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  1. If you decide to part out, I may be interested in the platter. Hopefully someone is interested in taking the lot, it's a nice looking deck.
  2. Massive bargain here. Subplatter alone would be close to $200aud landed at our current woeful exchange rate.
  3. It's best to do this via a PM. Would also recommend you give this a read, since you're new here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/announcement/9-responding-to-classifieds-listings/
  4. Thanks for the heads up mate. Have been thinking about upgrading from the bunnings cheapy powerboard for a while, and you've just given me the perfect excuse. Have one on the way, 8 remaining now.
  5. I've got a Tangospinner Meredos sub platter on the way, they recently had a 10% off sale. Looking forward to seeing how it improves the sound, and how much platter wobble it eliminates.
  6. https://poisoncityestore.com/ Use code "PCRWINTERSALE" at checkout, until 21/06/19. Great Melbourne based independent record store/label for punk, indie & alternative releases.
  7. Have one of these myself, very happy with its performance. GLWS
  8. Great value starter system! The RCD-951 is a very nice CD player.
  9. I can attest that the Hi Fi Way repress sounds lovely, and plenty of good reading material on the inside of the gatefold as well. It would be money well spent for someone out there.
  10. I've had the privilege of listening to Kyuss through these speakers at near anti-social sound levels, and they are everything the OP describes. Simply awesome. New owner will not be disappointed, buy with confidence.
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