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  1. Pim

    Toeing in speakers.

    I've read through this thread for the first time today and you're the first to have the same idea as me. And I got mine from reading Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound'. It's counter intuitive but when you put your speakers closer together there a certain point where the soundstage increases and the tonal balance shifts towards warmer. Once you have found that spot you've won the war. Tilt depends on where your ears are compared to the speakers. I had mine tilted down close to the point of falling over in my old living room. The right tilt is easy to find; lift your head and lower it. Whichever sounds better will tell you what to do with the speakers.
  2. It's 1920mm in diameter and by tomorrow afternoon it will be about 2.1m high because it will be on the roof racks of my van
  3. I spoke with m y wife about it and she wants it. So if it's not sold to anyone else yet, it is now. Can I pick it up on Tuesday?
  4. Pim

    Devialet 140pro

    Whether it's the retailer's responsibility or not, Devialet themselves have been pretty good at organising Experts return to Paris for repair or upgrades. With a retailer that doesn't want to help, I would go the Devialet route. Ultimately it's going back to Paris so you might as well go direct.
  5. Pim

    SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Audience 60

    You can probably suck that dent out with a vacuum cleaner. Be careful and put it on it's lowest setting. I can't remember the speakers I've done it with but I do remember I've done it.
  6. Pim

    Your Journey Thus Far

    Got the DAC / amplifier that'll do me for the rest of my life (Devialet Original d' Atelier) but then run out of money for the speakers I want (Vivid Audio Giya series) I'm sure once I get them and set up in a good room, I'll be done. Maybe a good source.
  7. I haven't owned vinyl since I bought a CD player on my 16th birthday but now I plat everything from a hard drive I do sometimes miss going through my CD collection to find something and then 'bumping' into some other jewel. Roon sort of does that too and it's definitely a step in the right direction again. Before Roon I was using Audirvana and I had to basically know what I wanted to play and find that song and that song only. I agree Tidal isn't the right way forward for artists but it does get me into new music. I just wish they got paid more. I'd be happy to pay more for my 'rentals'
  8. You guys are so last century. 1 - Put my index finger on my MacBook Pro's finger print reader. 2 - Find music I want to play on Roon. 3 - Click play. RAAT will turn on my Devialet amps and start playing as soon as the amps are ready. 4 - Adjust volume. It sounds great but most of all, it's so easy it got the missus into playing music again.
  9. I don't want to turn this thread into an old man's medical problem session but mine did go away once when I had some antibiotics for something else. I definitely have a reduction in hearing on the left. I work in oil and gas and have it tested every time I change jobs. I've got another one coming soon. Back on topic; My Devialet Original d' Atelier. I absolutely love how incredibly transparent that thing is. I can't wait to get a decent source and speakers.
  10. My neighbour got that done in Vietnam. She perforated his eardrum. I'll pass.
  11. Cheers mate, I'll give it a go. You'll be happy to know you're the first person on the internet that I've taken medical advice from
  12. On a serious note, how well does it work? I've got some pressure on my left ear and I'm losing highs when I listen to music. I was going to go to an ear specialist but you got me thinking I could go the non high end way first.
  13. What do you do with it? Clean your cables?
  14. A sheet of form ply costs between $80 and $120 and it needs to be supported very well for you to build a wall out of it. I reckon core filled Besser brick is probably your cheapest option. Then go with a timber roof / floor construction on top and insulation the hell out if it. Suspended concrete gets really pricey.
  15. LOL! I'm renovating / building too. I know how you feel mate.