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  1. Or contact Logitech support with all the information you have on the Device and they will find it and place on their system so you can access it from your login
  2. Just put mine in my Oppo 203 and plays fine, not seen this issue on any of my immersion editions bluejays.
  3. is 2001 A Space Odyssey the 2018 release??
  4. Does The Equalizer 2 include the Blu-ray and bonus disk??
  5. Does it inc the Bluray and Digital??
  6. I’d be interested in Dire straits, what would be the postage to 3331. Thanks
  7. Any chance of X9000 owner being included. 2/3 complete of my media room and picking some valuable calibration knowledge would be appreciated.
  8. Added Mission Impossible Box Set Still looking for the others
  9. WTB: CARS 3 4K Greatest Showman 4K A Quiet Place 4K
  10. All firmware on both JVC and Oppo are latest. I started with a full factory reset obvious place to start at the beginning and then went through every setting with the 10m cable and 4m that I know works on every setting from the Oppo. Each time a setting was changed or cable swapped both machines were switched off to make sure each change started from the same place each time Each time the 10m cable wouldn't display the oppo menu when the Output setting is UHD Auto (4K (3840)50) at the JVC Unless the cable come with cert label it's not worth buying. I've decided to put my Oppo less than 5 meters from the JVC with a new HDMI Certified Cable. Now I don't have any issues.
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