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  1. Apparently this TotalDac network cable has them covering almost the whole cable. No idea what it does though. http://www.totaldac.com/cables-eng.htm
  2. 55kg certainly isn't what I would call a light speaker.
  3. I love my Gaias. I've seen Sopras on Gaias a number of times in hifi show reports. I wonder whether there's something amiss with the Sopras that makes them a good candidate to show how big a difference the Gaias make. Are the Sopras light?
  4. That might be because of your asking price; I sold one here last year for $100.- more. They certainly are popular.
  5. My two cents. I have lead and sand filled stands that used to be on spikes. I wanted a nice looking solution to replace the spikes and bought the Gaia 3's. I didn't expect any change in sound because of the weight already in the stands. There was a change though and for the better. I guess on a timber floor any bass that makes the floor vibrate will have an impact on the accuracy of the tweeter if that vibration makes its way back into the stands and therefore the speakers. No matter how well the tweeter is isolated from vibration from the box itself, if the whole stand and box move, the tweeter will move along with it causing distortion. Of course you can use Bunnigs's pads and they may well work really well. Where the Gaias pull ahead are looks (the reason I bought them) and the fact that they've been tested to work under a specific load. A pad made to take the weight of a washing machine is't going to do much for a pair of bookshelf speakers because they would be too hard. Put a pair of Gaia 3's under your washing machine and they will simply get squashed and possibly even end up metal to metal. As for the Apertas, A guy came into the store to pick up some Gaias to replace his Apertas. He later sent an email saying he was happy with the improvement. Not my words but worth considering. @satanica As for measurements; The improvement is large enough to not need measurements to prove there is an improvement. You don't put a Volt meter on your kitchen light to check whether it's on or not. Your eyes will tell you. The same goes for isolation. Whether it needs to cost as much as the Gaias to get the desired effect is a matter for everyone individually. To put the improvement into perspective; it's not as big as room treatment, speaker and chair placement but once you have all those sorted, the sound gets more relaxed in the highs. I did not notice improvements in the bass but I have relatively small speakers in a large room so bass level is already an issue. Hope that makes thing a bit clearer for everyone. Cheers, Pim
  6. Hmmm... My wife and I are going to the States next year and she wants to add Memphis to our list. I wasn't keen because I just want to enjoy places for a bit longer. Maybe i'll just let her have her way Central Station Hotel, here we come!
  7. You could buy the optional input/output board for the D140.
  8. A mate of mine has a wall similar to yours where he puts in record sleeves. Once in a while he changes them and then sends out a picture to all his mates. It's then our job to guess the albums. So far on your wall I think I recognise Elvis' (Or is it Forrest Gumps?) hip movement on the right.
  9. My wife says go for option #1. And she's always right.
  10. I've been using Dynaudio C1's for a number of years now and given the size of your room they would do very well in there. With the right amplification (I use a Devialet Original d' Atelier. Way over the top but man, what a sound it can bring out of those little speakers) I reckon you'll get exactly what you're looking for. Not too polite but still very listenable.
  11. I've seen where they use the raised platform as a bass trap. Maybe cut the front open, fill er up with insulation material and cover it with some material.
  12. A long long time ago I discovered smoking marijuana and listening to reggae worked well together. I've never had the same feeling with alcohol and music.
  13. Wonder what are those heat sinks are doing. Is the print connected to the bottom of the case at all? Edit: I had another look and it looks like the print sits on legs so I really wonder how well this case dissipates heat. Sure it will get rid of (some of) the heated air inside but then you might as well have an open case.
  14. Try Control4. They are large and are always willing to work with other brands to work things out. They also control everything else in the house if you're interested.
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