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  1. Hi mate, I'd be keen on this if still available?
  2. Excellent value amp from an excellent seller
  3. I have a Sherwood RX-4209 stereo receiver I might be able to offer for $150. Did a more than good enough job to start me on my hi-fi journey. 100W per channel, a remote that would pretty much work through lead sheet, and a built in MM phono.
  4. If you decide to part out, I may be interested in the platter. Hopefully someone is interested in taking the lot, it's a nice looking deck.
  5. Massive bargain here. Subplatter alone would be close to $200aud landed at our current woeful exchange rate.
  6. It's best to do this via a PM. Would also recommend you give this a read, since you're new here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/announcement/9-responding-to-classifieds-listings/
  7. Thanks for the heads up mate. Have been thinking about upgrading from the bunnings cheapy powerboard for a while, and you've just given me the perfect excuse. Have one on the way, 8 remaining now.
  8. Where are you located? I have an OMB 5e (cartridge in very good condition, worn stylus) I can offer.
  9. Item: Rega Glass Platter Price Range: sub $50 Item Condition: New or Used - some scratches on top of platter allowable, will be covered with a mat Extra Info: Strong preference for 10mm thick platter to suit P1/RP1, to maintain correct VTA. Would also consider an acrylic platter. Postage to 3153, happy to pick up within 30km or from Mornington Peninsula
  10. I've got a Tangospinner Meredos sub platter on the way, they recently had a 10% off sale. Looking forward to seeing how it improves the sound, and how much platter wobble it eliminates.
  11. https://poisoncityestore.com/ Use code "PCRWINTERSALE" at checkout, until 21/06/19. Great Melbourne based independent record store/label for punk, indie & alternative releases.
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