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  1. Further information: Electrolux Fridge Freezer EBM4300SC-R Excellent condition as seen in photos. Dimensions are shown in photos Any questions please ask Buyer to arrange pick up Photos:
  2. The unit is well out of warranty, I’ll give JLS a ring to tomorrow and see how it goes.
  3. I’m not sure if the repair should be judged on what the PJ is worth or how much to replace?
  4. I swapped out the cable and swapped the HDMI inputs, no change. Any recommendations for JVC projector repairs?? Melbourne and surrounds??
  5. Help needed, Switched on the projector (JVC X9000) and after a few minute the screen has split down the middle with Green and Redish Pink lines, see image. Anyone else had this before or know what the cause might be. I have tried, different feeds Apple TV, Foxtel with the same issue. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  6. Item: Plasma TV Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for either 60 inch or 65 inch Pioneer KURO/Panasonic Plasma TV
  7. Any ideas where I can get hold of a new lens for the bulb housing??
  8. Dust level inside wasn't too bad, not enough to cause any issues with air flow etc. You can't touch the bulb while it's in the housing and you're right about not touching the bulb surface with your fingers. I learnt many many years ago about not touching bulb surface. I got just over 3 years use that's approx 78 hours per month, I don't think the usage is to bad. I'm firm believer 'if you own it then use it!!!' PJ's are not just for sunny days and holidays ?
  9. The only notification I got was a 'POP' then total darkness lol
  10. Mine was really bright before it went bang, that said I expected to get more hours out the bulb being as it was genuine JVC bulb and housing.
  11. New bulb & housing arrived today and fitted. Everything appears to be OK. 2839 hours on the old bulb
  12. Not sure I bought the projector 2nd-hand with just over 500 hours on the bulb just over 3yrs ago. The last time i checked it was well above 2000 hours. I'll get the total when I fit the new light unit. Which hopefully is on it's way.
  13. Thanks for the link, new replacement assy ordered.
  14. Yep blub blown, lots of tiny pieces inside the projector, any recommendation where to buy genuine JVC bulb?
  15. I need a little help sitting down tonight watching Apple TV, all other sudden there was loud pop from the projector. The lens cover closed and I’m sure the orange lamp warning light is flashing twice to 1 red warning light flash im assuming the ‘Pop’ was the bulb blowing, anyone else had this or advise what else it might be?
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