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  1. Looks like Soran Kristensen has picked up his game also with a new flagship R2R DIY board that's not too expensive. http://www.soekris.dk/dam1941.html "It support up to 24 bit / 384 Khz PCM and DSD 256 input, with FPGA based reclocking and custom digital filters, < 0.3 ps jitter clock generator, with 27 bit resolution. Firmware can be upgraded though a standard serial interface." https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/vendor-s-bazaar/327381-dam1941-gen-discrete-2r-sign-magnitude-24-bit-384-khz-dac-module.html Cheers George
  2. Been there done that. Cheers George
  3. georgehifi

    FS: Epos ES14

    Did these go in the end gzman??
  4. georgehifi

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Yeah Jardis pretty much get zilich. But if you try Jadis you get. http://www.jadis-electronics.com/en/ Cheers George
  5. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    Watch that heart Terry. BTW why quad? seems a silly figure. Not stereo not SR, maybe they want have the option to parallel two ??? Cheers George
  6. georgehifi

    FS: Sennheiser HD650

    To me, still the best sounding Sennheiser Cheers George
  7. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    Registered and got this block diagram with pinout out of them, but no data sheet or evaluation boards are available yet. Looks to have 4 x balanced outputs, it's a quad, and all are current outputs so you'll need your own I/V stages. Cheers George
  8. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    Got it, in my settings. Cheers George
  9. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    Great Marc How do I do that? Cheers George
  10. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    I know it's DS, that's why I said: "AKM seem to me to be the leader of the "non R2R" dac chip sound" Doesn't mean I like DS or "keen on it" as you say. But others are, that's why I posted it. It would be good to see you start a thread for a change, instead of just commenting on everyone else's all the time.
  11. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    Just like getting samples from TI or AD Daniel, I'm sure you know how to fill it in to make it look legit to them. Cheers George
  12. georgehifi

    AKM new Verita AK4499EQ dac

    There's a data sheet, if you have a look 1/3 down on my link. Cheers George
  13. georgehifi

    FS:audible illusions modulus 3A preamplifier

    As tube preamps go, I'd go along with that. GLWTS very nice sounding tube pre. Cheers George
  14. AKM seem to me to be the leader of the "non R2R" dac chip sound, this new one is said to be very good, wonder if AKM do Eval Boards like AD and TI do. https://www.akm.com/akm/en/product/detail/0054/ Cheers George
  15. The PCM1704K ("K" stood for special selected) is "said" to be the last and best R2R made for audio, my Linn CD12 MkIII uses 4 of these K's in it. There are old R2R chips still being made like the Schiit Yaggy uses (Analog devices AD5791) but it wasn't designed for audio but said to be for a US missile guidance system or as it says on the data sheet high end aerospace instrumentation. https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ad5791.pdf Now it up to the discrete R2R designers Holo, Denafrips, Sokris, Total, ect, ect to get up to and maybe beat the PCM1704K, and if the Holo was any indication that I used, there already up there. Cheers George