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  1. georgehifi

    Acoustic wool question

    Raff always hang soft things at reflection points, to make sure they are not wall reflection points, put a small mirror in exactly the same position and lean angle as your paintings, and see if you can see your speaker/s in the refection from your listening seat, or shine a laser light into the mirror from your seat from your forehead, and see if it reflects onto the speaker. With my big ML els's to angle them right, I shine a torch from the top of my head and it refects back to me from the ESL's mylar, and gives me a reference angle from both speakers, so I can adjust them for the the same amount of beaming. Cheer George
  2. A new more affordable R2R Multibit from Holo the $1,499aud Cyan, it's about time they included a volume control, can't understand why they didn't do it on the more expensive Spring. Cyan AU site: https://cruxaudio.com.au/collections/holo-spring/products/cyan-discrete-resistor-ladder-dac-three-models-available US site: https://kitsunehifi.com/product/holo-audio-cyan/ Spring https://cruxaudio.com.au/products/spring-dac-level-3-green-label-r2r-dsd Cheers George
  3. Great price, can't wait to hear how it sounds This is something new to know. "For those who know DSD well, they will know that pure DSD does not allow for volume control. In fact if a DSD dac claims to have volume control then you will know that it’s first converted to PCM internally to achieve this." Cheers George
  4. georgehifi

    Power amp connection query

    The M45 will have good quality passive input volume controls, probably Alps, you will hear your dac as it sounds, with no active preamp colouration's or distortions. Your Denafrips Pontus will have no problem with it's 600ohm output impedance and 2.2v output. As your M45 only needs 1.1v into it for it's full 125wrms output before clipping Cheers George
  5. georgehifi

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV505 Tonearm

    I remember hearing a Decca London on a Linn with this arm, it was fantastic. Because the Decca has no vertical suspension, the tiny vertical mass on this little arm at the end of the main arm was perfect for it I thought. Cheers George
  6. georgehifi

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV505 Tonearm

    Thx, that's easy Cheers George
  7. georgehifi

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV505 Tonearm

    Can someone explain how this is done, I've done it but in a round about way. Cheers George
  8. georgehifi

    SOLD: FS: Dynavector DV505 Tonearm

    This arm was gods gift to vinyl. @kramered for your new vinyl rig. GLWTS Cheers George
  9. georgehifi

    Tube Buffer?

    I use big ESL's, that cross over at 150hz to the bass, the bass is great using an active xover with -24db at 150hz, but it didn't matter how good the active xover was, (even discrete) it sterilised the sound of the ELS's. So I just went back to using the passive (18db xover with good caps ect) just for the ESL's and all was natural and great sounding again. And leaving the active just for the bass. You can't band-aid fix, by just bunging in a tube buffer to fix what I heard using active xover on the ESL's you will loose out in other areas, I tried it with an MF X10-V3 buffer, all it did was stodgy everything up and blunted the transients. Cheers George
  10. Ask/search Art Vandelay, I believe he has some he could sell you. Cheers George
  11. Like to see what the bench tests come out like in Stereophile if they review it. Cheers George
  12. georgehifi

    FS: (Melb) Gryphon Antileon Signature

    Why not ask Joe Reidiger at Audio Connection what he may get for you on consignment, before going the slash price route. Cheers George
  13. Yes they are, but HDAM outputs are no where near as complicated as that, as you can get discrete HDAM knockoffs on ebay. The Marantz's one's that are in the output stage before the RCA and XLR outputs I counted at over 112 transistors!!! Ok a few could be smd regulators, but still??? Cheers George
  14. Yes they all use discrete R2R resistors, hundreds of them for 16 18 or 24bit resolution . But here in this Marantz there's only what looks to be 28 of them (after what you say are 4 x shift registers) followed by the 100 x smd transistors. Then after this comes the output rca's and xlr's Cheers George
  15. georgehifi


    Yum, a regulated supply poweramp, with big current and watts. Always wondered how they got the 3 x dc rails to the amp from the power supply, hoping they didn't use a current sapping umbilical cord, and they didn't disappoint, they used 3 x bolt-on buss-bars for positive ground and negative. Beautiful amps GLWTS Cheers George.