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  1. FS : AudioGD Master 7 PCM1704 DAC

    Which is a fancy way of saying a discrete R2R Multibit dac, like the one selling "just discrete instead" Cheers Gorge
  2. Re Xindak PA1 power amp and CA1 pre amp

    Seems a bit rich, when you can get these far cheaper, and forget the preamp, use a Schiit Freya $699 active tube or solid state or passive. Remote best volume control 128 levels of relay controlled, no unreliable/coloured pots to stuffup the sound. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bateau-bay/stereo-systems/xindak-mono-block-power-amps/1170845107 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/trott-park/stereo-systems/xindak-audreal-a600p-full-class-a-amplifier-63kg-net-high-end-/1172025998 Cheers George
  3. Non upsampling DAC experience

    Don't listen to who's making it as they always go with what they can get in reliable supply and for the $$$ it costs, listen to the end users. Has anyone ever heard a manufacture state his new product doesn't sound as good as the old one, especially if the old one can't be made anymore. Cheers George
  4. Non upsampling DAC experience

    because they couldn't get the 1704 anymore, their best sounding dacs were the 1704 models (the D1 player being one of the best.) highly sought after now that Charlie has passed away RIP lack of availability of the 1704, and cost. Cheers George
  5. Non upsampling DAC experience

    Got that wrong, they didn't "dump" they were forced. In the end they couldn't get the 1704 from Texas Instruments (T.I.). unless they were long term large users customers. Then when supply ran out they opted for the alternative the T.I. replacement and cheaper to produce 1794, which wasn't as good. as we have two identical Shanling units save for one having 4 x 1704 and the other with 2 x 1794 (as they are duals) and guess which sounds better, yes the 1704. And the reason above is the same why Shanling had to revert to the 1794 Which the Forrsell uses.. And that's why many dacs today with 1704's in them are commanding higher and higher prices, even non working ones, to pull the 1704's out of, as they get big prices for them. The best production CDP I've heard so far is the Linn CD12 which I have here which uses 4 x PCM1704's. Any one here who wishes to find out which CDP's or DAC's used the magic PCM1704's so they can buy s/h ones, just needs to look at this massive list (takes a while to load so be patient.) And close down any pop ups. http://vasiltech.narod.ru/CD-Player-DAC-Transport.htm Cheers George
  6. Non upsampling DAC experience

    Isn't it funny, the guy that did this comparison, is the Australian distributor of Forrsell! And it uses the cheaper to produce PCM1794 hybrid multibit/Delta Sigma, which took over from the PCM1704 Multibit which Burr Brown stopped making because of high cost of manufacture with laser trimming of all the R2R resistors inside. Cheers George
  7. Non upsampling DAC experience

    be nice if it were the MkII. Cheers George
  8. Non upsampling DAC experience

    Yeah, for DSD purposes, but for pcm 16/44 hdcd it would be hard to beat. Cheers George
  9. Non upsampling DAC experience

    Yeah I saw them, but too late they went almost immediately. Well certainly quicker than my searches notified me about them. Do you know what they went for as the sale price was MIA. From what my sources tell me, they are nearly all being shipped to Japan. Cheers George
  10. Non upsampling DAC experience

    I've had searches out for 10 years for one of these dacs to buy, only seen three for sale and both were over 15k usd too much for me, just hopping one day one comes up cheaper.
  11. Non upsampling DAC experience

    The best PCM recordings I've heard have been the Prof K. Johnson's "Reference Recording" done 24/96 and with HDCD Mind blowingly good with a 24bit dac that's R2R Multibit and has HDCD. But average with Delta Sigma based dacs. https://referencerecordings.com/ Cheers George
  12. Vote: Best Free to Air HD TV????

    He was recommended by a few guru's here and on Whirlpool, like I said, he wasn't used, especially when he had no idea about calibrating the tv's tuner to the panel via the service menu. Cheers George
  13. FS: Epos ES14

    That's better, you should get a sale now. From what I searched in the history they sold for $600 with good stands no so long ago in Vic. Cheers George
  14. Vote: Best Free to Air HD TV????

    I also could have this done by a calibration tech in Melbourne, but he wanted air fare and taxi and $200 per hr to do it. Then when I asked him if he could calibrate via the the service menu to get the tuner section 100% properly calibrated to that panel, he had no idea about it, dare say he wasn't used. Cheers George
  15. Vote: Best Free to Air HD TV????

    My own is the Pansonic 55' GT before that I had the Panasonic 50" VT. Cheers George