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  1. georgehifi

    Matching Impedance Pre to Power

    No problems at all, so long as the output to input impedance ratio is 1:10 or higher your fine and yours is 1:1880 ratio. (25 to 47000) Cheers George
  2. georgehifi

    Yamaha p2250 any good?

    That's about it for the scratch and dent ones Cheer George
  3. georgehifi

    Yamaha p2250 any good?

    Far better off getting a P2200, should be around the same money scratched and dented. Cheers George
  4. georgehifi

    California Labs CD

    Also the Linn CD12 Cheers George
  5. georgehifi

    California Labs CD

    You should hear the Cary 303/200 then, it will blow your mind. (pcm1704 K's and PMD200) It was so good I did a new I/V stage for it using the AD844, and it was stunning Cheers George
  6. georgehifi

    California Labs CD

    He's been doing discrete R2R Multibit like other are now, probably because PCM1704 are getting hard for him to get, as his dac's using these were his flagship models. Cheers George
  7. georgehifi

    California Labs CD

    Look for the PCM1704, even better again, they were the last R2R Mulibit d/a chip that TI made. Cary 303/200 used them with great success, so did the Linn CD12, but at $30k aud not exactly cheap Cheers George
  8. georgehifi

    California Labs CD

    Of course it did, I've been saying it for years, and getting flack from the Delta Sigma brigade for saying it. When playing PCM RedBook, the Cal CL15 uses 2 x PCM1702 R2R Multibit d/a converters which are "bit perfect". When playing PCM RedBook the Oppo uses Delta Sigma ESS-9018 Sabre32 Reference d/a converters, not bit perfect but a facsimile of the real thing. I bet you had more drive, better boogie factor and greater dynamics using the CAL, the Oppo would have been sweet enough, but boring compared to the CAL. The Oppo would have been kinder to bad recordings, and the CAL would have shown them up for warts and all. Cheers George
  9. georgehifi

    New Classé Amps Are Class A (Up to 25 Watts)

    This is very possible for a high wattage a/b amp, with this kind of fan forced chimney heatsink. With normal external fin heat sinks, it would be almost the size of a coffee table each, as the 25w Class-A heat temperature goes up exponentially as the B wattage increases. Cheers George
  10. If that the case then, I'd rather these than the ones in the Shiit Yaggy, as these AD's are great audio performance dacs the BRUZ's in the Shiit are not, even though they still sound great from all reports.. Cheers George
  11. It may go into oscillation if powering ESL speakers, and some dynamic speakers that are capacitive. yes it has good transients Once it's slowed down in it's band width and made stable, it's suitable to all music Cheers George
  12. Maybe, but it's obsolete, maybe old stocks can still be got. Cheers George
  13. The L-07 amps were ok, a little on the bright side for me back then, bandwidth was way too wide for the amps topology to keep it nice and stable, they had the habit of oscillating with capacitive loads, once they were slowed down a little more (compensated) from -3db at 600khz!! down to -3db at 150khz they were a good stable powerful amp. The preamp was ho hum. Cheers George
  14. georgehifi

    Petrol Price Rip-Off

    Check this out 99c wow never thought I'd see the day. Cheers George
  15. georgehifi

    Classe Audio DR-9

    The DR25 almost identical input stage uses 5 x 2N5619 good bet their the same in the DR9 as both had similar rail volts. Cheers George