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  1. Item: PS Audio Gain Cell Dac Pre Price Range: SNA pricing Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: black or silver Best, (Un)stuckinhere
  2. Silver Primare i32 in original box inc remote/accessories (Class D but see reviews)
  3. Have been thinking of purchasing one for a couple of years. Just couldn't justify the cost of a decent one eg $1k+. Where are you finding the pricedrops?
  4. This would absolutely be end-game dac and disc spinner for me. Perfect description of belt driven players. GLWTS
  5. If you go for the TCL make sure you get the newer P8MR model (has a higher refresh rate). Have a 75P8MR and am very happy.
  6. Please Pm me details for 4 candles to Sydney? Thank you for the opportunity to support those in need
  7. Would really like to try this, wish it was in Sydney. GLWTS
  8. Great looking speakers and def a bargain price (wish they were in Sydney). The drivers look V different to what is on the website. (Might help with the sale) Could you explain what they are please? GLWTS
  9. Sorry for my ignorance, could you enlighten me as to what PRAT is please?
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