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  1. Gday stereo-net, I'm the happy owner of a new kt88 equipped mcchanson, and for sure Eric's a great guy to deal with and a top bloke. Anyways I've included a pic (hopefully) and I'm just after a bit of advice on what cartridge would suit my modest setup. My gear is- pro-Ject Carbon dc with ortofon 10, yaqin 23b preamp, 12+watt mcchanson amp and jbl arena 130 speakers. I've slowly upgraded from a denon pma700, and an old Yamaha yp b2 tt. Jeez It's really hard to know what works with so much choice out there, but I'm pretty pleased with how everything's gelling together,,, until I notice a bit of distortion in the high parts of a new Florence and machine lp, I swapped in an old share m70 and the offending passesges were clear but not as lively I guess. So what would you more experienced in these matters folks suggest? I'm trying to keep it under $200 please Also would a denon dl110 mc work with the power I have? any advice would be welcome thanks, Kal
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    Thanks Keith, great bargains and fast post, cheers
  3. Hey ya

    Hi guys n gals, I love hifi tube amps, records and walks on the beach, great forum! Cheers Karl