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  1. I was very impressed with the clarity and musical presentation these speakers provided. Glwts man.
  2. Thanks Daz but recently found a pair of GH Empress. GH cables are real sleepers IMHO. The OP's description is pretty accurate so great buying here. I'm on the lookout for a GH RCA though. A mate who has listened to mine and was very impressed at their clarity and definition.
  3. Excellent value here for this length of cable. So tempted but waiting on supply of new cables. Glwts.
  4. Man. This is bargain priced for sound achieved. I'm surprised it's still here.
  5. Thanks for your kind words about the SC @Steve M. It's always positive to get feedback from an enthusiast as experienced as yourself. I connect the SC between DAC and one of 3 amps and it sounds very enjoyable with each. No apparent mismatches so I'm assuming it slots in well. My unit was built by Chris, as I am technically brain dead, and shipped to my door for a very good price. On a performance basis you could spend a lot more $$$ to obtain more uncoloured, transparency and information retrieval.
  6. I recall how impressive this unit sounded during an in store demo (back when doable). Since then it has been on my wanted to buy list. A very versatile integrated powerful amp that ticks most boxes - great sound, great size, many connection options. The room correction is a real plus. Glwts
  7. Ditto above comments. I use aurealis litz 303 SC and have tried the new Foilflex SC. If your new cables are half the price of the litz and better then touch base when ready to market them Bill. I'm in.
  8. Thanks @Monkeyboi - very informative and clear input. Certainly enough information for a non tech savvy person to get my head around👍 As an update since WP techs attended my power supply concerns they installed a monitor to my meter box for 3 days to identify fluctuations on a continual basis. The tech rang the following day to confirm they had shifted my supply voltage slightly and to advise if still too high or low. I can happily report that so far my power supply variation has been far more even ranging from mid 240V to low 230v, a very good outcome compared to previous variations. When I read the potential damage when using 220V gear I'm glad my valve amp is Aussie designed and built for 240V. Much of my other gear is also 240V and 230V. I guess if ordering from O/S to ensure one chooses the best voltage for local supply matching or ensure a step down transformer is in the line. I'm sure nobody needs or wants disputes with insurance companies should claims arise. Cheers Peter
  9. @HypnoToad Not only them, lots of things are more expensive, look at the price of the reissued JBL L100's, the Technics SL1200 turntables etc. They charge what people are prepared to pay and also work on the principal that the more it costs the more desirable it is. Easy fix - cross off the "to buy" list. If enough folks boycott for pricing then maybe suppliers will review pricing due to lack of sales. There are plenty of good alternatives out there.
  10. I just love these curves when I saw for sale on SNA by amember. Epsilon Diamond X.
  11. Ah yes. Forgot @Bill125812 silver RCA, normal RCA and SC. For the money these are hard to beat. Sorry for the oversight Bill.
  12. Since getting back into stereo in 2016 and hoping SNA I've been amazed at the quality of good Aussie gear. I currently have: Cymer ST80 valve power amp. Lenehan Foilflex RCA Aurealis R3 RCA and XLR. Aurealis 303 Litz speaker cable Audio Principe power and biwire speaker cable. Whatmough M05 centre speaker. Thor PS10 power station. Have owned Adelaide Ascension Summoner 10PRTL. Klein Dac II Aaron Ats5 Saksa amp. And I'm still tinkering. Well done Aussie manufacturers.
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