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  1. Hi All, Can anyone here tell me anything about a LA Audio A3 Valve Amp ? picture attached. Thanks.
  2. How does the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 compare to the CXN ?
  3. Hi, Which Cambridge Audio ? I hear that some find the cxn fatiguing
  4. Hi All, I am endeavouring to build a simple, digital audio file system playback system, as cheap as I can, I thus far, have a Aries Mini and I am in the process of having a tube amp built, I am not after multi channel nor hdmi connections, I am open to ditching the valve amp, build hasn't begun yet, in favour of a two channel solid state amp, if that helps me to achieve my goal in a easier / better way, I have no experience with anything such as the Aries Mini, so I am in a bit of a learning curve here, I intend to buy and download my music online, using AIFF and probably FLAC as well, I have already ripped my CD's to AIFF and I have them stored on iTunes, I wish to store my music on a SSD, which I have installed in the Aries Mini internally, but, I suspect that I have to have the Aries Mini connected to the internet to access it, if I am wrong then please, enlighten me, I also wish to avoid NAS systems and not wanting to stream nor have a tv on to access my audio files, I want to keep everything simple and hard wired and I intend to use my iPhone as the remote, ideally, I would like a two channel amp that has the ability to display the songs that I am playing and one that I can attach a SSD to it, internal installation with the SSD in said amp is most desirous, if there is such a one, again, please enlighten me, I am also open to other ideas and solutions that follow my description here as much as possible, I will not be so stubborn as to not heed any sound advice given, even if it means ditching the Aries Mini, valve amp and starting fresh, as long as I achieve my goal, I will be happy. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I know, but that is all that I could find out about it, although, there was also a mention that he went all out with the transformers
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know of and/or heard a Sirac 50 KT88 amp ? Thanks
  7. Yes, or I may go with either el84 or 6l6, I can build two integrated mono blocks, I would do a completely new build as opposed to building the Mullard 5 10
  8. Hi, Yes, push/pull only, not possible for single ended, I am thinking of using a pure pentode circuit for this project, old school, as an aside, what are the quality vintage A&R transformers like ?
  9. Hi, Yes, I could go with 6v6, something to think about
  10. Hi, Okay, I really appreciate the advice, I will not run the transformer beyond it’s scope. Thanks
  11. Hi, Okay, so the heater supply won’t drive el34’s then ?
  12. Hi, Okay, so the brochure does not faithfully list all usable valve types for these two power transformers ? So, what other tubes can I use ? Thanks
  13. Hi, Yes, I got the message about them being only used for pp rather than set in a earlier response, but can I use el34’s as mono blocks in pp ?
  14. Hi All, Thanks for info thus far, so, the seller of these tx was building a Mullard 5 10 using el84, which is not listed as a usable tube under “h” in the above table, can I use el34 in set mode as mono blocks, on two separate chassis ?
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