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  1. I got 2 at $70 each thinking of grabbing couple more at this price. Xmas coming up, not the most exciting gift but its a good size present once wrapped up and bet they wont guess what it is before unwrapping 😆 Same seller has other thor gear for cheap also (eg 4 socket board for $20 free post) For anyone unsure if its legit, they are brand spanking new boards in the retail packaging. No scratches on any of the inlets and comes with manual and two sheets of name tags (so you know what each plug is for rather than having to trace back).
  2. From memory the IC is the coaxial version and the IS is the splits version of the 165TOY line. Probably overkill but you could run these in your rear doors (depending on which model Toyota you have). These speakers will possibly also be compatible with a number of Lexus and Subaru vehicles as they use the same mounting bolt config. Easiest place to check this is Crutchfield website. ***DISCLAIMER*** I'm not an auto audio installer so do your own research. Start here
  3. Great design in Amazing condition. Any items in particular you would consider for trading?
  4. Jeff Buckley Grace EP's The Clash London Calling PSB Very P The Black Album To 2062 Please and thanks?
  5. Nice covers on the butterfly chairs!
  6. If you want to add more SATA ports and/or USB3 to your motherboard. Easiest way would be to use the mini pcie slots: Mini pcie to sata card Mini pcie to usb3 card SATA ports on the Lagoon motherboard (Intel DN2800MT) are unfortunately SATA 2 (3GB/s). Samsung QVO SSDs are SATA 3 drives. It should be backwards compatible with previous versions of SATA. The downshift from 3 to 2 creates a bottleneck that significantly impacts the drives performance (generally cuts the read/write speeds by 50%). That is likely going to have a negative impact on SQ
  7. These boards are usually $199 when on sale!! RRP is $259.95 Link for the B8F page from Thor website They are listed as Brand New with FREE postage, the ebay store owner is Radio Rentals in Prospect SA (Adelaidians can even collect from the store) $70ea with Free postage!!! more than 10 available (Bought two myself and the order and payment went through without issue) Have at it!! - Thor B8F Smart Filter 8 way Surge Protection $70ea!!! Same seller has a few other Thor Tech items available all are >$70 Link
  8. Yes please, pm to purchase on its way
  9. WA: ELAC Bookshelf pair (BS203.2?) @ $750 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wembley-downs/speakers/elac-speakers/1219834528
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