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  1. Zaphod ordered three of them back in 10-2018 they just got delivered yesterday. Here's some pics he took of the main board with discrete R2R Multibit daughter board attached. Cheers George
  2. Here is an interview with the man that started it all, done back in the 90's when he made Theta Digital top of the digital manufactures. https://www.stereophile.com/content/mike-moffat-re-creating-musical-event Cheers George
  3. Front and back same same, sorry. Cheers George
  4. I've got all the good LM/LME's, on paper maybe better, but I tried them in this YBA dac I have here in both or one of combinations of the I/V stage and the output buffer, made sure there was no oscillations, but the OPA2132 was more musical still with great dynamic power, as is still my favourite the OPA627 if you can justify the stupid >$40 price. Big call. Cheres George
  5. safer, because changing from a one channel used in a dual to a single , means a bit of pin reorientation surgery. But I did find a easy way, if say "amp 1" was only used on a dual opamp and "amp 2" was not used. And that was to only buy a single opamp and instal it into "amp 1" of a "dual adapter board", and leave the "amp 2" of the adapter board "empty". Then all the pins marry up. And visa versa if only amp2 of a dual opamp is used. Cheers George
  6. Then if possible can you use the single OPA134 same thing except single and the quad is the OPA2134, I use these in my active xover I built. Cheers George
  7. Yes this is why I strayed away from it, I tried to calm it down, made sure it wasn't oscillation, tried bandwidth limiting networks in the input, output and on the feedback network, all I did was to kill off the dynamics of it, I think it's distortion is not the greatest, and prefer the $7 OPA2132 at .00008%. if "only" the bass (which is powerful enough, but ever so slightly rounded), was as tight and dry as the AD825 My ultimate opamp choice is the OPA627 as it's between the two, and also .00003% distortion, but it's hideously expensive at >$40 each, and you have to pay it as the fakes are rife, if you don't get them from authorised Texas distributors, you'll end up with re-badged 5c TLO72's or 50c NE5532's. Cheers George
  8. Is it possible you can add pictures of these two problems? I know you can't do anything about the 3rd problem of the selector decoder with pics. Cheers George
  9. When I was into opamp a/b comparison, with I/V stages, and also output buffers. I used to love the AD825's for their power and "almost" surgical presentation, but after doing them again with a standby YBA dac I have here at the moment, I've changed my mind a little to prefer the just as powerfull but slightly more rounded laid-back, and less measured distortion sound of the OPA2132 "SoundPlus" range from Texas Instruments. It's cheaper $7 from "authorized resellers", and dual, so you won't need an adapter board to get 2 x AD825's in place of the NE5532 that were in it. But beware of fakes. My all time favourite is still the OPA627, it's kind of a cross between the AD825 and the OPA2132 but they are single and cost $40 each, and you would only get them from Element 14 or RS Components,as there are many fakes getting around. Cheers George
  10. That's what mine is https://ibb.co/7jK6sn1 Thanks, but I've already have some and tried many others. But I never use them on my two ME850's only straight into the wall anything else was detrimental to the stiffness of their supplies and to their sound. Cheers George
  11. But the line guys that put me on the outside phase, said my transformer was the other way up near Warringah Mall that they changed the tap on to give me 230-235v instead of >250v after doing the couple weeks of logging. Cheers George
  12. This Eltech, I can get my head around, and thought about it in the past, and yes it's residential, save for one thing I forgot to mention, I have across the main road 8-10 tennis courts with whatever flood lights they use in the evening, I wonder about them now, but they'd be on a completely separate lines to me as they're on the other side of the main road. Cheers George
  13. That's possible as there was a couple of new houses built north in the last couple of years, and the transformer is up near Warringah Mall. I can tell you @MLXXX that when I was put on the road side phase 5 or more years ago, that no one north and south of me in the street is on it from what I could tell, that there was difference for the better. (btw I asked at the time why is this phase better, he said "because we're (linesmen) are lazy and can't be bothered reaching across to the road phase") so everyone gets put on the footpath phase. But this whole thread has shifted of topic, which was "why my sound is better in the day" which it's always been, even before the "phase change" and all the in house changes I did. And I asked, is it possible my solar panels have something to do with it, some sort of cleaning or regulation???? Cheers George
  14. Welcome Brett I would first "if your up to it" replace both the NE5532 opamps for something more musical that's not too expensive like the OPA2132, around $7 each, then if you like what you hear get a better power supply then do some of the caps mods subs in the article. I think just the opamp change will be the best bang for buck as the opa2132 are a lovey low distortion, sweet sounding, opamp, with a dynamic "rich", but not bloated bass and midrange. (it's part of Burr Brown's "Sound Plus" range) https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/audio-amplifier-ics/2858233/ http://audiopurist.pl/en/mods-en/cambridge-audio-dacmagic-100-modification-eng/ Cheers George
  15. We heard these at one of our ASON (rip) audio meetings when they first came into the country, they were demo'ed by Yamaha Australia, seriously good sounding speaker, reminded me of a more refined sounding NS1000. GLWTS Raff. (Thinking I could always do a contra with you for these, if you need something)? Cheers George
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