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  1. Yes, or I may go with either el84 or 6l6, I can build two integrated mono blocks, I would do a completely new build as opposed to building the Mullard 5 10
  2. Hi, Yes, push/pull only, not possible for single ended, I am thinking of using a pure pentode circuit for this project, old school, as an aside, what are the quality vintage A&R transformers like ?
  3. Hi, Yes, I could go with 6v6, something to think about
  4. Hi, Okay, I really appreciate the advice, I will not run the transformer beyond it’s scope. Thanks
  5. Hi, Okay, so the heater supply won’t drive el34’s then ?
  6. Hi, Okay, so the brochure does not faithfully list all usable valve types for these two power transformers ? So, what other tubes can I use ? Thanks
  7. Hi, Yes, I got the message about them being only used for pp rather than set in a earlier response, but can I use el34’s as mono blocks in pp ?
  8. Hi All, Thanks for info thus far, so, the seller of these tx was building a Mullard 5 10 using el84, which is not listed as a usable tube under “h” in the above table, can I use el34 in set mode as mono blocks, on two separate chassis ?
  9. Hi All, What power tubes could be used with these A&R transformers ? I can get two of them the same, I am thinking mono blocks, in set mode of course. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, Considering that a 6V6gt as a set produces 5 watts and a EL34 as a set produces 10 watts, what, if anything, would the 5 watt difference be and/or produce ? and would it be worth the effort to have those extra 5 watts with the EL34 set ? Thanks
  11. Hi All, I just read that a EL34 is the only 8 pin tube that doesn’t have the suppressor grid internally connected to the cathode, which makes it possible to wire the tube as a true triode for SET , interesting. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Okay, My speakers should be fine, I only have a small room to energise and I no longer play my music load, not even on the odd occasion, but, if I have to change my speakers, then I will, but that is a discussion for another time, for now, I prefer to focus on the amp, so, if I build either a 6V6gt SE at 5 watts or a EL34 SE at 10 watts, what could I expect to hear from the 5 watts to 10 watts ?
  13. Hi All, Okay, I have narrowed down my choices of which valves to use with this vintage power transformer, I may stay with the original setup, being, 6V6gt in SE, which will yield 4-5 watts, 6L6 in SE, which will yield 10 watts or EL34 in SE, which will also yield 10 watts, another way to go is SE UL with any of the three previously mentioned tubes as well and one can multiply the wattage by a factor of three against the SE watts given for each tube, for example, SE 5 watts translates to 15 watts in SE UL mode, I am assuming the the driver tube (as well as the transformer and circuit design) will be a greater factor in the overall sound character than the power tubes and I am assuming that the power tubes just does that, give you the power rather than significantly affecting the overall sound, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong or partly thereof. Thanks.
  14. Hi All, I have decided to change the heading of this thread to reflect the course this thread has taken, I bought a 1950's, I assume, HMV Radiogram over a year ago, I only had the electronics sent to me and the cabinet stayed behind, I originally purchased this unit to scavenge the parts to have a Fender Champ style amp made, which has been done, but, we did not use the power transformer from the radiogram as I procured another power transformer for that build, so, I thought that I could use the power transformer in a 45 SET amp, I could probably use this power transformer in the 45 SET amp build, but, to keep things simple and to use up as many left over items from the radiogram as possible, I will forego the 45 SET amp for now and revisit it maybe in the future, depends how this particular SET amp turns out, one drawback is that, I do not know who actually built this vintage power transformer, the radiogram was a 1950's HMV, I will add photos and maybe some one could tell me anything if they know, then maybe a data sheet for this power transformer could be obtained, which would be great ! Thanks.
  15. Hi All, I am now going to change the title/heading of this thread to reflect the direction that it is now taking. Thanks.
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