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  1. Hi @markergo your soldering looks nice and neat, have you still got some of these?? Cheers George
  2. Sanity does prevail. 👍 Can't see the forest for the trees guys. And I did say Bye To leave you with another quote from Stereophiles John Atkinson on the PL's measurements, hope you understand what he saying to you.
  3. So in fact, in a way your saying is PL have tailored this abnormal frequency response of + - 7db to counter room abnormalities??? Good luck with that. Cheers George
  4. I've answered you ("wasn't in control"), I think that's enough, you should be able to draw your own conclusions from what's been posted. If you can't, then I suggest you read up on excellent articles in Stereophile on how the decipher all their measurements on equipment reviews and how it in many ways relates to what the reviewer has heard subjectively . I may change my signature to. "Audio is a measured EE science, there's no voodoo/snake oil involved" Cheers George
  5. Wow! if that old chestnut interests you so much, yes I have heard it on a pair of Wilson Sophia 3's (Wilsons easiest to drive speaker), an it sounded like a tube amp that wasn't in control. And BTW how can anyone dismiss EE measurements and graphs, when all equipment is designed and built around them. If it wasn't you would have to call it voodoo/snake oil? take your pick. Cheers George
  6. From the 8ohm tap the AR VSI60 will sound a helluva lot more neutral at just + - 3db, instead of + - 7db of the Prima Luna PS: I would have left this well alone, but hazyj bought me back to it 8hrs ago by saying the measured graphs I posted aren't sound related. Cheers George
  7. Here it is for you to read and see. As you can see both act as a tone control far from flat. Why is it some just can't handle the truth, when it's in front of them?? 1st the 8ohm tap And now the 4ohm tap.
  8. None, including this, can counter the EE laws presented to you, in those measurements I posted. They were of the 8ohm tap, here is the 4ohm tap a little better still a tone control and far from a flat frequency response, + - 5db instead of 7db but with wattage penalty.
  9. Sorry I don't insinuate, here is it is spelt out so a layman can understand, no need to repost it all. (And the HF oscillation peak can clearly be seen as well.) https://forum.audiogon.com/posts/1736176 and the next one. https://forum.audiogon.com/posts/1736870
  10. Something's going on Terry, last time I saw this sort of thing a while back was with for memory, a NAD hysteria purchasing spree, then many unloaded them shortly after. Cheers George
  11. Eagle - Yeah, what could you be upgrading too? I'm intrigued. I like rearward the space you've given in between the speakers, too many I know have their equipment rack taking up that space and ruining the imaging. I go a step further and put it to the side wall up near the seating, and have nothing between the speakers, even better, adding more depth and sound staging with just music/musicians to look at, instead of racks and boxes Cheers George
  12. DP7090 don't know how they sound but bargain for the chips alone, and the laser is less than $10, the whole mech with laser less than $50. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Sony+KSS-213&_sacat=0 Cheers George
  13. And I found Interparcel to be the lowest cost, and their "carriers" are the expensive ones. Cheers George
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