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  1. Ok so small update, all cabling is being run and have found out there is plenty of free space in ducting along the back wall, AC in the corner goes straight up. What are people's thoughts on putting Atmos inceiling into the bulk head at the rear? Height there is 2.4m I think (need to double check If yes........Do you think downward firing? Or angled away from rear wall? Will be moving seating position forward for watching movies etc. Cheers
  2. here is a floor plan, and view looking looking the other way..
  3. @jamiebosco wow!! now that is great behind the couch table Thanks for your feedback! have checked the write up. Ceiling im quite sure is a dropped plasterboard ceiling, just a matter of finding out how much space is there to work with, my plans will be to route cabling into the wall behind the screen, up and through the roof, and somehow down the other side, right on the back wall at the top is an AC vent, ill have to feed cable perhaps through the wall somehow, will probably get someone in to help with that part. oh yes i do have thoughts about putting in a drop down screen for a projector in the near future. hidden in the ceiling would be great. yes good point! had not thought about power connections yet. connectivity to the router/switch will be behind the TV so access to devices from there will be good, but i hadn't thought of putting one on the back wall. Yes i will run all the cables i could possibly need up front, so i can patch/paint once. i was thinking of grabbing some 12gauge in wall stuff from amazon or someone else locally, know i probably dont need it but why not.
  4. Thanks for your reply and your suggestions. I agree having a middle of the room seated position would be great, even if just for movie watching. I had thought putting some seating Infront of the couch(giant bean bag or something) could be an option to get full benefit, seating would be lower to allow viewing from the couch. My other thought was to swap the tv to where the couch was, and have the couch more to the middle of the room, but would muck up the open flow of the room. Looks like I have a few things to think about and try out. Cheers Jim
  5. Thanks for the feed back! I'll look into some elevation speakers for the rear and possibly for the ceiling.
  6. Howdy Folks, Long time lurker, first time poster! moving into a new place shortly as pictured below, this will be the living room space i will have my HT setup. dimensions 5.8m long x 3.7m wide with open plan to kitchen and dining area behind camera. ideally i would like to have a 7.1.4 setup(sub woofer to come) in the room, this may however not be ideal or be possible given where the furniture will be placed(same as pictured) i would like opinions on how you would set this room up for greatest audio experience. biggest concerns are a. placement of side and rear surround ( i would like a good rear sound stage if possible O_O) b. best options for Atmos ceiling speaker placement options( speakers to be purchased ) Equipment Yamaha RX-A3070 receiver PSB Image 5.0 setup (Towers/Centre/bookshelf) + 2 x PSB bookshelf and C40 centre. C8 Oled tv many thanks in advance Jim Hi All,
  7. its a very high and large space, you could pretty much build in a mezzanine level effectively lowering the ceiling which would reduce the echo substantially and give you a small upstairs area.
  8. These speakers are a work of art!.....one day
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