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  1. I had a not so cheap vinyl setup a couple of years ago, waxing lyrical to all at it's superior sound and grip, until one day, I heard all of the superficiality and artefact noise that I once read about on a forum a short few years ago, that stated "when one finally hears the limitations and the distortions inherent in vinyl playback, you cannot go back, you cannot un-hear it " and it did happen to me one day and ever since, I cannot listen to it anymore, needless to say, I sold all of my vinyl gear not too long afterwards, I am now firmly in the digital camp !
  2. Does the Schiit Magni ii uber run small bookshelf passive speakers ? does the Schitt Magni 3 also run passive bookshelf speakers ?
  3. I don’t know as I am buying secondhand to maximise my budget
  4. Hi, Interesting, I have been tempted to by a Schiit Modi ii Uber, Schiit Magni ii uber or a Schmitt Magni 3
  5. Hi, I am going to use it solely with my Apple Mac Pro Tower computer, mainly for music
  6. I don’t have any speakers as of yet, starting this all from scratch, I have found a pair of Benchmark S60 bookshelf speakers, Australian made and a pair of Jamo U50
  7. Hi All, I am looking to buy a DAC/ AMP (can be either separates or built in one box solution) to go with my 2009 Apple Mac Pro Tower, I would like to use it with headphones as well as bookshelf speakers, , the choice's thus far are a Arcam iRDac, Beresford Caiman MkII, Schiit Modi 2 Uber Dac with matching Schiit Magni II Uber amp, Sabaj D4, Audioengine D1, Topping D50 and a TeraDak NOS Dac, I would like multiple choice of connections, would prefer wall socket connection, not interested in Hi-Rez Audio, so I do not want any Dac that automatically up converts and / or up samples my standard red book CD's, I am very happy with it that way, if said Dac gives you the freedom of choice to choose then that's fine, i would also like this Dac/Amp to be able to power a pair of bookshelf speakers as well. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, Okay. I have a chance to purchase a TeraDak DAC, what I like about this one is that it only supports red book only, no over sampling, another one is a Beresford Caiman MkII, Arcam rDac and a Schiit Magni II Uber amp with a Schiit Modi II Uber Dac, I have also the opportunity to purchase a Benchmark S60 Bookshelf speakers, would the schiit amp be able to run these speakers ?
  9. Hi, I intend to use the optical connection as it by passes the noisy internals of the computer, I had a look at your recommendations, seems it’s all pro recording gear, which is of no use to me, plus it seems that both USB 3 and Thunderbolt both outperform FireWire.
  10. Hi, Great to know, with the upgrades, yes, I know, that's why I bought this machine, don't know how far I will go with the upgrades though, so far, I have flashed it to 5,1 and I have bought a PCIe SSD adaptor card so I can install and use my Apple propriety 512 GB SSD from my now defunct MacBook Pro, how does the standard DAC in my machine fair ? if I use the optical out for audio, does it give both the stereo red book layer and the 5.1 layer of a SACD ? would it also carry Blu Ray Pure Audio and DVD-A as well ? I am really excited about all of this and itching to make a purchase, but am holding off until I know how to play this out so to speak.
  11. Hi All, I have come across a pair of Benchmark S60 Bookshelf speakers, I tried to google for info, I couldn’t find any, can anyone here tell me anything about them ? Also, how well would they suit for a computer audio system that I am just starting to put together ? Thanks
  12. No headphones as of yet, have read great things about the optical connection, can always experiment later with that and compare, I assume that the new Topping D50S with Bluetooth allows one to use Bluetooth headphones, is that right ? If so, is it compressed ?
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