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  1. Thanks Scotty. I had a great conversation with Chris last night. Very helpful guy!! Unfortunately for me my TT is attached to my home theatre set-up and plays second fiddle to family movie time. To get the best out of the SC I'd need to split my main tower speakers from the rest (centre + SW) and run them thru a separate amp (like your Quad!). Not sure the rest of the family would be happy with that so I'm going to go back to my first plan which is to place a dedicated Phono tube preamp (Yaqin 12 or 22 or similar) between my TT and Yamaha integrated amp and not use the phono st
  2. @ScottyPeace Any updates? I'm also keen to know about Chris's Stereo Coffee with a jfet MM cascode phono stage! I was looking at a tube "preamp" (I know, I know, I'm using the general term for a phono stage!!! 😉) but am now thinking of holding off and speaking with Chris instead!!
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