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  1. Congrats Bill Nothing beats retirement with a hobby to keep things interesting. Imagine the time you'll now have to kick back and enjoy the music being made from your stereo setup and cables. Most folks are so time poor they barely have time to listen to their music so well done for making the decision. Peter
  2. Ditto to all the above. Definitely best of both worlds. Warmth and beaut midrange of copper plus the detail and clarity of silver. I've been bit of an addict of Bill's cables. I think each one has been a development to provide great value. I have been using Bill's new hybrid RCA for couple weeks now and IMHO it's one of the better cables I've heard in my setup regardless of price and still a few hours burn in to go. Some cables provide great warmth, some great detail - some do pretty well at both. Bill's is right up there. I'm bit of a tinkerer and have tried in exce
  3. It's a terrific unit for tube rolling. I had best results rolling a NOS mullard 12ax7 or GE 5751 into the V1 position. Didn't really find a noticeable change in the other spots. It punched out SQ way above its price point. Glwts
  4. I owned a pair of kappa 9's for many years from new. Had the foam surrounds replaced after many years. Was driving them with perreaux 3150b then replaced with krell ksa 100S. That for me was a very good synergy and I haven't found the same SQ since. Even with fhe big current supply of the krell they could struggle when set to extended mode. The normal setting provided the punch, dynamics and musicality I enjoyed. I sold both speakers and amp back in 2016. No seller's remorse as I was determined to downsize both speakers and amp and try other gear after owning these for many, m
  5. Brilliant usb for the money. This is not even at stage where it gives its best. Shouldn't last long at all.
  6. Provisionally sold pending payment. I'll update post once payment confirmed.
  7. Further information: Geoff's extremely well regarded speaker cables are offered for sale after serving me well for the last 3-4 years. Build quality is terrific. These cables provide a wonderfully detailed and even sound balance which have provided many hours of enjoyable music. I may regret the decision but I'm wanting to try other cables. They measure 2.4m and are terminated with Z type banana plugs each end. The red tape is my quirk to identify source end. Last I checked 2.5m pair had RRP of $940 plus postage so opportunity available for well maintained qua
  8. Brilliant amp. Mine is a keeper. Easily matches higher output solid state units. Highly recommended. I hope you don't regret your decision to sell.
  9. Great pick up. I had one for many years and ran my infinity kappa 9 speakers without breaking a sweat.
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