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  1. for music there is no comparison, through the analogue outputs the ca 752bd makes the sony sound like it's broken. the ca also does a better job with disc and file playback too unless there's 4k involved.
  2. over at diyaudio they say the laser assemblies are easily swapped but it's hit and miss as to whether the transplant will work or not. 😆
  3. good to see some michael powell fans 😁 to the above add... the red shoes, black narcissus, the tales of hoffmann, peeping tom
  4. the original song arrangement and footage beats this new mishmash. dolby digital 640kbps on the original dvd wasn't too bad.
  5. true HD ? the concert was shot on sd video. i prefer the original
  6. i'm in nz 😄 local distributor was clearing out 7013 stock. there sould be similar deals in australia ? sold out now https://www.avworld.co.nz/shop/product/marantz-sr7013/overview
  7. yes, to positioning ! i much prefer physical adjustment of speakers to electronic manipulations. fortunately my lounge has space to move things around back to the op - have you found a suitable replacement for your dead rotel ?
  8. tried the marantz/denon implementation of audyssey multeq xt32, yamaha ypao, pioneer mcacc, the sony system in the 1080 avr. not tried the nad dirac system. sometimes they get things right-ish, often not. i prefer to do it the old fashioned way with ears, tape measure, spl meter and a test disc. another option for the op - the marantz sr7013 is on run out now, under $2k, lots of feature and sounds decent. a worthy replacement for the rotel rsx1560.
  9. op - what's your budget. i'm not a fan of auto room setup on modern avrs so would stick to rotel. but rotel don't make avr's any more and the rap-1580 is a lot more expensive than the last rotel avr, the RSX-1562, but will also sound a lot better than almost any avr.
  10. Quarterflash how about including numbers 0-9 ? that will lengthen the cycles before we get back to the start
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