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  1. I actually mean the printed stuff made by professionals. There's no way I can get away with foam on the wall. Not with my missus.
  2. The way I tried to find out whether a paining was acoustically transparent was sitting next to a speaker, facing into the room. I then held the paining in front of the speaker and heard the reflection of the painting. It wasn't pretty. I'm looking to using the stuff the pros sell. It will cost more but at least it will work.
  3. OK, so what would Australia put forward? Halcro, Kyron Audio, Duntech?
  4. Not as happy as I would be with your speakers. 😉 GLWTS.
  5. It's a shame you have to sit in front of them to get the best sound. The veneer on these things is out of this world. Why do all the great buys come up when I'm out of money?
  6. Not at home but I had both a JL audio and a Dynaudio sub in the same box in my van. The JL went way louder but the Dynaudio sub was much more musical. I'd go for two of the smaller Dynaudio subs.
  7. I'm really surprised these don't get snapped up. At this price there's nothing this transparent on the planet. Name me a super integrated from any other company that can do what these can do; Shortest signal path from input to output. Super low distortion. Can drive ANY speaker. Network connected. Apple airplay works a treat for when friends come over making it the amp for the audiophile AND the family. ADH amplification sounds clean as a whistle. This is the wire with gain amp that everybody wants. I have the model up and I'm never selling. Never
  8. I consider myself quite the handy man and will take on just about anything. The hardest thing I've ever taken on was welding steel shelves and a work bench in my garage. Even though my welding is very, very bad, it still just sticks together and will be there forever. So you could put two containers together, cut the sides out, weld some of them on top to water proof and you'll have a decent size room. Clad it with something nice looking on both sides and you're up and running. Containers are cheap and they last forever. I say go for it.
  9. A mate of mine sold his Maggies and I built him a box out of ply wood. It's a few hours work but it made it to NZ in tact.
  10. Not as close as possible but mine are closer than they 'should' be. My room is too lively and to even out the highs that bounce around from everywhere to the mids and lows that only seem to come from the speakers direct, I had to pump up the volume on those mids and lows. So they're too close to the wall so I get a bit of extra oomph and they're pointed straight at me rather than toed in a little bit so there's less chance of those highs reflecting. It's not pretty but it's much more enjoyable than trying to do everything 'the right way'. Lesson learned; work with the room rather than follow the 'rules'
  11. Above all else, it's about YOUR enjoyment and YOURS only. So be careful with taking advice from others. (Me included)😉 Secondly, learn to set up your system to get the best out of it in your room. If you don't, you'll be on the buy / sell marry go round forever. Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound' is a good start. You'll be amazed by how much better even a simple system can sound once setup properly. If you have a lot of badly recorded tunes, don't be put off by an amp that has Bass and Treble adjustment. It's better to enjoy a crap recording by making it listenable than not to listen to it at all. Example: Bruce Springsteen's 'Live 1975-1985'. It's great music but it needs more bass. At least 3 dB.
  12. 100%. I actually bought the C1's as an interim (Yeah really) speaker when we were still in our older and smaller living room. We've now moved into the new section of the house and its almost 12m x 7m with a raked ceiling. A room with that much volume can easily deal with the bass coming from the C1's. Hence the need for an upgrade. One of the great properties of SAM is that the woofers are protected from blowing them up. Because they go a lot lower in frequency and therefore have more cone excursion, SAM's 'nanny' kicks in if you turn it up so loud that you could damage the woofers. It used to kick in too early with SAM version 1. To a point that if you really wanted mohave fun you had to turn SAM off. Version 2 is much better that way. I have to say though, SAM made quite a difference in the bass with the 200 but now with the Od'A there's so much bass already, SAM isn't really needed. It's just nice to know someone is looking after my woofers in case I get carried away with the volume knob a bit
  13. Yes. First a 170, which upgraded to 200 + Speaker Active Matching via a firmware upgrade. Then Original d' Atelier. And that's now been upgraded to 1000 Pro status. Just imagine having more than 1250 Watt into 4 Ohm available for these little speakers. The bass coming out of them is sensational for a stand mount.
  14. Well Terry, the bump worked. Unlike you though, I went straight to the back of this thread to see what Twwen2 thought if the Dynaudio C1. And unlike Twwen2, I didn't go through 10 or so different speakers but bought the C1 straight away. I've been listening to mine since the start of this thread 4 years ago. No regrets!
  15. Please don't tell me you had never heard of Vivid before? I reckon Laurence Dickie is one of the most ingenious speaker designers out there.
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