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  1. Further information: Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand Designed to uplift Designed for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, suitable for all laptops, mStand® helps you work comfortably and safely every day by raising your laptop to the same ergonomic height as the external display. mStand is made of a single solid piece of aluminium with matching MacBook Pro's sand-blasted and silver anodized finish. mStand transforms your laptop into a stable and stylish workstation. Ergonomically comfortable All ergonomic guidelines recommend placing the screen at eye
  2. Hi Tony, I missed your posts on the 26th, can I be included during your visit to Melbourne for the 21st?? PM sent on Tuesday.
  3. Bank robbers get away car of choice
  4. It’s been while since I’ve seen a Lotus 7: kudos to Colin Chapman https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Seven
  5. I also own X9000 the only down side is the JVC customer support. The only issue I now have is Covid19 and border closures is holding up the calibration.
  6. Do these headphones still have the mic issue when using WIN10
  7. Yeah I know, Wish I still had use for it which is why I'm selling 😪
  8. Further information: I'm selling my Alienware 18x laptop, I bought this custom build laptop a couple of years ago from a guy in North America, it was ideal when I was living and working away from home. Now I don't get much change to use it. detailed below are some of the key features. The is one hell of powerful laptop. The screen is unmarked, pin sharp images, wither your watching 1080p films, youtube etc. I can forward the Dell service tag so that you can see the full specification of : Alienware M18x Space Black Anodized Aluminum I'll be sorry to see her go. There a co
  9. My Daily drive, I should say used to be my daily drive before COVID and Lockdown.
  10. Further information: Schiit Mani Phono: Information taken from the Schiit web site Accepting All Cartridges! Many low-cost phono preamps are only good for typical moving-magnet (MM) cartridges. They don’t have the gain needed for moving coil (MC), or the flexibility for high-output MM cartridges like Decca, or high-output MC cartridges that that might end up somewhere in the middle of the gain range. Mani, with 4 switchable gain modes, (30, 42, 47, and 59dB) is ready for any cartridge you can throw at it. Accurate, Quiet Passive RIAA Network Mani’s RIAA network is imp
  11. I see your choice is good ole Trevor and Frank Mac, Shame we don't have players of that calibre in todays squad. COYI
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