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  1. YEAH! of course, costs are fraction of a good linear supply. I had a Linn cd12 which was supposed to be the best an smp could be, yet I could still see smp noise on the output, very small but it was there, and if you have a look on the net pics of it, the smp section is all encased in billett aluminium Cheers George
  2. Check "Interparcel", they don't have trucks or drivers, but they tender any of the other courier companies in the area at that time to pickup and deliver. EG: I got a 25kg big subwoofer picked up in (VIC) Geelong and delivered to Manly (NSW) for $36!!!! and it just happened to be TNT that was the courier in the area at that time. Cheers George
  3. You have a PM Jack, re a possible purchase. Cheers George
  4. Then there would be no need to use shielded cable, as nothings shielded anyway. That why all studio gear uses wood chassis Cheers George
  5. Nice unit, should sound good with 4 x PCM 1702's in it one of the best R2R multibit dacs. And the Sharp H8147AF laser are still plenty full and cheap. GLWTS Cheers George
  6. Not if they're those stupid wood chassis ones. Cheers George
  7. I hear a big difference for the better between PCM 24/96 and 16/44 using https://referencerecordings.com/ CD's. But this is with a dac that is discrete R2R multibit 24/96, I listened to the same with a YBA dac that is DS and the difference wasn't as obvious. Cheers George
  8. Yes and also penetrating any unshielded audio cable/equipment in vicinity, and radiating back into the mains. Cheers George
  9. Here's a novel little experiment to show how bad SMP's can be, get an AM portable radio set it low on the dial off station, turn up the volume control and go near to an SMP with it, and hear it squeal like a stuffed piglet. Cheers George
  10. Which again is crazy as the poweramps are xlr only!!! I put rca's as well on both my ME850's with a switch to switch between them. Cheers George
  11. ME's use local feedback as do the other mentioned that don't use global feed back. Ever since the old ME150's, just about all the bigger ME's have balanced inputs and no (SE) rca inputs, trouble is most ME's have 1kohm input impedance that only the ME or Krell pre can drive (really stupid), this is easily changed to 68kohms so then any preamp can then drive them. Cheers George
  12. Both, SMP's make even more hf noise. Cheers George
  13. Yes even though the power supply that comes with the Lightspeed is a toroidal supply and very low in noise, the battery has just a touch less measured noise, and many say they can hear a difference but couldn't A/B it, it's small but there, for an even blacker background. BTW stay away from SMP (Switch Mode) wall warts they are noisy Cheers George
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