taking pictures I doubt that the box had ever even been opened! Great collector's item or for those wanting that warm 70s sound. Pictures:
  7. Item: VINTAGE SEAS 10" FULL RANGE SPEAKER DRIVERS Location: Mornington Peninsula Vic. Price: 70 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Abandoned project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: PLEASE NOTE: advertised elsewhere. Rare pair of 60s Scandinavian built Seas 10" full range speaker drivers. Rated at 8 ohm...unsure of other specs but I'm guessing the 25 in the title might refer to 25 Watts max. These would be suited to vintage low powered valve amps. I've hooked them up and tested them as is....they work fine with no distortion/crackle etc. Both drivers in good condition.....no tears to the cones. The baskets are intact with no warping/dents. The foam ring around the rim has perished but could be easily replaced..or just left as is if you were front mounting them. Located in Pt Leo, Vic. Can post at buyers expense. Also have a pair of vintage HMV speaker cabs that housed 8" fullrange drivers...you are welcome to have them if picking up in person (drivers in pictures have been removed...so I'm offering only the empty cabinets). May swap for something else of interest....phono stage....turntable....CD player...cables...let me know have! Cheers! Other search keywords: fullrange coaxial co axial tube audiophile retro Scandinavian Coral Tannoy Altec Goodmans Philips Rola Plessey Pictures:
  8. Hi. What suburb are you in?
  9. demoncleaner81


    I sold my one of these a few years ago. Wish I hadn't of...the best sounding amp I've ever owned!
  10. demoncleaner81

    SOLD: FS: McChanson MarzE KT88 Tube Amp

    Is this still available?
  11. demoncleaner81


    Thankyou everyone for positive comments. Yep, its a great looking and sounding thing...just trying to rustle up some quick funds for a surfboard I've spotted haha...if it doesn't sell I will be more than happy to keep enjoying it.
  12. demoncleaner81


    Price is negotiable too btw...
  13. Item: LUXMAN PD 284 TURNTABLE W/ ORIG BOX & MANUAL Location: Point Leo, Vic. Price: 450 negotiable Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Nice Luxman pd 284 direct drive turntable. 80s Japanese built quality. Fitted with a vintage Shure M91ed cartridge and has a new stylus which has done no more than 30 hours. Features strobe light and speed adjust, and switch that enables/disables auto tonearm lift. This has been my main turntable for the last 5 years and it has never skipped a beat. Only selling as I'm raising funds for something I really want to buy (non music related) and I'm willing to put up with a less quality deck until I finish a custom built one I'm working on. It's in very good cosmetic condition. Aside from the usual lid scuffs/scratches, and needing a good wipe down, there are no real issues. It's in great working order, however there are two teeny things I must mention. Firstly, the tonearm lifter needs a top up of damping fluid....if your run it in auto lift up mode it pops the arm up quite quickly and bounces around. Easy fix but I never got around to it and always just used it in manual mode. Secondly, I had to use another felt mat under the factory rubber one to get to close VTA, as I had no cartridge spacers. Seems to do the job well though! Also includes original manual and packaging, so happy to send at buyers expense. Will be listed elsewhere so reserve the right to end listing at any time. Cheers! Pictures:
  14. Item: REGA PLANAR 3 TURNTABLE....NO TONEARM Location: POINT LEO, VIC. Price: 275 Item Condition: VERY GOOD Reason for selling: NO ROOM/NOT REQUIRED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Nice quality UK built Rega Planar 3 turntable. Has smoked black lid and the older style cushioned feet that I think were superior to the ones used on present models. As photos show it has no tonearm. The motor has been upgraded at some point to a rigid mounted one, with thrust bearing and metal pulley. I have just installed a brand new sub platter and bearing assembly, and it comes with 2x new red belts. Motor runs at correct speed...so all that's needed is a a tonearm/cartridge and you're away. (I have a Nice old Ortofon LM20 cartridge/stylus available for additional price if you need a cartridge). Cosmetically, the plinth is very nice, with no issues at all really. The lid has numerous light scratches and scuff marks...and could do with a polish. The glass platter has faint circular marks....I presume an old plastic pulley had lifted and was making contact with glass. They're only very faint and may buff out. Am selling as I have moved into a smaller place and don't have space to store all of my gear. I would consider trade/part trade for a decent Rega tonearm...RB300, or similar 3 point mount models. Let me know what you have. Local pickup is in Point Leo, Vic. I don't have original packaging so would prefer local pickup...however I can hunt down some suitable materials for genuine buyers. Is advertised elsewhere. Cheers! Pictures:
  15. Item: REGA RP6 SUB PLATTER/ADAPTOR Location: POINT LEO, VIC. Price: 45 Item Condition:EX Reason for selling:SURPLUS TO NEEDS Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Subplatter that was lifted off a new RP6 turntable. It's a standard plastic sub platter that will fit most of Rega's mid range turntables, with a machined aluminium cap/adaptor that sits on top to allow for the thicker platters on the higher end models, such as the rp6. Never used...has been in storage since it was removed from turntable a few years ago. There a few faint scuff marks and fingerprints on aluminium cap from handling and storage, but it's otherwise as new. Great for replacement, upgrade, or custom project. Located in Pt Leo, Vic. Will happily post at buyers expense. Cheers! Pictures: