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  1. I decided I’ll go with excess baggage this time instead of shipping home as in previous years. I even bought a few “flight case” type boxes like this at Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DUZ1XWA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I will either fill a couple and strap them together with duct tape, or fill them and put them in my luggage and put excess into boxes with lots of padding.
  2. OK, got the Mueller, but I was going to bring some pain meds till I read that they are strictly forbidden and any narcotics have to be registered and approved in advance through some ministry. Last thing I need is to get busted bringing narcotics to Japan & barred for life. How did you get around that?
  3. Thanks so much! I just tried their website and they have an English site so perhaps I'll be able to use them, or at least I can make sure the hotel makes the appointment with Yamato to pickup my bags/boxes etc.
  4. So, roughly 70 albums total per 23KG package? I recall you (or someone) mentioning where you got boxes in Tokyo. Was it Disk Union? I know they sell boxes....
  5. Thanks again! Next question: has anyone tried shipping records back by simply paying for an additional suitcase or two on the flight home? Reason I ask is that I believe, from reading the Japan Airlines website, that the cost of an additional 23KG/50LB package is less than the cost of shipping via Japan mail. https://www.jal.co.jp/en/inter/baggage/checked/ If I'm reading this right, I can purchase additional baggage up to 23 kg/50 pounds for US$200 each. Since I am lucky enough to be able to travel first class, I can get (3) 32K/70LB free, and then add as many 23/50 bags as I want for $200 more per bag. The maximum is seven additional bags beyond the free checked bag allowance. If I compare this to Japan mail, I see that the rate for 23KG/50LB packages from Tokyo to Seattle would be: EMS (3 day delivery) 28,800 yen (currently about $265 USD) SAL (2 weeks +) 21,650 yen (currently about $200 USD) Thus it would seem that paying for extra baggage would be the better way to go, don't have to deal with two weeks of additional waiting and (hopefully, due to less handling) less chance of damage? Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the tips Stump (no pun intended!) I actually HAVE lost nearly 50 pounds this past year, and am astonished that didn't fix it right there! I've gone ahead and ordered the Mueller. Never even thought of that before, so hopefully it should help. I cannot believe I'm so old and feeble I need to wear a truss, LOL!
  7. I've got my next trip booked already, going to Tokyo from October 25 until November 10. Last year I suffered horribly with lower back problems, started almost from day one and was brought on by all of the bending for eight hours a day to look into record bins, I get back to my hotel at night and lay down on the bed for a moment and then I couldn't even sit up, I would have to slide myself off of the bed in order to be able to try to stand up again. I'm seeing a chiropractor as I still have problems, and I'm hoping that someone can give me a recommendation on how to find an English-language chiropractor in Tokyo, preferably near Shinjuku? Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  8. That's across town but do-able. Here is where you need to go: https://www.google.com/maps/place/???????BEAM?/@35.6613192,139.6800363,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x84bc96b4db36e420!8m2!3d35.6613192!4d139.6975458 Try this link, it should show you how to go via car or train from your meeting to RecoFan Shibuya (in the Beam building) https://www.google.com/maps/dir/7+Kanda+Mitoshiroch?,+Chiyoda-ku,+T?ky?-to+101-0053,+Japan/???????BEAM?,+Japan,+?150-0042+Tokyo,+???Udagawacho,+31?2,+??BEAM/@35.6757925,139.6962962,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x60188c04f0201e95:0x6848a0ff393b1690!2m2!1d139.7659277!2d35.6933782!1m5!1m1!1s0x60188ca90d4029ab:0x84bc96b4db36e420!2m2!1d139.6975484!2d35.6613189
  9. Me too, noticed a definite increase on my trip in October 2016 compared to one year earlier. The days of Japan being THE place for awesome deals seems to have passed, but still tons of great stuff (just not so much of a bargain anymore).
  10. Man, you've cleared out the Marc Bolan / T. Rex inventory! Looks like a great haul.
  11. Yikes, that's awful! I fly JAL and first class allows (3) 32kg checked bags, then my carry-on and a backpack. Same for Business. I just discovered i can also check up to (7) additional suitcases up to 23kg each at a cost of $200US (20,000 yen) per suitcase. I'm figuring I'll use that instead of Japan mail which I've used the past 2 years to send to USA whatever didn't fit in my luggage allowance. I just checked and a 23kg parcel via Japan mail to Seattle would cost (in yen): Air Mail (8-10 days): 30,000 SAL (2 weeks): 21,650 Surface Mail (2 months): 11,300 So that nails it for me. I LOVE JAL!!! (And I can book 1st Class using my Alaska Air Frequent Flyer miles - otherwise I could never afford it). in your cas, I'd suggest packaging very very carefully and using SAL Postage. The Japan Mail offices are convenient and relatively easy to deal with. Cash only. hope that helps. Now please explain the darned headlamp and tell us if it works!
  12. SERIOUSLY???? That is hilarious. Ok, now I gotta ask... does the lamp really work? And if so, what type? I think I have one of those (I work for an electrical distributor).
  13. There were all from RecoFan Shibuya (Tokyo) in October 2016. A bit pricey, but some of the stuff was still fantastic
  14. NO, it's amazing how much vinyl there is in Japan. Seems like they always have a "glut" of stuff, especially the Japanese pressings which we covet. They are looking for original USA & UK pressings and seem to have almost a disdain for the Japanese pressings we love. I cannot wait, I'm not going back until October (October 26-Nov 7) but I'm already getting excited. Have airfare booked, and just waiting for my regular hotel (Hotel Century Southern Tower in Shinjuku) to open up reservations for then. They only book about 6 months in advance so I have to wait until next month to get that done. I end up taking my iPad and photographing every item I'm buying in the store, because they remove all the pricing information after you purchase. If I don't have a photo with the price, I don't remember what I paid! It's sort of a pain, because everything is always sealed up, and to check the condition you have to take them to the counter and say "check please". They'll then cut the tape and remove each item and hand it to you for inspection. Light is usually not the best so it's often hard to accurately asses the vinyl condition, just have to make your best guess. In Disk Union stores they usually have a grade - A, B, C - on the package. I still find that an "A" item can mean anywhere from VG+ to NM so I ask them to "check please" and sometimes they get annoyed. F**k them though, LOL. I'm paying for the stuff, and if their crazy retail system means you cannot inspect easily, that's on them not on me. I'm always polite, but they do sometimes get annoyed when I bring a stack of 30 items up that are graded "A" and ask to inspect. I actually remember reading a guy on one of the threads talking about bringing a headlamp with a very bright light on it to use to inspect the vinyl because he said even if it looks good in normal light, it sometimes plays awful. So he invested in a headlamp and looks like the ultimate Record Collector Geek/Coal Miner. LOL! I've actually considered it but don't think I'm willing to look that weird, even though ultimately no one would give me a second look (or say anything). The other thing that's a pain is that I'm 56, a bit fat, and out of shape. Within the first day of bending over to go through the bins of records - bent at the waist at about a 45 degree angle - my back is f**ked up that I can hardly move in the mornings, and it aches during the day. I have GOT to work on stretching and doing crunches before this next trip. I've already lost 15 pounds (down to 210) and want to get to 195 before the summer and keep it off before the trip. Last year, I'd be dying all day, have to keep stretching, finding ways to sit down, etc, as I was up at 9AM and into my first store of the day by 10 or 11AM, and usually not heading back home again until about 7 or 8PM. By the time I got home, I'd lay on the bed for a few minutes, and then literally have to roll off of it as my back will have stiffened up to badly. Can't keep doing that!!! Anyway, I'll post a few photos of some of the finds from last year, with prices, in my next post. Mikel in Seattle www.mightyvinyl.com
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