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  1. I own the C1's and was just telling a mate the other day that I do like the C2 and C4's symmetrical look but don't like the C1. As for Vivid, Love the G1 and 2. Don't like the G3 and 4. Those tubes in that circle just look wrong. I'd still have them though. Love the sound.
  2. Did you get to compare the A1's with the Heritage or did you just listen to the A1's and decide they were the ones to have? I'm asking because a mate of mine is looking at buying new speakers and he's mentioned the Heritages.
  3. I own C1's and a pair of KEF LS50W's. The concentric driver in the KEFs beats the Dynaudio's on imaging. The VAF's you have seem to also have a concentric driver and these Dyn's are just a square box so I would at a guess say they're not going to image any better than the VAfs. The Dyns will deliver very good bass, especially if they get SAMed by Devialet. The mids and highs are setup dependent. Your D220 should do very well. I went from a D200 to Od'A and, although the latter is better, the difference really isn't worth the increase in price. A second D220 will help at lower volumes though; t
  4. It's actually quite easy; set your speakers up in the back yard. Without reflection the soundstage becomes really apparent. I did something similar with KEF LS50W's and the music was just earily hanging in the air. Great trick but without any tonal qualities it gets boring pretty quickly. My number one is tonal accuracy but only what I find accurate, not whatever 'the norm' is.
  5. Yeah, I didn't think big subs would be an issue. I had a JL Audio 12 incher in my Toyota Lite ace, in a very well built (To JL Specs) ported box. It went loud if I wanted to but it never overpowered. It was just a matter of integrating it properly.
  6. Steffen, Is it an optical illusion or do you have the diffusors sitting beside the speakers and an absorber at the first reflection point (If you were to put a mirror on the wall you would see the speaker)?
  7. I think for something to become a classic, it has to be revolutionary at the time it comes out. The Devialet amplifier range are certainly that. I would ad their Phantom speakers too but since they're not easy to repair, I wouldn't think they'd still be around in 20-30 years. I have a feeling that, following the KEF LS50W, lots of active speakers are going to be on this list in the coming few years.
  8. I thought I'd seen this before. It's a classic! https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/opinion-menu/1015-six-stereo-systems-id-like-to-hear-part-two-the-middle-pair
  9. Our kitchen/living/dining room has a pitched ceiling and high walls like yours. It is 11.8m long and 6.9m wide. I haven't compared with a similar sized room with a flat ceiling but my feeling is that a lot of the reflection issues I have are ceiling related. The way I see it, a pitched ceiling is larger than a flat ceiling so there's more surface that needs treating. It looks great though. When the room was empty it had a reverberation time of 2.15 seconds measured with my ears (make a noise and wait until I can't hear the echo anymore and measure time). I've managed to
  10. I had quite a good result by going to the Cardas web site and finding the best spot for my speakers with their calculators. I then found the best spot for my listening seat and fine tuned from there on. I now have a 'best spot for music listening' that has my speakers quite far into the room so I've put a few small marks on the floor and just set them up there for serious listening and put them back near the wall for TV and background music. It gives me the best of both worlds.
  11. Not often but once in a while I get my wife in the sweet spot and she really enjoys the great sound quality. She's also very good at hearing differences in sound quality and expressing what she hears so she can help me with speaker set up. At the moment I have two places for my speakers; close to the wall for general use (TV, Radio) and another spot about 2.7m into the room for best sound. That's a very inconvenient place to have them because it requires stepping over cables. I've put two felt pen dots on the timber floor where the corners of the feet need to be so it's easy to se
  12. Hi Bill, My wife has had a lung disease from birth and mould is the one thing that you don't want anyway near her. We use a mix of white vinegar and a few tea spoons of clove oil. It's the clove oil that kills the mould. We spray it on anything we want to clean or protect against mould. I hope this bit of info helps. Cheers, Pim
  13. I can't be bothered reading every reply but there's a bit of talk about purist, tone controls causing distortion and my pet hate 'as the artist intended'. All three of them are bullocks if you ask me. First of all, tone controls are used extensively during recording and mixing so there are hardly any 'purist' recordings out there. One set of extra tone controls isn't going to cause too many dramas. As for the artist's intention; do you really want to listen to screeching highs because the artist's ears have been severely damaged from years of performing in front of a s
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