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  1. I love those pin boards. I have them all over my van ATM. If I ever get to do my hifi room they will definitely be part of it.
  2. Nice rack. Now fill it full of wool, put a cover over it and you have yourself a great bass trap
  3. Good to see they put them in a room that's fitting for great speakers. There's a Wilson thread here somewhere where they just plonked them in a large untreated room. That's a waste of a million bucks if ever there was.
  4. Those spring on their website look pretty strong to me. I've looked into lifting a table with two springs a while ago and these look very much the same size as the ones I was looking into. I can't remember the weight lifting capacity but it would have been around the 20-30 kg mark. That's quite a strong spring to be moved by air alone. @Marc, have you ever tried pushing the springs in with a set of bathroom scales just to have some idea of how much resistance there is in the springs. If we can't buy them, it would be great if we could reverse engineer them.
  5. Building one is easy. It would take me a couple of days in the garage but, and that's a big but, you would need to have the exact same strength of spring. Without that knowledge you're just making a box that could absorb or reflect with no way of knowing unless you have some way to measure.
  6. I'm running C1's with Devialet and although SAM makes the bass of these things sound insane for such a small speaker, an amp with enough power gets pretty close. As Dale says, the IsoAcoustics GAIA III do make a difference. GLWTS, Pim
  7. You can upgrade to 220Pro for 4 grand which I think comes with new 5 year warranty and makes this amp an absolute steal.
  8. Very much looking forward to it. Thanks
  9. Could you please PM me and forward on the file? I'd love to have a go with it.
  10. Like a fake orgasm. We all know what that sound like don't we blokes?
  11. On the bottom of that page, there's a blue 'Siltech' cable for sale by the same seller. Obviously fake. There's probably a red one for another brand. The question is does it sound like fake one?
  12. What do you mean with 'shielding'? It's plastic. It might not have the proper stamp on it saying it's tested and found legal but I wouldn't say it's a bad plug just by looking at it.
  13. You have got to be kidding me. There are a number of threads on DevialetChat about when the next firmware will come out and some have said they are trialing a Beta version but they're pretty inconsistent about what these version can and can't do. So you're saying you contacted Devialet recently and they sent you the update? Like in the last few days?
  14. There's lots to read and learn about Roon RAAT and its troubles on DevialetChat. Devialet owners are very lucky with how that site helps them out.
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