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  1. Hi, Which version is it ? EL34 or KT120 ? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Artists sue Universal Music over a 2008 warehouse fire, over 500,000 masters, protection copies, unreleased music and other materials all went up in the said fire, affected artists include, but not all, are Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Sir Elton John, Janet Jackson, Nirvana, Eminem, Guns N' Roses, Steve Earle, Tupac Shakur, Hole and Soundgarden, not only, apparently, did Universal Music try to downplay the actual loss of said materials at the time, but they also filed a $150,000,000 insurance claim, which they tried to hide from the affected artists as well, this has all come to light following a New York Times investigation into the fire and the resulting true loss and impact of the materials destroyed.
  3. Hi All, Can anyone here tell me anything about a LA Audio A3 Valve Amp ? picture attached. Thanks.
  4. How does the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 compare to the CXN ?
  5. Hi, Which Cambridge Audio ? I hear that some find the cxn fatiguing
  6. Hi All, I am endeavouring to build a simple, digital audio file system playback system, as cheap as I can, I thus far, have a Aries Mini and I am in the process of having a tube amp built, I am not after multi channel nor hdmi connections, I am open to ditching the valve amp, build hasn't begun yet, in favour of a two channel solid state amp, if that helps me to achieve my goal in a easier / better way, I have no experience with anything such as the Aries Mini, so I am in a bit of a learning curve here, I intend to buy and download my music online, using AIFF and probably FLAC as well, I have already ripped my CD's to AIFF and I have them stored on iTunes, I wish to store my music on a SSD, which I have installed in the Aries Mini internally, but, I suspect that I have to have the Aries Mini connected to the internet to access it, if I am wrong then please, enlighten me, I also wish to avoid NAS systems and not wanting to stream nor have a tv on to access my audio files, I want to keep everything simple and hard wired and I intend to use my iPhone as the remote, ideally, I would like a two channel amp that has the ability to display the songs that I am playing and one that I can attach a SSD to it, internal installation with the SSD in said amp is most desirous, if there is such a one, again, please enlighten me, I am also open to other ideas and solutions that follow my description here as much as possible, I will not be so stubborn as to not heed any sound advice given, even if it means ditching the Aries Mini, valve amp and starting fresh, as long as I achieve my goal, I will be happy. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I know, but that is all that I could find out about it, although, there was also a mention that he went all out with the transformers
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know of and/or heard a Sirac 50 KT88 amp ? Thanks
  9. Yes, or I may go with either el84 or 6l6, I can build two integrated mono blocks, I would do a completely new build as opposed to building the Mullard 5 10
  10. Hi, Yes, push/pull only, not possible for single ended, I am thinking of using a pure pentode circuit for this project, old school, as an aside, what are the quality vintage A&R transformers like ?
  11. Hi, Yes, I could go with 6v6, something to think about
  12. Hi, Okay, I really appreciate the advice, I will not run the transformer beyond it’s scope. Thanks
  13. Hi, Okay, so the heater supply won’t drive el34’s then ?
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