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  1. Bump: Price drop to $450 shipped anywhere in NSW/QLD/VIC
  2. Item: Aaron ATS-4 Loudspeaker pair Location: Rochedale, QLD Price: $450 Item Condition: Used (VGC) Reason for selling: Need to downsize due to new house having small loungeroom Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Happy to answer any queries Aaron ATS-4 3-way Loudspeakers Australian Made - Black. Selling sadly due to moving into a small 3bd house and as you can see by the photos, these need to go in favour of a sound bar or something similar. My loss is your gain. Has provision for spikes. Local pickup or happy to arrange freight at your cost (likely expensive due to size but I will pack well and happy to ship if required). 4 Driver, 3-Way Floorstanding Design. 2 x 173mm Bass Drivers. Dual Laminated Cones. 1 x 136mm Midrange Driver. Dual Laminated Cone. 1 x 25mm Tear Drop Tweeter. Ferro-Fluid Cooled. Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 Watts – 120 Watts RMS. Recommended Maximum Input: 100 Watts RMS – Clean Power. Frequency Response: 35Hz – 23kHz ± 3dB. Crossover Frequency: 800Hz/5kHz. Separate mid-range sub enclosure. Polyester Imide voice coil windings. Crossover Components: Non-Ageing Components. Impedance: 6 ohms (Nominal). Sensitivity: 93dB. Bi-Wire/Bi-Amplifier Capable: Yes. Synthetic Timber Veneer. Dimensions(WxHxD): 210 x 920 x 405mm. Weight: 18kg each. Made & Designed In Australia. EDIT: In the pictures it looks like sun behind the cabinet. That is a blackout curtain 99% of the time but there is a security technician outside fitting a new security screen... Some reviews (not my material or endorsed by me): https://www.manualslib.com/manual/204996/Aaron-Ats-4-Mark-Ii.html#manual https://all-guides.com/manual/2144/aaron-ats-4-supplementary-manual-2.html?page=2 Pictures:
  3. Alright I'll post a photo of the originals when i pull them out for group judgement.
  4. Hey Brenden, Cheers for your response, and the others, some good information in here! Your information regarding capacitor types is really what I was looking for with my OP. In regards to the above comment, the original service manual does definitely call for a different spec to what was installed, and I can find literally zero reference to capacitors of this spec by the manufacturer or anywhere else online, I would have thought someone would have asked around at some point as they surely sold more than a couple of these units. I've ordered genuine replacements (of a slightly higher spec) than the originals in any case, and eagerly awaiting their arrival! EDIT: In response to the number of posts regarding "why bother" or "they are probably fine" or "you aren't a technician how can you test them" etc, I have a unit that's barely worth spending the quote fee, with a fault somewhere in the power supply, and bulging caps of non-original spec. I'm happy to take the gamble replacing them, and worst comes to worst I can still take it in for a quote in the future, knowing that I've got brand new filter caps which I didn't have to pay someone $150 to install... Best case scenario it's problem solved.
  5. Wow, didn't expect such a response. I've been quoted $150 minimum plus parts to open the lid, which isn't my idea of "low cost" for an amp that is worth about that much second hand, hence the DIY. Like has been pointed out, I have no way of testing them really.... but considering they have deformed approx 5mm and are seemingly non-genuine, I can't think of a good reason not to replace them. I spent 4-5 years repairing HF radios and am not afraid of the fairly low tech circuit boards Denon were using 15 years ago. I have to say though I'm fairly surprised at the amount of people who advocate leaving damaged and deformed components because "it still works." You don't wait for the whole engine in your car to seize before replacing the oil that is showing signs of aging just like the main filter capacitors on my Denon amp which are bulging potentially due to released electrolyte should probably be replaced... right?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I have a pair of 100V 105deg 15000uF on the way for similar money to the original spec which is nice!
  7. Fortunately I didn't ask the forum whether or not they think I should undertake my own repairs, based on their thorough knowledge of my own experience and skills, just for suggestions of replacement capacitors.
  8. Cheers for the tip, that's what I thought, just wanted to confirm with someone else. Been a while since I dabbled in this stuff.
  9. I appreciate your concern, and am certainly not offended... However you said it yourself, it's a pretty straight forward job. I'm not a qualified technician, and this also isn't a $10k amp so I'm not inclined to pay the hourly fee, shipping costs and marked up replacement parts to have it diagnosed and repaired, likely writing it off economically, if I can potentially sort the issue myself.
  10. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, I'm new here, and hope someone can help. I've got an older Denon AVC-A1 which has pregnant capacitors on the power supply. They are marked ELNA For Audio 15000uF 73V, however I can't find any reference to this spec capacitor anywhere. I'm just going to replace them with a bigger capacitor, or one with a higher voltage rating, whichever is cheapest, but my question is, do I really need an "audio" spec capacitor for this stage, I would have assumed if anything, ripple current would have been priority? Also, there are a HECK of a lot of caps around rated for 63V, am I ever going to see voltage that high in that section of my amp, or can I get away with lower rated caps? TIA EDIT: I shouldn't have trusted what I saw, according to service manuals they should be 71V rated and marked DENON.... these are likely fakes. Oh well no better time to replace them. Probably don't care so much about the previous questions considering they are readily available now.... Cheers
  11. Item: Subplatter to suit Rega Planar 3 Price Range: tbc Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  12. Item: Decent upgradeable turntable Price Range: <$300Item Condition: good New or Used: Used Extra Info: Close to Brisbane or willing to ship I'm new here, and appreciate the help. I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for on eBay I'm overwhelmed with choices and not sure what represents good value. Thanks in advance. Cheers, I ended up with a nice Rega P3 for a bargain price. Was not prepared for the positive response I would get on this forum. You guys are alright!
  13. Hi there, seems people introduce themselves here... I've got a huge FLAC collection that I listen through my Aune T1 + HD600 or Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 + Truth B2031A on my PC. I'm still setting up my loungeroom area, and looking for a turntable to put my vinyl collection to use. Got my old Denon AVC-A1 still kicking running off a Sonos Connect, although currently being replaced by my NAD 3020 while the Denon is on the bench getting new caps. These power some Aaron ATS-4's the last Aussie made ones anyway. Pretty average setup compared to some of the guys I see on here, but I'm happy for now. If anyone has any suggestions for a table that will not embarrass my classical records, either new or secondhand (although I'd like to keep the cost down, so used is looking like the go) I'd be interested to hear. I'll stick up a WTB when my account is properly activated. Cheers tromboc
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