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  1. Hi, Could they be used in a 45 and / or 2a3 amp ? Thanks
  2. Hi, Yes, that is the transformer that I am referring to, I have never had/heard a set amp, and I don’t need/want lots of power, anyway, I really don’t want to go into that side of things for now, I am just wondering what other types of tubes this transformer can run.
  3. Hi All, I have a vintage power transformer ( Brand unknown ) that I rescued from a late 1950's turntable/radio console, that was used with a pair of 6v6 GT's, I am wanting to reuse it as a SET stereo amp, for music, I know about the sensitivity required for the speakers, room is small, I don't play loud music anymore, I actually enjoy it better at lower volumes, but not that low that you can't really hear it, music payed is classic rock, 1920's to 1930's blues and jazz, classical and ambient, new age type as well, what I am wanting to know is, should I just stay with the 6v6GT's ? or are there other options with other tubes that I can use as well ? here is what I know about the specs of the power transformer, heater voltage is 6.3 VAC, HT for valve rectifier is 400 volts, has a 5 volt AC tap as well for the rectifier heater, physical capacity is 60 VA ( could possibly be more ) Thanks.
  4. Many thanks to Zippi to try the aiff files on his Sony S790, they did not play, so, the Sony is off my list, that was a biggie for me, okay, so, I understand that the Cambridge Audio 651bd will play them, plus a myriad of others, the Cambridge Audio also has analogue outs for multi channel, is this, sonically speaking advantageous over HDMI ? also, I have read where apparently that the Cambridge Audio, does not have dedicated stereo outputs, can someone explain that to me ? I also believe that the Cambridge Audio does not upsample the music, is that true ? and can it also play DSD audio ?
  5. Hi All, I am considering buying either a Sony S790 bdp or a Cambridge Audio 651 bd, what I need clarity on is, with the Sony S790 bdp, with the playback of audio files on either a usb or ssd, will it play AIFF files ? does it also play back lossless audio files as well ? I have tried to google this to no avail, also, as an aside, does anyone know which Sony multi channel amp came in this range to suit with the Sony S790 bdp ? with the Cambridge Audio 651bd, some reviewers state that it does not have a dedicated two channel section, what exactly does this mean ? also, does the Cambridge Audio 651bd do any upsampling of any of the audio signal ? Thanks
  6. I know, but I am just after the Dac, I already have everything else. Thanks
  7. Further information: Hi, I am in the market for a Musical Fidelity X Dac V3, please send me a personal message if you have one to sell me, we can negotiate the price. Thanks. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Further information: Hi, I am in the market for a Schiit Modi 3, please send me a private message if you have one for sale. Thanks. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Can the Bifrost Uber take the Multibit Dac upgrade ?
  10. Is the Schiit Bifrost the same machine as the Schiit Bifrost Uber ? or are they entirely different to one another ?
  11. Hi All, I am wanting to buy one Musical Fidelity X Dac V3, so, if you want to sell yours, please contact me. Thanks
  12. I do have the option to buy Modi Multibit or the Bitfrost 2 secondhand, are they much better or just marginally better than the modi 3 ?
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