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  1. I've been playing with set up of my C1mk2 for the last few days and even in our large room, man these things can sound big. GLWTS
  2. Explicit content? Where can I find that?
  3. AVation on the Gold Coast used to import both brands so naturally they were used together here. And yes, they do handle loud very well.
  4. I'm no expert, I just use some on my speakers. If you can't figure it out, ask them.
  5. An acoustic mat will likely dampen the sound. Try feet. Iso-acoustics makes nice ones. If you want to go cheap; washing machine isolators should do the trick.
  6. Had a new development in the last few weeks. First my wife sent me a message when I was at work telling me she was sitting in the sweet spot (My chair) and really enjoying her play list. Just a few nights ago we had a night together; I had made some changes to the speaker set up. I went for a near field setting, which means the living room turns into a mess; speakers two meters into the room, couches all over the place, etc. Initially she wasn't impressed with the state of the room but once she had a listen in the sweet spot, she loved it. She wants to have more listening nights now and she's
  7. Read my post about visiting McLean Audio at the bottom of the page. These transform the sound.
  8. The concrete tubing comes in 4m or 6m lengths so you should probably try to get an offcut from a concrete construction company. It's not cheap.
  9. I heard the original G3 on a Devialet 240 just after I bought a Devialet 170. The sound was amazing and so far I haven't heard anything better. I upgraded my amps to Devialet Original d' Atelier with the plan to upgrade my speakers to Vivid G2. Ever since then there's always something more important to spend money on so I'm still nowhere near getting the G's. I'm still looking for cheaper alternatives but so far, no luck.
  10. Well, I had a bit of fun at McLeans earlier this week. I live in Norther NSW but had a job on in Lithgow. When I found out I had to drive back with a stopover somewhere I asked my company to book me a motel in Gosford so I could have a listen to some of Bill's toys. It was a last minute decision so I came in unannounced only to find that, due to Covid 19, Bill only lets customers in on appointment. I was pretty cut up to find out my plan had gone south but I decided to knock on the door and explain Bill my story. He happily let me in and treated me as good as a shop keeper could. H
  11. OK. I would have though it would have been too left-right-ish and no middle or depth.
  12. At that listening distance I would have them right next to the screen for better sound stage and a bit more body. Have you thought of that?
  13. Maxoll...are you sure these are genuine? 🤪
  14. You'd be surprised what DSP and an active crossover can achieve. My Devialet Od'A and Dynaudio C1 sound better than my KEF LS50W but not by as much as the difference in cost. Some days, when I feel like really cranking it up, I prefer the KEFs.
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